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About The Blue Oceans Group
(Marketing and Advertising Agency)

To give you a brief about what The Blue Oceans Group is about and what it does. The Blue Oceans Group creates one of the most respected and comprehensive marketing blogs, studies, research, insights,  guides, strategies, and tips online. It is an internationally recognized and reputed website on the internet. 

People visit us to learn, enhance skills, and grow their businesses. More than 30% of our audience are business owners, executives, CEOs/CXOs. 

It educates you with insanely informative blog posts with exceptionally awesome content (100% quality over quantity). 

Subscribes enjoy studying comprehensive and one of the most researched blog posts on the internet. 

Our audience is interested more in SEO, PPC, SMM, email marketing, and content marketing than other marketing topics. 

Sachindra Vikram Singh and Sugandha Bansal are the principal founders of The Blue Oceans Group. They started The Blue Oceans Group in September 2019. Content Research, quality control, and the editorial front are headed by Sachindra. Whereas Sugandha is the chief marketing officer and content director. She is a contributor and columnist in leading online media companies.  Sugandha is also an author of her upcoming books “SEO 2.0- The New Era of Search Engines” and “The Art of Google AdSense Earning.”

Within a few months, we started getting positive feedbacks and mentions from the world-leading media houses. And because of well researched high-quality, unique content, we have become one of the top online marketing websites that helps professional bloggers, YouTubers, Media Houses, brands, and marketers. 

If you are visiting us for the first time and wish to know more about this reputed marketing company and its board of directors, read About Us

Media Kit

Our marketing and advertising content covers the following major topics

Advertising & Partnership Opportunities

Leverage our custom marketing solutions to pitch your brand to our information-hungry audience.
The need for every business is different. So, we give them a wide range of advertising opportunities to our partners. But one thing is common for all! Our advertising services are only for the businesses offering high quality and user-centric products or services.

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Banner and Native Ads

The Blue Oceans Group promotes your product and services through a banner or native ads. You can run sponsor ads on us to drive well-targeted traffic, generate high-quality leads, boost your sales, or even build a brand.

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Product Reviews

It is our one of the robust areas i.e., writing detailed, in-depth, and insightful product reviews. Since, we are an educational, training, and research-oriented agency, hence we share tutorials and guides with the recommendation of your product. 

Would you like us to mention about your brand, service or product in our future posts or existing posts? Yes, we do that too! 

We are interested in mentioning relevant, authority and useful sites only.

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Newsletters and Push Notifications

Email marketing is the most effective online marketing channel among all marketing platforms. Here you owe your audience. Here, the client’s sponsored messages are sent to all The Blue Oceans Group subscribers. 

Here, brands are free to choose the following formats:

  • Custom-designed HTML message/ Fancy designed newsletter
  • Plain and personalize text newsletter
  • Creativity and innovative ideas are always welcome. So, clients are free to pitch their ideas.  

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