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What are those 39 amazing Statistics about Email Marketing to Leverage your Brand?[Infographic]

Email marketing is the fastest growing and emerging tactic for marketers to drive tremendous results. The trend of Email marketing is transforming day by day.

Running a campaign or sending a newsletter doesn’t mean your email campaign is effective and successful. Neither sending thousands of emails in bulk without personalizing can be a part of a successful Email marketing campaign. 

Before hitting the send button, marketers must be aware of the trends, best practices, and tips, that are being performed by successful brands. 

On one side, where brands and companies are using email marketing as the best weapon to bring more leads and conversions, on the other hand, people are getting more emails than ever before. 

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Maximum emails are viewing from mobile devices. iPhone is the king in email marketing as more people open emails from the iPhone mobile device. 

Many companies are making millions of dollars only from email marketing, whereas many companies are dumping their money as they do not know how to do it effectively. 

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There are so many things that you can explore, test and experiment to come at an inevitable conclusion. 

Because an email’s open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate varies from person to person. To reach a certain standard, you optimize your subject line, the preview snippet, layout, CTAs, and do personalization. 

Where do you start?

What are those mistakes or wrong practices you are doing?

Is your subject line short with emoji or it is long?

Are you sending the fancy email templates with more than 1 CTA? 

Which are those strategies and tips, you are going to implement in your email marketing campaigns? 

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Do you think email automation is necessary for any business dealing in email marketing campaigns?

I am sure you will enjoy reading insights, trends and future of email marketing statistics.

No matter, if you are a beginner or the pro in email marketing. You can quickly grasp and learn a few things for your business from this infographic.

Infographic on Email Marketing Statistics
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