All in One Content Marketing Toolkit by Semrush [2023 Guide]

Content Marketing Toolkit by SEMrush
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Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit 2023

It’s a common saying that “The FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION” and first impressions are often regarded as the cornerstone of forming a relationship. 

And we all know that Content is the first face of any business!! Be it any product, branding, blogging… your content will decide if the user will stay long with you or not. For any business to grow, attraction and retention are the two most crucial elements to sustain in the market and it can be fulfilled with your effective content marketing strategy.


Now, just imagine how vital content marketing is.

In this guide, we will dive deep into how to do your marketing effectively with Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit. But before that, we will first understand the basics of Content Marketing to achieve better results from your campaigns. 

All-Encompassing Approach
Content Marketing by Semrush

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Introduction to Content Marketing: 

Content marketing is a long-term strategy of planning, creating, and delivering high-quality, relevant content to its defined and targeted audience to provide value and retain them for high ROI. It can boost factors like brand awareness, reach, sales, interaction, and loyalty. 

Content Marketing Lifecycle:

The Content Marketing lifecycle gets very simple once you break it into its 4 stages: Goal, Strategy, Execution, Repetition. 

Let’s start with the goal, what do you want to achieve with your marketing plan?

Content marketing tends to begin with softer goals since it’s made to hold audience engagement. Here are three of the top goals that brands have for their content marketing strategy: general brand awareness, positioning yourself as an expert, or staying top of mind to your audience. Once that goal is selected determine your metric of success, that could be clicks, views, downloads, or a wide range of other options based on your preferred medium.

Once your goal is set, you need to strategize your content marketing mix ie.. Blogs, podcasts, video content, etc. Develop content ideas about your product or service, but always focus first on the interests of your demographic. You also need to strategize to create the content most efficiently. Creating consistent content requires a strategic approach.

Content marketing execution is both the production and the hosting of your content. Honestly, the production of content is usually simpler than properly hosting it. A great strategy within content marketing is getting featured on other people’s content platforms and then sharing on your own. 

Repeat! Content marketing is a game of consistency. Track your performance, learn from what was successful, adapt your content accordingly, and do it again!

Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit
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Creating high-quality engaging content is not everyone’s cup of tea as it requires creative thinking and a strategic approach for a positive user experience and this becomes comparatively easy by using tools like Semrush that works as a right hand to your strategies. 

As per Demand Metrics, Content Marketing costs 62% less and generates almost 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing

For the success of content marketing campaigns, let’s keep ourselves ready to compete with the challenges to work efficiently on the ground. 

Content Marketing Challenges for long-term sustainability are:

  • Insufficient resources from team to budget
  • Producing high-quality content
  • Generating content consistently
  • Prioritizing content expertise
  • Understanding different buyer personas
  • Producing content in suitable formats
  • Difficulty in measuring Metrics, KPI, and ROI     
  • Creating buy-in among stakeholders
  • Aligning content with the buyer journey
  • Activating content effectively
  • Choosing the right channels
  • Maintaining Ambitious Publishing Schedules

However, creating content that resonates with the target audience’s mind is one of the biggest challenges for content creators and marketers. 

In today’s digital era, your target audience prospects are almost unlimited. A good content marketing strategy gives you an opportunity to increase the number of visitors to your site by up to 55%. 

In this cut-throat competitive market, there are different applications, tools, and software with limited marketing features. And we end up trying and testing such multiple platforms that may satisfy our content marketing needs. 

Everything you require for Content Marketing is:

  • Content Calendar Template
  • Social Media Distribution Plans
  • Content Audit Template
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • SEO Content Checklist
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Metrics and Analytics Dashboard

And here’s a ONE STOP SOLUTION: Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit that would fulfill all your above requirements of content marketing lifecycle i.e Research, Plan, Write, Optimize, Analyze, Measure, and Improve. 

In this guide, we’ll give you a birds-eye-view of the Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit to help you manage your content and strategy from the scratch till the end.

Let’s get started… 

Content Marketing Toolkit By Semrush:

Semrush is an all-encompassing approach to content marketing that allows you to provide value to your audience through a unique content experience and content strategy that too through a single dashboard. 

Top Features in the Semrush content marketing toolkit are:  

1. Find ideas to create new content (Topic Research)

  • Find popular topics, headlines and questions asked online to draw a traffic-driven editorial plan
  • Explore most searchable and trending topics 
  • Keyword research along with insights on Difficulty, Volume, Related Searches, Topic efficiency, FAQ)
  • Content Gap Analysis

2. Develop an editorial plan (Marketing Calendar)

  • Manage your content marketing campaigns by Social Media Calendar 
  • Invite and collaborate with unlimited team members to join your marketing calendar with different permissions.
  • Create tasks with team members 
  • Tracking of real-time progress of your overall marketing plan.
  • Get notifications of your upcoming tasks and schedules
  • Share the calendar and plans with your client/team via a link, PDF, or CSV file

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3. Get optimized content that resonates in just a few clicks (SEO Content Template)

  • Get content tips for SEO Friendliness
  • Generate Semantic Related Keywords
  • Get actionable recommendations based on your top 10 rivals in Google that target your keywords
  • Export SEO template in a Google Doc file
  • Semrush Marketplace for Content

4. Create/Optimize your Content for SEO Friendliness (SEO Writing Assistance)

  • Create SEO-friendly content to be loved by both people and search engines 
  • Check your SEO Score and adjust the tone of voice 
  • Get automated analysis on Readability
  • Get actionable tips in your Google Docs or WordPress Account
  • Check your content for Plagiarism

5. Sharing Content and Finding Publication Opportunity (Brand Monitoring)

  • Create, plan and schedule social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest at the same time) -Social Media Poster 
  • Get the statistics on performance to understand the audience behavior for effective campaigning and posting
  • Track yours and your competitor’s brand/content mentions online including forums and social network
  • Find authoritative industry influencers to improve your brand positioning
  • Find out new link building opportunities
  • Evaluate your potential to reach

6. Track your Performance (On-site as well as Offsite) (Post Tracking

  • Track the performance of your external publications or your competitor’s articles
  • With the Social Media Tracker tool, measure the best-performing posts with the highest level of engagement
  • Track social engagement, backlink count, referral traffic coming to your website
  • Get the top hashtags used in the most engaging posts
  • Track daily keyword rankings of your content

7. Audit and improve your published content (Content Audit)

  • Analyze your content assets to discover your top articles and identify which one requires an update- Performance Metrics
  • Develop a plan to update/optimize published content and measure the content that performs best
  • Create tasks for content optimization and even share these tasks with team members

Impressive?? The best thing is you can perform all these activities on a single dashboard that ultimately saves your time as well.

In case you find difficulty with content creation due to a shortage of resources, Semrush also provides you a solution to write the articles for you- YOU CAN ORDER FROM HERE..

Semrush content market place
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So, before we go further with a step-by-step understanding of how to use the Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit, I would like you to sign up free for 14 days so that you can also get complete access to the module. 


Great! Let’s start together…

1. Find ideas to create new content- Topic Research Tool

We all know that content is a king and successful content planning begins with a great idea. And an idea in favor of the interest of the target audience gives you ultimate positive output. 

Choosing the right topic has the potential of the traffic boost on your business and for this, Semrush’s Topic Research Tool is a treasure chest of content ideas based on your target keyword, trending topics, related searches, questions people may ask, and recent articles. The fantastic part is you can also expand the topic research on the basis of content by backlinks, social shares, and engagement. You can also filter the data via a country, regional and city basis to see the most popular/recent topics heading for your target keywords.

And using Semrush Topic Research Tool is very easy and it outperforms every other tool with an all-in-one feature set and database. 

To start finding ideas for creating new content/updating existing content, You first need to Sign-in to your Semrush account. 

Semrush Topic Research Tool
  • Save

Now, select the Content Marketing Toolkit from the drop-down menu in the top left corner. 

Semrush content marketing Toolkit
  • Save

You can click on Topic Research Tab to access this tool or can even enter your targeted keyword/ topic from the existing dashboard on the search box by selecting your preferred Country/Region/City/Language. 

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Semrush content marketing Toolkit (Topic Research)
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Once you click in “Get Content Ideas”, Semrush’s Topic Research module will analyze popular content and provide you with winning results on the web. 

You can explore content suggestions from your most comfortable view via- 

  • Cards
  • Explorer
  • Overview
  • Mindmap
Topic Research by Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit
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Note**: You can also enter the domain name to see for which topics a particular website currently ranks in Google top 100 SERP. It helps you to analyze the keywords of your competitors. 

You can prioritize the results by the following parameters:

  • Search Volume
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Topic efficiency (higher search volume and lower difficulty). 


  1. You can also identify trending topics that are most popular over the last 60 days across the web.
  2. You can enable Trending Subtopics first to view viral topics for higher engagement. 

When you are conducting audience research and creating a content plan, the analyzed data will help you understand what information your audience is looking for.

If you plan to create an article to provide an answer to a user’s question, make sure you add a ‘how-to’ or question mark into your title to get more engagement and shares. This strategy would increase your chance to win a featured snippet, expanding your presence on Google’s SERP.

Topic Research via Cards

As soon as you perform topic research, the cards view is enabled by default. You will see the most relevant card based on your keyword, choose the card to get the in-depth information about it from a Show More dropdown link.  

Topic Research via card- SEMrush content marketing Toolkit
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The results from the expanded version will show subtopic volume, difficulty, and topic efficiency along with top headlines, questions, and related searches. The bullhorn icon on the left side of the topic illustrates the title’s success in terms of backlinks. The green color represents that more people link to the article with this title. 

Note**: To create your list of ideas, you can add to your favorite ideas section by clicking the + icon (available for all types of Topic research views)

Topic Research via Explorer

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SEMrush content marketing Toolkit:Topic Research via explorer
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In the Explorer tab, you will explore the list of Subtopic, content ideas, Facebook engagement, backlinks and total shares on particular topics. 

Topic Research via Overview

Semrush content marketing Toolkit:Topic Research overview
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In the Overview Tab, you have access to explore the set of top 10 headlines by backlinks, 10 interesting questions, top subtopics, and top 10 related searches based on your targeted keyword. 

Topic Research via Mindmap

In the Mindmap tab, you see the graphical representation of content suggestions. 

SEMrush topic research SEO tool via mindmap
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Mind Map tab works similarly to the “AnswerThePublic” tool for keyword research. 

You can quickly analyze the trending subtopics as they are marked in red color. To explore the topic, you can click on your relevant keyword (in strokes) and you get a broad understanding of its related headlines, Questions, and Related searches.  

Be aware that you cannot mark the topics in your favorite list from the Mind Map view. 

Save data in Favorite Ideas

SEMrush content marketing Tool
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In your list of favorite ideas, you can export your data in XLSX format, Create SEO Optimized templates, and even send a task to Semrush Marketing Calendar or Trello.


As mentioned above (in Note), you can also spy on your rivals’ domain to understand their content strategy based on the keywords and topics that are ranking in the top 100 results of Google. In the card view, Semrush shows the card in green color for the keyword ranking high and you can even see the ranking of the particular keyword by clicking on the arrow link. 

Competitor's keyword research via SEMrush marketing tool
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Finalizing your keyword 

Now, as you are done with finding the content idea, let’s analyze and finalize the profitable keyword on the basis of CPC, volume, SEO difficulty, PPC Competition, and most searched keywords for a successful content marketing campaign. 

And we will perform this activity through my favorite: Keyword Magic Tool (in the Keyword Analytics section).

SEMrush keyword magic tool
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Though Keyword Magic Tool is not a part of the Content Marketing Toolkit but analyzing from this tool will work like a cherry on your cake for your effective content strategy. 

SEMrush keyword magic tool for your content marketing
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2. Create a content plan from Semrush Marketing Calendar 

As per the article by McKinsey, there are 3Cs of Customer Satisfaction: Consistency, Consistency and Consistency. 

For a successful marketing campaign, the articles and posts should be published regularly with a robust content editorial plan. 

We all start with creating a plan on Google Sheet, Task Managers, or even on a piece of paper but is it that productive? Don’t you end up putting extra time opening the sheets regularly to remember if you’ve missed anything? Don’t you think it’s a tedious task for the long term as you grow?

Yes! It is! 

Just like you, I also started with creating my editorial calendar on Google Sheet but while I came across Semrush Marketing Calendar, it has actually saved me a lot of time and effort. 

Semrush Marketing calendar allows you to invite unlimited team members to join your calendar with different permissions, create tasks with the team members, and track their real-time progress. For future schedules, you also get notifications of your upcoming tasks. 

To get started with the Marketing Calendar, you can find it on the left sidebar of the Content Marketing Toolkit. 

Semrush content marketing calendar
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To access a Marketing Calendar, you can take a 7-Day Free Trial for Semrush Guru Plan.

Let’s understand how to use Marketing Calendar by Semrush.

  • Create a new campaign

Create a new campaign by choosing the display color, campaign duration, and Message that you want to schedule. 

Semrush content marketing calendar to run a campaign
  • Save
  • Campaign Editor

You can edit, update the details such as color, duration, comment, and attachment. You can also add other activities, assign tasks, invite team members, and even set a campaign budget.

SEMrush content marketing calendar and campaign editor
  • Save
  • View your Campaign Activities and Individual Tasks

You can display all your active campaigns, planned activities, deadlines, and other details.

You can also use various filters to prioritize your search and even quickly change the details from the drag and drop feature. 

You can also view all the tasks that you have assigned to different team members. 

To make sure you don’t miss the deadline, there’s a “Notification” feature to the calendar’s homepage, you will always be notified 2 days prior to the final deadline of a task that you/team members have been assigned.

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  • Track Your Campaigns

Semrush allows you to track real-time progress and communication with team members. You can see the status of the tasks performed and any changes made by your colleagues are also displayed in real-time.

The Marketing Calendar Tool is an all-in-one calendar management suite that helps you to plan, organize, execute, and track your content marketing and editorial plans with ease.

3. Get SEO Optimized Content Template 

Creating unique engaging content is not only the major task, creating content that can be loved by both people as well as search engines are the most difficult task. And, this can be fulfilled by creating SEO-friendly content. 

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SEO is one of the most effective and efficient channels to rank your articles organically so as to make your content visible to your target audience.  

Therefore, let’s develop a content structure with the help of the Semrush SEO Content Template module that creates a customized content structure as per your target keyword. 

SEMrush SEO friendly content creation
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Select SEO Content Template from the left-side menu from Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit module. 

Using this tool is extremely easy, you can open an SEO friendly content template in just three steps:

  • Enter our keywords, preferred country that you want to target with your content and then, click on Create SEO Template
SEO friendly content by SEMrush
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  • Semrush provides you information based on its analysis of the top 10 ranking rivals for each of the target keywords. 
SEO content template by SEMrush
  • Save

With the help of this data, you can actually spy on your rivals’ content information and structure. 

  • Receive tips and recommendations about creating SEO Friendly Content. 
tips and recommendation by SEO content template by SEMrush
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Here, you will find the list of Key Recommendations related to Semantically related keywords and backlinks where few of the top competitors might be missing. This gives you an opportunity to rank higher on Google by using such keywords in your content and getting backlinks from the following domains. 

You also get insights on the Readability score of rivals content and recommended text length to make you understand your audience’s expectations.  

  • Save

These recommendations will help you outrank your competitors by understanding their user’s behavior and improving upon it for better results.

I have seen a significant improvement in my content rankings after I started following Semrush Key Recommendations in my content. 

SEMrush also provides you the analysis on the top 10 organic results of how competitors use your Target Keywords

competitors keyword analysis by SEMrush
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In this list, you can click on “Show more (X occurrences), to get the snippet of understanding the ideal keyword density and keyword placements before you start creating your content. 

content marketing by SEMrush
  • Save

Scroll to get the Basic Content Recommendations related to Title, Description, H1 and body text. 

How to get the Basic Content Recommendations related to Title, Description, H1 and body text on SEMrush content marketing toolkit
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You can also export the content template to continue working with it in a .doc file using SEO Writing Assistant.

Now, we have gathered information to get a competitive edge over the rivals before starting the content creation process.

Let’s start with Content Creation….

To pursue the next step, Again Semrush is with you to provide you even real-time assistance on how to write your content. For this, Semrush provides you a solution with a tool named SEO Writing Assistance.

4. Create/Optimize Content using Semrush SEO Writing Assistance

Isn’t it great that you are being provided with smart assistance while creating SEO-optimized content without disturbing you??

Let’s experience the same through Semrush Writing Assistance 

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistance
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Semrush SEO Writing Assistant provides actionable recommendations to ensure organic ranking for a positive user experience. Along with key recommendations from SEO Content Template, it provides your content ideas to maximize the search visibility of your site. 

The SEO Writing Assistant tool is available as a Google Doc add-on, a WordPress plugin.

You can launch the SEO Writing Assistant by clicking on the Quick Checker. 

SEMrush Writing Assistance Quick checker
  • Save

Write your content in real-time or you can write content using add-ons so as to get the recommendations side-by-side.

Make sure you click on “Get Recommendations” to initiate the analysis.

Create SEO friendly content by SEMrush tool
  • Save

You can analyze based on the Google top rivals that how well your content complies with the recommendations.

SEMrush’s SEO Writing Assistant will analyze and rate your content on the factors mentioned below:

  • Readability: Analyze your copy’s complexity and ensure it is close to an average score for the Top 10 rivals on Google.
  • Overall optimization status: Ensure your content is SEO-Friendly and perfectly structured for a target keyword before publishing.
  • The number of words and reading time: Check your content is written for the recommended average number of words.
  • Related questions: Consider you have written text in the context of answering the questions users ask about your topic helpful for both the people and search engines. 
  • Recommended keywords: Enrich your content with the recommended keywords to get better SEO results. 
  • Title Recommendations: Don’t forget to use your target keywords in the title and get other suggestions on length to optimize it.
  • The tone of voice: Make sure your content piece complies with your overall brand voice — casual, neutral, or formal.
  • Backlinks:  Find the optimal number of links for your text, detect broken links, and links without anchor text in one click.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Detect the total percentage of copied words in your text and find original sources of content from across the internet. Avoid plagiarism.

This way, you can create content that would result you in achieving a perfect SEO score for your content. 

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5. Track Mentions and Find Publication Opportunity by Brand Monitoring tool

Just give a thought and how would it seem to imagine that you are creating content but no one is reading it. 

Very Disappointing. Right?

Similarly, without well-organized distribution of the content on different platforms, it is difficult for the user to reach you. 

There are several ways to promote content whereas Semrush has kept the distribution of content very easy: 

Social Media Poster

If you have huge content to share on social media platforms, automating that process is essential. 

Therefore with the Social Media Poster, you can create, plan, and schedule social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest at the same time).

You can even insert gifs, emojis, and visuals to make your post more engaging. To understand the performance on social media posting, Social Media Poster also provides you the statistics on audience profile and their behavior on Facebook and Instagram Page to analyze the best day and time of posting.   

External Resources

Semrush Brand monitoring tracks your site mentions such as brand, content, and product and notifies you whenever there’s a new mention. 

SEMrush Brand monitoring
  • Save

Now, you need not search manually to find your brand mentioned on other sites, Semrush does it for you automatically.

Let’s access the dashboard for the Brand Monitoring Tool.

SEMrush Brand monitorin Tool
  • Save

To track, analyze, and benchmark your brand’s performance, Enter the brand name and domain name and click on Set up. After this, it will further ask you to include or exclude words and add the country to track the mentions specifically. 

SEMrush Brand monitoring of The Blue Oceans Group
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Once you click on Start Tracking, Semrush will show you results based on your mentions and also, get the additional details like domain traffic, estimated reach, and authority score. 

SEMrush Brand monitoring of The Blue Oceans Group
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Using Brand Monitoring, you can find authoritative media and industry influencers and detect those who talk about your competitors, and this tool also displays the sentiment of the brand mentions based on text analysis (Positive, Neutral, Negative). This tool provides you an excellent opportunity to improve backlinks and PR strategies that ultimately would enhance your brand positioning online. 

How to do Brand monitoring via SEMrush
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One of the biggest challenges with backlink creation is you don’t receive a revert back if a person has never heard of you.

So, you can turn these cold outreaches into warm outreach to get more opportunities and spend less time sending pitches. To do this, just head to the Mentions tab and select Twitter from the drop-down menu: 

How to do Brand monitoring via SEMrush  content marketing tool
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Once you practice and explore this tool more and more, you will see an unbelievable potential to maximize the outcomes. 

6. Track your Performance (On-site as well as Offsite)

Performance tracking is essential for both to assess the success of your actions and to adjust your future content strategy. Therefore, to track your content results quickly and efficiently, Semrush offers a Post Tracking Tool. 

How to Track your Performance (On-site as well as Offsite) via SEMrush
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To track the performance of published content, let’s get started..

Click on the Post Tracking tab from Content Marketing Toolkit Menu and enter the URL of the article you are looking forward to tracking the performance. 

How to Track your Performance (On-site as well as Offsite) via SEMrush marketing toolkit
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Once you click on Start Tracking, you see the number of referral traffic (need to connect with Google Analytics), estimated reach, backlinks and shares. You can also select your target keywords by clicking on the “+ keywords” button under the Keyword section and track your content’s positioning accordingly.

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How to Track your Performance (On-site as well as Offsite) via SEMrush toolkit
  • Save

By clicking on Top Contributors, you will see the list of all the individuals who have mentioned your topic on Twitter. 

In the Post Tracking Tool, there’s a limit to add up to 5 URLs to track posts. But, if it’s not sufficient, you can always upgrade to the other 50 URLs after subscribing to the Guru plan.

7. Improve your content performance using Semrush Content Audit Tool

Now that, the content is published and distributed to different platforms it’s crucial to analyze and improve the performance. 

A content audit is a comprehensive task and should involve the monitoring of various performance metrics. But whatever you do, your ultimate goal should be to create an optimization plan that includes a list of pages to update/optimize and create new materials. 

In the Content Audit tool, we need to constantly monitor traffic, behavior signals, backlinks, social media engagement, keyword rank tracking. 

To start with identifying the pages that require improvement, let’s start accessing the Content Audit tool. 

SEMrush Content Audit Tool
  • Save

To begin with the configuration of the Semrush Content Audit tool, you need to complete a set up by selecting the subfolders from your sitemap.xml file.

How to do Content Audit via SEMrush
  • Save

Once this is done, you now have the option to audit the URLs.

Note**: Be aware that you can use a max of 20,000 URLs in the Guru plan for the content audit.

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For a complete setup, you also need to connect the Google Analytics and Google Search Console to get in-depth statistics about user engagement and organic performance on your published content. 

In the Content Audit, you will be provided with data on your content such as:-  

  • Webpage’s HTTP code
  • Information on the content that is recently updated
  • Metadata of each page metadata (Meta Title, Meta Description, H1)
  • Content Author
  • Number of words of the content 
  • Total Shares (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Number of backlinks linked with a particular content 
  • Data regarding the user experience by connecting to Google Analytics
  • Page’s search queries by connecting to Google Search Console

The only thing left to do is to optimize the pages that require updating, and the Content Audit tool even shares with you the ranking of each page.

Depending on the content metrics from Google Analytics and the Content Audit data, the tool groups all your content into four categories:

  • Rewrite or remove
  • Need to update
  • Quick review
  • Poor content
Content Audit Tool via SEMrush
  • Save

All-in-one, Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit helps you with everything from managing your content ideas to optimizing your new/existing posts, tracking content performance, and content auditing to improve the existing content. 

I hope this guide has helped you get better insights on the importance of Content Marketing and how to create a Content Marketing Strategy step-by-step with the help of Semrush. 

Content Marketing Course by SEMrush

Content Marketing Course by SEMrush
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Pros and Cons of Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit 

Now, let’s go through the brief on the advantages and disadvantages of using the Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit.

SEMrush Content Marketing Pros:

  • The topic Research module helps you find fantastic content ideas for any keyword, topic, and location.
  • Semrush Marketing Calendar allows you to plan, schedule, distribute, and track editorial activities from a single dashboard.
  • SEO Content Template offers data-driven key recommendations and SEO tips to develop a winning content structure.
  • SEO Writing Assistant helps you optimize your content in real-time i.e. Readability, SEO, Originality, and Tone of voice.
  • Brand Monitoring helps you analyze your or your competitor’s brand mentions to find backlink opportunities and build a PR strategy.
  • Post Tracking feature enables you to track referral traffic, backlinks, keyword rankings, social shares, and estimated content reach.
  • Content Audit helps you improve your overall content for more social engagement and organic traffic.
  • Semrush content marketing platform’s user management feature allows you to invite unlimited team members, assign various tasks, and track work in real-time progress.
  • Tracking features and Data exports in Google Docs allow more efficient cross-platform collaborations and client management.

SEMrush Content Marketing Cons:

  • You can access limited features only in Free and Pro Plan
  • To have access to a content marketing toolkit, higher subscriptions such as Guru and Business is required
  • Topic Research module shows limited data to find low-hanging content opportunities by competitors’ analysis
  • Irrespective of the type of subscription, there’s a limited plagiarism check

Unbiased Reviews of Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit

Below are the genuine feedbacks from the Semrush users and influencers that will help you get unbiased reviews before purchasing a tool. 

Content Marketing Toolkit by SEMrush Reviews
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Content Marketing Toolkit by SEMrush Reviews
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Content Marketing Toolkit by SEMrush Reviews
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Content Marketing Toolkit by SEMrush Reviews
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Content Marketing Toolkit by SEMrush Reviews
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Content Marketing Toolkit by SEMrush Reviews
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Content Marketing Toolkit by SEMrush Reviews
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Content Marketing Toolkit by SEMrush Reviews
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Content Marketing Toolkit by SEMrush Reviews
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Pricing: Why invest in Semrush?

Semrush is an All-in-One Marketing toolkit with all the features in one suite. It is a one-stop solution to all your marketing needs. 

Be it a:

  • Content Marketing Toolkit
  • SEO Toolkit
  • Market Research
  • Social Media Management Toolkit
  • Content Creation Marketplace

Semrush is an investment that would give you better returns in the long run. Not only this, it will also reduce your resources, time, and efforts in terms of manual research. 

Currently, Semrush offers 3 subscriptions for different marketing requirements and different groups of users.

Monthly Pricing:

Semrush Pricing
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Note**: You must subscribe to either Guru or Business plan to complete access to Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit.  

For a piece of summarized information on feature access, you can go through the infographic (below) about the feature distribution based on the Pricing of Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit:

Infographic on Content Marketing toolkit via SEMrush
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Content Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Content marketing is one of the best investments a company can make to maximize ROI. It increases traffic, builds authority, and brings in high-quality leads.

In order to achieve optimal results, here are six of the biggest content marketing mistakes that every marketing professional needs to avoid.

  • Not creating evergreen and reusable content
  • Not paying attention to user-generated content
  • Not using multiple forms of content (Infographics, blog, video, visuals, audio, podcasts)
  • Not having enough Call to Actions in the content
  • Not reviewing content marketing performance
  • Not promoting content enough

Content Marketing Checklist: 25 Things You Should Try in 2023 

Content marketers usually have their routine to follow the best practices for content creation, distribution, and analysis. However, if the methods and actions remain stagnant for a long time, your brand and content become outdated and need further optimization.

Although you may be a well-oiled content machine, it’s essential to analyze recent content marketing trends and experiment with new techniques and tools.

So, Semrush has prepared a content marketing checklist for 2023 to stay ahead of recent content marketing trends and help you discover new tools. You can use these tacts, ideas, and tools to give your content marketing strategy a much-needed boost.

Content Marketing Checklist Infographic
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Frequently asked Questions

What is the Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit?

Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit is an all-in-one marketing software that enables bloggers, marketers, agencies, and businesses to plan, execute, distribute and track the entire content marketing campaigns from a single dashboard for effective results.

How can I use the Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit?

You can access the Semrush content marketing toolkit free for 7 days. Once you register to the Semrush account, you can access the content marketing toolkit by clicking on the menu section located in the top-left corner. Then you will use tabs i.e. Topic Research, Marketing Calendar, SEO Content Template, SEO Writing Assistant, Brand Monitoring, Post Tracking, and Content Audit to improve and optimize the performance of your content marketing campaigns. This blog is an in-depth guide on how to use the Semrush Content Marketing toolkit, don’t forget to read it.

Who can use the Semrush content marketing toolkit?

Content creators, content strategists, marketers, agencies, SMBs, established e-commerce businesses, or anyone involved in content creation and distribution can use this tool. 

Is Semrush’s content marketing platform reliable?

Six million users trust Semrush. Currently, it has 7 billion content ideas and 18 billion keywords in its databases. If you want to create a data-driven content marketing strategy, then you won’t find such a robust and reliable platform. 

Is there any Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit guide or course that teaches how to use this tool?

I have shared this article primarily to introduce you to the Semrush content platform. You’ll learn the exact process of creating and managing content marketing activities to grow your brand’s reach, traffic, and user engagement. If you want to learn more about the tool, please sign up for the Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit course for absolutely free. 

Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit Review

Author: Sugandha Bansal

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Topic Research
Marketing Calendar
SEO Content Template
SEO Writing Assistance
Brand Monitoring
Post Tracking
Content Audit


Semrush is truly an all-in-one digital marketing platform. It works as my right hand for my Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing Strategy. After using 10+ marketing tools for a different set of requirements, I found Semrush content marketing toolkit that I have observed tremendous and significant success in the marketing campaigns. I have created a complete guide for the Semrush Content Marketing toolkit so that all the users, marketers can get insights on Semrush Toolkit that may also result effectively in their marketing campaigns.
Along with a brief on content marketing and a step-by-step guide to how to create a content marketing strategy, this guide also contains the Pros, Cons, and Pricing idea to help you make your final decision.


Now that, we have explored and understand the Content Marketing Toolkit of Semrush, it’s time for you to start and create a successful content marketing strategy.

In this guide, I have explained the Semrush toolkit in a step-by-step way to how to create a content marketing campaign and strategy. Also, explained the features of different tools to help you get insights on the activities that you can perform with Semrush to improve and optimize the existing content and marketing campaigns. I hope this guide would be helpful for you when it comes to using this platform.

All-Encompassing Approach
Content Marketing by Semrush

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Once, you also perform the activities properly and execute the suggestions in your real-time campaigns, I am sure that you also got to see the positive results in a very short period of time.

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Also, share your views or queries regarding the Semrush content marketing toolkit in the comments section. I would love to respond to you as soon as possible.


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