Want to hook your Site’s Ranking, Traffic, DA, Revenue by forming a blue ocean strategy?

You have landed at the right place. The Blue Oceans Group is an effective all-in-one online marketing learning platform for next-level SEO training and link building strategies. 

It educates small and medium businesses with a complete digital marketing solution in order to increase their brand visibility and revenue.  

The Blue Oceans Group also helps media publications and other content publishing companies with advertisement to improve their Ad revenue through Google AdSense and other Ad channels.

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Along with complete SEO training,  The Blue Oceans Group creates one of the most respected and comprehensive marketing blogs online on

How The Blue Oceans Group Helps You Get Higher Rankings, Traffic, and ROI?

Most so-called “SEO experts” say that getting an organic ranking of your online business on the search engines is an effortless task. You only need to create unique quality content and post them regularly. 

Who think that to succeed in online marketing, especially with SEO, they only need to create great content consistently; he/she is just a donkey on the ocean of SEO marketing. 

We learned to succeed with SEO, creating high-quality, unique content is only a 20% task-completion. There are many more things, such as keyword research, on-page SEO, technical SEO, high-quality-relevant link building, off-page SEO, local SEO, and global SEO

And here, we come in.

The Blue Oceans Group is a prestigious brand among a sea of donkey SEOs. It is one of few rare marketing training institutions that knows SEO and PPC marketing’s critical factors with deep insights. 

You should know that SEO drives around 52% of the entire searched on the internet. We still have 48% of the total internet audience. And we can not leave such a huge junk. 

And you can penetrate the rest 48% of people with other powerful marketing strategies: PPC, SMM, email marketing, influencer marketing, referral marketing, and video marketing. 

We educate you with the most comprehensive and insanely informative blog posts. With our exceptionally credible content (100% quality over quantity), we share the exact marketing strategies, tips that work best for you on the pragmatic, practical round. 

Hence, to grow and run your business, make sure you sign up for free content updates to learn the proven marketing strategies. 

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About Sugandha Bansal

Sugandha Bansal

Sugandha Bansal is an internationally recognized marketing expert and one of the principal founders of The Blue Oceans Group. After giving consultancy to the major brands in SEO, PPC, Google AdSense, Sugandha created The Blue Oceans Group to teach the world about marketing and advertising. Since it’s launch, Sugandha quickly establishes her presence in the marketing world by publishing high-quality content on SEO, PPC, SMM, and Google AdSense. Her work was highly recognized by some of the biggest companies like Social Media Today, Marketing Profs, BBNTimes, YourStory, and Business2Community. 

Now, The Blue Oceans Group is one of the most respected and appreciated marketing blogs on the internet. 

She is also a contributor to prestigious websites like Medium and joint researcher of leading SEO and PPC marketing software company Serpstat. 

Sugandha is an author of her upcoming books “SEO 2.0- The New Era of Search Engines” and “The Art of Google AdSense Earning”.

Contact: [email protected]

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