9 Free and Best Infographic Template Software/Tools in 2023

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Best Infographic Software and Tools

Information + Graphic = Infographic. It is a piece of visual information that consists of data, facts, trends, or any knowledge intended for information.  

When you are trying to build your KINGDOM in the crazy competitive world of marketing, Content is always king. When people are fascinated and engaged more with visuals such as Videos and different types of Creatives; infographics are one of the most engaging forms of Content Marketing. KissMetrix made more than 42,000 backlinks by creating only 54 amazing infographics

You got us right!

Infographics have a high influence on ranking on google web pages and bringing traffic. It also increases the authority of your site. 

Now, you must be thinking, if infographics are so effective then why can I not adopt them? 

Creating informing and inspiring infographic is not an easy task. It needs a lot of research, creativity, and design. A few years back, it was a lot time-consuming. It was cost-effective where you need to hire a quality designer and allocate a budget.

But, nowadays, there are many amazing tools where you can create a perfect infographic.

Finding out the most appropriate infographic software and tools as per your business need is a very challenging task. 

The most essential thing you require from your free infographic template software is —everything is fully customizable from icons, fonts, and colors to brand kits and content blocks.

But, you do not need to pull your hair. We have figured out the 9 best infographic tools which are free and 100% customizable. You can create stunning graphic visuals even if you do not have expertise in designing. 

9 Best Free Software and Tools for 100% Customized Infographic Templates

Let’s check one-by-one these best infographic tools that can make your content viral

1. Visme.co

Visme is the world’s most versatile graphic designer tool. It empowers bloggers, marketers, Video producers, and brands to create informing and inspiring designs in the form of engaging presentations, infographics, documents, videos, graphics, and everything in between.

Visme is known for its exceptionally good visuals. It has more than 100 fonts, millions of free images, and thousands of quality icons. Visme also allows you to add audio and video visuals in its infographics to its users. 

Even you can record a voiceover directly. Visme has a feature to create animations as well. It gears your infographics and fascinates thousands and millions of people. You can get more social shares, backlinks, and branding of your webpage with high-quality graphic visuals. 


Visme Annual Pricing
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2. Snappa

Snappa can help you in making a beautifully designed and informative infographic in 10 minutes or less than that with a simple drag-and-drop interface that has access to thousands of hi-res, royalty-free stock photos.

Snappa allows you to create and download 5 infographics/month for free. If you want to make more than this number you can upgrade your features as well. 

Snappa has a fully-featured graphic editor. It gives access to a massive library of 3,000,000+ photos, 100,000+ graphics, and 200+ fonts to its users. 

Moreover, there is no royalty-free license for commercials. You can use it in your own way. 

You can make professional-quality templates by magically resizing your graphics and uploading your own photos and graphics.

It also has video tutorials, FAQs, and in-house customer support systems. 


Snappa Pricing
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3. Canva

You can make posters, logos, flyers, visual virtual backgrounds, presentations, cards, infographics, and Instagram stories. 

It offers to users hundreds of free designs, fonts, and backgrounds. If you want to buy some premium elements then it is accessible for just $1. 


Canva Pricing
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4. Adobe Spark

If the need of your business is creating wonderful infographics for your social media, blog posts, then Adobe Spark is perfect for you. 

It offers you more than 10,000 templates and free license creatives which can boost your design. 

It does not default anymore. Adobe Spark gives you access to changing your infographic background, text, the addition of images,  icons and brand your own logo with an easy drag and drops editor. 

You can also create snippets, GIFs, and short videos for your web page. Adobe Spark easily allows you to add photos, video clips, icons,  or your own voice. You can also select from professional-quality soundtracks and cinematic motion.


5. Infogram

Infogram is an amazing tool that helps you to make infographics, and reports including a variety of graphs, charts, and maps. It also allows you to make social media visuals, and dashboards. 

Moreover, the best part is, Infogram has a lovely feature to upload pictures and videos to create excellent infographics. 

You can enter and edit the data in an Excel-style tool that you want to reflect in your infographic. The Infogram software and its tool will automatically represent your data in visual form.  

Infogram covers the major industries such as Media, Marketing, Non-Profit organizations, governments, education, and the like. 


Best Infographic Template Free Software and Tools in 2021
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6. Venngage

Venngage is a fine graphic design tool. You can create and publish compelling infographics that will appeal to your audience. In Venngage, you are free to choose enormous templates, themes, charts, and icon elements along with your logo. 

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You can upload your own images and backgrounds or even adapt a theme that is appropriate to your brand. 

Venngage gives you access to its software where you can animate too.

You can add Line Chart, Smooth Line Chart, Area Line Chart, Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Multi-Column Bar Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, Scatter Plot Chart, Bubble Chart, Stacked Bubble Chart, Multi-Series Chart, and Summary Stats in your infographic with Personalizable color, size, and style. Venngage infographics are very Dynamic and they engage data visualizations.


Best Infographic Template Free Software and Tools
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7. Easel.ly

Easel.ly provides you with customizable and cool infographics for your webpage. It gives you access to using different fonts, colors, elements, icons where you can also add your logo.

With outstanding graphic visuals, you can get more social shares, increase your traffic, improve ranking by getting more backlinks. 

With appealing visuals, you can maximize your sales funnel by boosting conversion rates.

Easel.ly is an astounding infographic software used by millions of people across the globe for enormous purposes. 


Best Infographic Software and Tools
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8. Adioma

Adioma is one of the most appropriate Infographic tools. It has Artificial Intelligence that can convert your words into their visual equivalent. 

You can also switch your templates where it automatically converts your text or data into other forms of visual. 

Adioma has the largest icon collection, graphic styles.  


Best Infographic Software and Tools
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9. Piktochart

The easiest and 100% customized infographic software has various quality tools that make it convenient to its users. Any person can make a fantastic infographic in just 30 minutes. 

With Piktochart you can create your marketing plan, holiday poster, sales presentation, social media graphics, reports, flyers, and infographics. 

It covers major industries such as marketing, human resources, finance, healthcare, education, and more. 

Piktochart allows you to add beautiful interactive charts, animated icons, images, and videos. You can also get full control over editing fonts, and colors, and moving things around. Piktochart is designed for you where with zero designing skills you can create a crazy graphic design loaded with tons of information with easy to use drag-and-drop editor.


Best Infographic Template Free Software and Tools
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Conclusion on Best Infographic Software and Tools

Now it’s your turn. Let us know- are using infographics in your content to shoot your website ranking and traffic?

Which software and tools are you using for infographic template software to build attractive infographics with less effort and time? 

And if you are still not using any infographic software then which one would you like to choose?

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And if some of my readers are still not using creative and well-designed infographics in their content marketing, then start doing it.

You will get enormous growth and conversions on your site. It maximizes your leads and then sales where you earn more profit. 

Infographics easily go viral on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Instagram, and other marketing channels as people love to share them. It is the best SEO strategy and tips to get ranked #1.

FAQs About Infographic Templates Software and Tools

Which website offers free infographic templates?

Visme, Canva, and Snappa are free infographic templates, software, and tools. If you want to give it a try, Visme offers free and the best infographic templates. You can signup free and create static and dynamic infographics to skyrocket your business.

How to learn the skills of creating the best infographics?

As you learned from this blog post, you do not need any designing or coding expertise to create fantastic infographics. So, you just sign up free for Visme infographic software and get started with it. Brush up the infographic basics by studying from Visme’s free online courses, tutorials, and seminars. You can also attend Visme infographic workshops or a free Infographic Certification Course by Visme

How to build viral infographics?

Creating an infographic that stands out from the rest always starts with deep market research and data analysis. You need to identify the viral or trending topics and then collect the most relevant data and content. Once you are done with all this, choosing the best infographic template with the perfect color and theme becomes the primary task. Now you build a Sleek and beautiful design infographic that is informing, exciting and inspiring. Now such infographics get viral and drive massive traffic to your website. Not only this, you get thousands of high-quality backlinks on tons of referring domains that improve your site’s ranking on SERPs.

What are the major types of infographics?

Informational infographics, statistical infographics, list infographics, comparison infographics, hierarchical infographics, geographic infographics, and timeline infographics are some of the major categories of infographics.

How do I make an infographic template? Or how do I make an infographic for free?

Identify your target audience for that infographic. Start content research to collect relevant data. Now, sign up free to Visme infographic to get access to a hundred free infographic templates. Then download any of them as per your need. Since all the pre-build infographic template is 100% customized, you can start inserting data and visuals. On the infographic header, do mention the title and include sources and logo in the footer. Now, it’s done! You can now embed code and publish it.

What is the best software to make infographics?

Now you must be thinking about what kind of software is best for producing infographics. The answer is right here! Visme, Canva, Snappa, Adobe Spark, and Infogram are the best software to make infographics. You can click on their links and start making attractive and shareable infographics. 

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