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Why Join BCP Course (Business Coaching Program) by Dr Vivek Bindra: 

BCP course is the upgraded version of the EAE (Everything About Entrepreneurship) program. Thousands of people had joined the EAE program to learn and grow their businesses. The EAE program by Dr. Vivek Bindra was a mega-successful show. After getting a very positive response, he decided to upgrade and make it even better. 

So, on 15th August 2021, he launched the world’s most affordable entrepreneurship course called Business Coaching Program (BCP) with unbelievable features. 

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Who is Dr. Vivek Bindra?

Dr. Vivek Bindra is an Internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, business coach, and entrepreneur. He is famous for free learning university creation on YouTube. He is also a business mentor and trusted advisor for more than 500 corporate houses. He inspired millions of lives by training in more than 25 Countries. He has a digital community of more than 3 crores people across the globe. Vivek Bindra is also a founder and CEO of Bada Business.

What is Bada Business and What does it do?

Bada Business is an initiative by Dr. Vivek Bindra. As the name suggests, it helps smaller and medium businesses to grow and run their businesses. It provides a wide range of business solutions to the youths of India. Bada Business products range from INR 10,000 to INR 70 lakhs. Here is the list of some popular products of Bada Business. The best part is, all the content is available in Hindi by which rural businesses can also learn and skyrocket their business.

  1. Problem-Solving Courses.
  2. Business Coaching Program Course.
  3. Independent Business Consultant (IBC): Learn Business Skills and Start your Business with Dr. Vivek Bindra by becoming a Part-Time or Full-Time IBC. Get an Opportunity to Earn Rs 1 Lakh – Rs 20 Lakhs Per Month at a very Low Refundable Capital Investment. 
  4. Lifetime Membership (LTM)
  5. Whitelabeling Program
  6. Case-Study
  7. Brand Ambassador
  8. Sponsorships
  9. Webinar/Trainings
  10. Personal Consultancy with Dr. Vivek Bindra
  11. Consultancy with Bada Business Experts
  12. Branding and Partnerships and more…

Why Business Coaching Program?

Foundation Course: 

Develop Foundational skills critical for business via Structured Business Frameworks, Case-studies, and in-depth Video Tutorials that support the unique needs of Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs.

You Get Specialized and Become Master in that Domain: 

Business Coaching Program’s specialized courses are directly linked to your unique business burning problems and are delivered through a range of virtual and in-person blended formats. The best part of the BCP program is, all the exclusive business courses are in Hindi. 

BCP’s Value Packs: 

Build the entrepreneurial leadership skills you need to take your business through its next phase of growth and success with BCP’s Exclusive Value Packs that are customized to solve all your burning problems. 

Major Benefits of Joining BCP Course (Business Coaching Program): 

BCP Course Benefits by Dr Vivek Bindra
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Here are some of the top features and results people are getting from Dr. Vivek Bindra’s new course, BCP (Business Coaching Program): 

  1. At Least 10X growth in your business.
  2. You get the best solutions to all business problems. 
  3. Entrepreneurs overcome their day to day business challenges. 
  4. Business Coaching Program courses increase your Return on Investment (ROI). 
  5. BCP increases employee productivity. 
  6. You bring more customer satisfaction and generate new sources of revenue. 
  7. BCP helps you to increase quality leads and thus, sales.  
  8. You reach customers globally with reduction in overhead expenses. 
  9. BCP gives you better decision making capabilities where your business can scale up via business automation. 
  10. With BCP, you can recover money stuck in the market. 
  11. BCP enhances your brand value. 
  12. You learn how to hire the right manpower and build a successful start-up, and more… 

What All You Will Learn after Joining Business Coaching Program (BCP) Course:

Topics to be Covered in Business Coaching Program- BCP Course
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How much Does it Cost to Join BCP Course: Business Coaching Program Price: 

BCP Course Price for Entrepreneurs/Businessmen:

For Entrepreneurs who want to go with One-Time Payment, the total price of BCP:

Indian Customers: ₨ 44,900+18% GST: Rs 52,982

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For International Customers: 775 USD

Entrepreneurs who want to go with 6/9/12 Months EMI Option: 

Total Amount is: ₨ 47,900+18% GST: Rs 56,522
Down-Payment: Rs 28256
EMI: Rs 2355 * 12months

Documents Required to avail EMI are: 
  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Latest 6 Months Bank Statement
  • Photograph

You can use anyone’s documents for the EMI process- Parents/Friends

BCP Course Price for Students:

For Students who want to go with One-Time Payment the total price of BCP is 

Indian Customers: ₨24900+18% GST= Rs 29,382

International Customers: 775 USD

Note**: Student Proof is required. Student category would be considered only if your age is below 25 years. We will require any 1 document for the verification. It can be Aadhar Card, student ID Card, Student Fee receipt, birth certificate, etc.

For Students who want to go with 12-Months EMI Option: 

Total Amount is: ₨ 27,900 +18% GST: Rs 32922
Down-Payment: Rs 16458
EMI: Rs 1372 * 12months

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Documents required to avail EMI are: 

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. PAN Card
  3. Latest 6 Months Bank Statement
  4. Photograph

Note: You can use anyone’s documents for the EMI process- Parents/Friends

How to Join BCP Business Coaching Program by Vivek Bindra?

You can call the below number or WhatsApp to Dr. Vivek Bindra’s Team, to whom you can ask anything and then make a payment to them. They will also help you in your payment process. 

Click here to Register for FREE:

For any Inquiries, Call/WhatsApp: +91-9664389138 

Email: [email protected]


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