10 Best Video Editing Software and Tools in 2023- Free+Paid

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Best Video Editing Software and Tools

Finding the best video editing software for free or at a superbly affordable price is the first core aspect of any video marketer, producer, YouTuber, or entrepreneur dealing in the video industry. 

Video content is the best and most effective content type in the world. Undoubtedly, videos are creating a direct impact on brand building, lead generation, conversions, and are responsible for great ROI for any business. 

Video content increases the recall value of the audience by 80% and change the mind of consumers. 

Types of Video Content are

  • Video Blog Posts (Vlogs)
  • Video Interviews/Presentations
  • Tutorial videos
  • Product Reviews and Demos(such as Automobile reviews)
  • Video Testimonials(to gain trust and popularity)
  • Recordings and Live Streaming
  • Video Ads

That is why, we should say thanks to mobile devices and technology including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, and more, which makes it deliverable and consumable to the viewers.

But, in a highly competitive age, where everyone is producing video content, you can not succeed with the normal or okay type of videos. If your focus is on 100% quality over quantity and you are able to produce high-quality content around your niche with consistency, only then you can create a competitive edge and a high chance to get the maximum viewers and engagement rate. 

No matter how great your content script is, no matter how amazing your presentation on Camera is, and even no matter with which you have shot your videos whether it is a high-resolution camera or iPhone. Creating a great content, theme and high-resolution shooting is winning a half battle.

What matters the most is- how amazing you edit and finalize with the appealing effects that can bring the WOW factor to your audience is the key to success in video content marketing.  

Therefore, to become a successful YouTuber or video marketer, you must be aware of the superb quality best video editing tool. Which are affordable and usable on windows, MacBook, or any mobile device. 

I am pretty sure, some of you are into 3-D rendering or motion graphics or any other kind of animated video. On the other hand, some of you are looking for the best video editing software either on mobile devices or a laptop/Macbook for your own video. 

Here’s the list of the 10 Best Video Editing Software and Tools in 2023

So, we have listed the bifurcated arrangement of the 10 best video editing software and tools for your business. As we believe, any tool can not suit and fulfill all types of requirements. 

You need not worry. We have already done all the research, so you can easily filter the most appropriate platform for yourself. 

Before guiding you about buying your favorite software or tools, we will tell you all the aspects such as its feature, pricing, functions, pros, and cons. Where you will never regret your decision and you can have the best value for money. 

The list of best video editing software contains both free and paid as per your budget and requirements. So, do not pull your hair or stress out. All the video editing software and tools are amazingly powerful with tons of features at a superb affordable cost and even for free. 

1. Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Software for All

If you are looking for editing software for film, TV, and the web, then Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry-leading video editing software. The power of Adobe Sensei has the capability to save you time by integrating with other apps and tools that help you craft raw footage into polished videos and films. The best part is, You can edit footage in ANY FORMAT (from 8k to virtual reality), ANY CAMERA (normal mobile shot to professional), and ANY PLATFORM. Also, Native file support, lightweight proxy workflows, and faster ProRes HDR let you work the way you want with your media, even on mobile workstations.

Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Software
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Source: Adobe

The Adobe Premiere Pro editor has a clean and familiar interface. Adobe Premiere Pro works seamlessly and smoothly with other apps and services (including Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Audition and Adobe Stock). It Opens a Motion Graphics template from After Effects, customizes one from Adobe Stock, and integrates with hundreds of third-party extensions.

You can extend your editing platform across all devices as Adobe Premiere Pro comes with a new all-in-one app i.e. Premiere Rush. Lumetri Color Tool is incredible of Premiere Pro’s tools that offer and allows color adjustment and manipulation. Adobe Premiere Pro releases new features from time to time, Premiere Pro rolls out updates to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the software. 

Features of Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Automatically reformat your videos whether it’s square, vertical, 16:9 or in 4K resolution
  • Great curve adjustments: With Lumetri Color tools, each curve has two axes with paired values, making selective color grading easy and accurate
  • Easy acceleration of audio mixing. It allows you to extract background noise and reverb with new sliders in the Essential Sound panel
  • Easy integration with all the apps and tools and sharing stories in VR 180
  • Keyboard shortcuts according to your preference and ease of usability to add specific marker colors
  • Production panel to provide a flexible, scalable framework for organizing multi-project workflows. It has capabilities of Project Locking, cross project referencing and shared project settings.

Supported Platforms: Windows and macOS (Best for Windows)

Supported Input Formats:  MP4, MPEG, MPE, MPG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2), M2V (DVD-compliant MPEG-2), MTS (avchd), MOV, FLV, AVI

Supported Output Formats: H.264: AAC, 3GP, MP4, M4V, HEVC (H.265), MPEG-2, and MPEG-4, among others

Pricing: $19.99/month 

2. Final Cut Pro X Video Editor

Final Cut Pro X is the best video editing software for macOS. For Apple users, it is a must-have software for editing, audio, motion, graphics, and delivery that comes with a package with ultimate features in groundbreaking 8K resolution. Along with the new metal engine, it contains advanced color grading, HDR support, and ProRes RAW. The most used and liked feature is its grouping tools, built-in high-quality green- and blue-screen effects, and a straightforward way to create, customize and optimize the output of your choice. 

Final Cut Pro X Video Editor
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Source: Apple

If you’re already using and involved with Apple’s ecosystem, you will wonder if the Final Cut Pro X works and coordinates awesome with your Photos or iTunes collections. For you, Apple has recently updated to provide you an additional trial of 90 days from a 30-day trial period. You can also add 3rd Party Plugins similar to that of Adobe Premiere Pro, also, you can work directly with these applications without leaving Final Cut Pro X.

Features of Final Cut Pro X

  • Magnetic Timeline, Touch Bar Support for faster and easy editing
  • Enhanced Timeline index to drag and drop audio roles and using clip connections to attach B-roll, sound effects, and music
  • Most advanced Multicam editing to automatically sync up to 64 camera angles of video with different formats, different frame sizes, and different frame rates.
  • Final Cut Pro repair audio problems like a hum, excessive background noise, and other unwanted noise reductions
  • Improve the look of any clip with one-click Balance Color and manipulate it according to your requirements.
  • Powerful Media Organization, Incredible Performance, Compelling and Customizable effects, and intuitive color grading is an all-in-one software for beginners and even professionals.

Minimum requirements

Final Cut Pro X requires a Mac with macOS 10.14.6 or later, 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended for 4K editing, 3D titles, and 360° video editing), Metal-capable graphics card, 1GB of VRAM recommended for 4K editing, 3D titles, and 360° video editing, 3.8GB of available disk space.

Compatibility: macOS 10.14.6 or later, 64-bit Processor

Supports: Up to 6 members of family sharing

Pricing: One time Payment of $300 (you are also entitled to any updates they do for free)

3. Apple iMovie Free Video Editing Software

iMovie is a free video editing software for iOS and macOS that gets inbuilt on the purchase of Mac. You can create Hollywood-style trailers and even 4K resolution movies. iMovie’s one of most coveted features is its chroma-key tool or “green screen” that allows your image to be placed in any background location. There are dozens of styles and inbuilt templates to add beautifully animated titles and credits to your videos, movies, trailers. 

Apple iMov
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Source: Apple

iMovie is a popular tool among any user (general), as it is a free product of Mac so it is mostly seen as unprofessional. If your laptop is a MacBook Pro, then iMovie provides you with fully functioning Touch Bar Support. Features that make iMovie special are its studio-quality tiles, extra special effects, High-fidelity filters, and simplified soundtracks. You can take advantage of professional editing to open iMovie projects in Final Cut Pro X with no delay. 

Key Features:

  • Seamless Apple Apps integration
  • Green-screen, audie and social platform integration
  • Supports 4K resolution, extra special effects and high fidelity filters

Supported Platform: Mac

Price: Free (only for Mac Users)

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CyberLink PowerDirector is the best-known Video Editing Software for Instagram and YouTube. PowerDirector provides high-end performance tools for an easy and smooth process of editing made for YouTubers, Vloggers, and Instagrammers. It provides you with a stack of exclusive features and format support plus you can access an ever-growing library of plugins, audio tracks, and effects. As far as rendering is concerned, CyberLink PowerDirector is regarded as the fastest video editing system.

CyberLink PowerDirector Video Editor
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Source: CyberLink

PowerDirector is a powerful editing software for experienced filmmakers, beginners may find it difficult to operate initially but once it comes into practice, they wouldn’t like to work on any other editor tool. There are plenty of video tutorials to help to get handy on the tool. It has a streamlined workflow to make routine video production easier with nested projects at PiP, Video Pre-cut feature, Audio Scrubbing, Reversible Timeline Track, and 4K Preview. Today, CyberLink PowerDirector is one of the first systems to support 360-degree Virtual Reality footage. It is renowned for being the world’s fastest and most comprehensive video editing software, that supports the latest video, photo, and audio formats in up to 4K resolution.

  • Apply and edit customizable shape objects with auto-fit text and precise keyframe controls.
  • Impressive motion graphics and ready-to-use animated tiles with a drag and drop feature
  • Customized size of video for different social media stories (Square 1:1 ratio or vertical videos as per your feasibility and requirement)
  • Creative effects as Multi Key Chroma editing, 18 new creative transition effects and advanced motion tracking with 100% accuracy
  • The Action Camera Center gives you everything you need to quickly edit, correct and enhance your footage with professional formats and performance.
  • Lightning-fast rendering and multi-cam editing

Pricing: $79.99 (One Time Payment) along with 30-day free trial

Special Offers: 

25% OFF PowerDirector 365 with unlimited access to exclusively designed creative assets.

Exclusive 40% OFF creative editing software for students & teachers

5. Adobe Premiere Elements- A powerful Video Editing Software

Adobe Premiere Elements is a video editing software at an affordable price and can be the best choice for both beginners and experienced ones. Premiere elements provide automated editing options and step-by-step guidance to edits to make incredible movies, video creations, and advanced effects for easy customization. 

Adobe Premiere Elements- A powerful Video Editing Software:
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Source: Adobe

Though Adobe Premiere Elements lags behind its competitors in terms of 3D Editing, Multi-cam feature, rendering speed but still, due to its extraordinary features with a comprehensive suite of effects, it completes with a beginner’s pack of requirements. 

Advanced Features of Adobe Premiere Elements are

  • Video Stabilization Option
  • Intelligent editing with Expanded HEIF and HEVC support
  • Automatic Face Detection with smart trim, pan and zoom
  • Edit and view high-resolution 4K movies for the ultimate cinematic experience.
  • Automatically fixing of color and lighting problems and motion tracking
  • All-in-one video effect features- transitions, chroma-keying, opacity etc

Pricing: $69.99 (After offer)(One-time payment )

Platform: Windows and Mac

6. Lightworks Video Editor

Lightworks has been used by major Hollywood productions like Mission Impossible, The Wolf of Wall Street, LA Confidential, Pulp Fiction, Heat, Road to Perdition, Hugo, The King’s Speech, and many more!. Along with paid, there’s also a free option for easy access to anyone. It has been tagged as “the professional editor for everyone”.

Lightworks Video Editor
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Source: Lightworks

You can access its FREE license version easily but the only restriction it has is on output formats-you can only access compatible files of 720p. But, if required, you can purchase a license as required i.e. either monthly, annually, or get the outright license. Suggestion: You can go with a monthly license at a low-budget price.

Amazing Features of Lightworks include

  • Simple & intuitive User Interface
  • Easy timeline editing & trimming
  • Real time ready to use audio & video FX
  • Wide file format support including variable frame rate media
  • 32bit GPU precision and histogram tool
  • Easy trim and mix together your audio and video clips exactly how you want them. 
  • Amazing effects and royalty-free media

Platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price: Free

Wondershare Filmora is an easy to use video editing software for enthusiasts. If you are creating a video for the first time, you can start your video creations from Filmora editing, that will let you understand the basics of editing easily to get you hands-on-conceptualization and practice. There are built-in titles, effects and filters designed for YouTubers. You can transform your video into a piece of art with a simple drag & drop interface and powerful editing tool. 

Wondershare Filmora- Cheapest and Popular Video Editing Software
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Source: Filmora

Filmora lets you Rotate, merge, trim, split, crop and flip videos with a modern & simple UI. There’s also a library of royalty-free sound effects and the ability to record your own media to include, directly within the tool. It also allows you have your videos with Professional look with advanced video editing features similar to that of hollywood effects 

Wondershare Filmora features
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Source: Filmora

Advanced Features of Wondershare Filmora

  • 4K Editing and GIF Support along with unwanted background noise removal
  • Speed Control Feature to make a very interesting block of video
  • Video Enhancement with 800+ stunning effects including titles, texts, filters, and transitions
  • Import and Export in ANY FORMAT (Video, Audio, Photo)
  • Beat Detection, 3D LUT Effect
  • Layer & Group Clips.

Platform: Windows, Mac

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Pricing: Starts at $59.99 for a lifetime license; or, $39.99 for a year.

8. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate– Top Video Editing Software

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is a high-quality Video and Movie editing software for beginners. VideoStudio takes ease of use and creativity one step further with the addition of new smart movie tools, enhanced masking and color grading, and workflow improvements. You can apply video stabilization to correct shaky footage with proDad Mercalli quickly-the only feature in ULTIMATE. At an affordable price, VideoStudio comes up with multi-cam editing, 4K video support, 360-degrees VR video support, a music library, filters, and effects.

Video Studio video editing software and tools
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Source: Pinnacle

Corel VideoStudio has all the characteristics of the other top-of-the-line products on the list, and also, it boasts one of the best motion-tracking systems around. The only con of VideoStudio is its speed, it lags notably behind its competitors like CyberLink PowerDirector and Pinnacle Studio. 

Amazing Features of Corel VideoStudio are

  • Easy of use functionality with a combination of intuitive video editor, slideshow maker, and screen recorder
  • VideoStudio updates from time to time with the addition of new tools/content and editing shortcuts so as to streamline the workflow with optimized 4K display
  • Complete 360-degree editor along with custom templates and overlays
  • Other features include:
Features of Corel VideoStudio
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Source: Pinnacle

Platform: Windows

Pricing: One-time payment of $51.99

9. Blender– Free Video Editing Software and Tools

If you are planning to make awesome 3-D animated videos including video cuts, splicing, and video masking along with more advanced features, Blender is the perfect software for you.

No matter, you are a beginner or a pro, there are enough tutorials and online support, where you can easily produce amazing videos. 

Blender video editing software and tools
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Source: Blender

Due to its open-source software and free of cost, we highly recommend Blender over any other 3D Modelling software. As we know, any premium plugins for 3-D videos editing do not come at a lesser price. It costs heavily and many of them can not afford it. 

Blender’s Most Advanced Features

  • Live preview, luma waveform, chroma vectorscope, and histogram displays.
  • Audio mixing, syncing, scrubbing, and waveform visualization.
  • Up to 32 slots for adding video, images, audio, and effects.
  • Speed control, adjustment layers, transitions, keyframes, filters, and more.
  • The Blender Software supports Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Its supported input formats are OBJ, FBX, 3DS, PLY, STL, and more. 
  • Whereas supported output formats are OBJ, FBX, 3DS, PLY, STL, and more.
  • It has Modeled with tools such as Keyboard shortcuts for fast workflow, N-Gon support, Edge slide, collapse and dissolve Grid and Bridge fill, and Python scripting for custom tools and add-ons
  • Blender also has Sculpting, Animation & Rigging, Grease Pencil, Simulation, Scripting, VFX, and Interface in its core features.

Along with so many pros, Blender has cons as well like others.

Blender Video Editor Cons

It has a sheer array and a very steep learning curve. Hence you might find the software a bit intimidating at first. But, if you are mentally prepared to educate yourself and spend some time exploring its features then you will not find any difficulty.

Platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price: Free 

10. Pinnacle Studio UltimateTop Choice for Beginners

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is also a preferred choice for video editing for beginners. Inexpensive software at $129.95 (is a 360-degree and 4K Resolution editor). Pinnacle comes readily equipped with all the features you’d expect from an upper-echelon product—motion tracking, 360-degree VR support, 4k support, multi-cam, etc. For your money, you get more than 1500 effects, titles, and templates, six-track HD video editing, handy coloring tools, a dedicated stop motion feature, time remapping, and much more. And most features are an absolute doddle to use. So it feels like a genuine step up from free options, without splashing huge amounts of cash especially for beginners.

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Pinnacle VideoStudio video editing software and tools
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Advanced Features of Pinnacle VideoStudio

  • Multi-camera capture, screen recorder and editing, color controls, stop motion animation
  • Loaded with pro-caliber tools including enhanced Color Grading controls and new Video Masks
  • Unlimited creative possibilities with 2,000+ filters and effects
  • Enhanced keyframing controls for precise editing
  • New workflow efficiencies to streamline your editing process
  • Pinnacle provides advanced editing, and unlimited creativity, and works seamlessly with the powerful and customizable tools you crave.
Features of Pinnacle VideoStudio video editing software and tools
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Platform: Windows 

Pricing: One-time payment of $99.95 with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Conclusion on Best and Free Video Editing Software

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in video editing, the market has everything for you to ease you with your requirements. May it be a general video, YouTube Video, Social Media Video, or professional or animated movie, the above list contains a filtered selection of the best video editing software and tools.  Taking budget into consideration, the video editing software and tools listed above are free of cost, affordable, and expensive that suit best with your pockets and interests. 

If you are looking for the best video editing software, without scrolling back to reviews, you can easily rely on the provided. As per my preference, I would suggest you use Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows users and Final Cut Pro X for Mac Users. Beginners can initiate with either Wondershare Filmora or Pinnacle Studio Ultimate to make easy hands-on video editing. 

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