Twitter for Marketing: Strategy to Promote Business in 2023

Twitter Marketing for 2020- Complete Guide, Best Tools, Tips
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Current Market and Trend of Twitter

Twitter is one of the most crucial and trending social media marketing platforms after Facebook, YouTube, WeChat, and Instagram. It has more than 328 monthly active users. People are using Twitter because they find it useful in many ways at various dimensions such as branding, knowledge sharing, networking, and maximizing the sales funnel. 

There have been a few changes that have happened in the last few years. So, we will guide you in detail about Twitter for marketing and the best strategy.

Twitter for Marketing Strategy and Step-by-Step Guide

Must do things while creating Twitter Account:

  1. Username of Your Twitter Account:

Your first step of Twitter Marketing. Make your user name simple because people will type and mention you in the tweet or reach your profile by clicking on @username. Your username can be your name, company, business name, or nickname. 

  1. Name:

Sometimes you don’t find @username, and you choose some other nickname or something like that. Hence here, you can specify your Name or Company Name. 

For example, Your Travelling Story uses the username @travelstory_YTSbut he clarifies in the name field that he is, indeed, Your Travelling Story

He made his Twitter profile very professional and attractive. 

Twitter Marketing for 2020- Complete Guide, Best Tools, Tips
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3. Bio Section:

While completing your profile, you will go to edit the profile section. Now, you will get 160 characters to describe yourself, your company, or your product or services. 

Give a short brief about yourself, your product, services, or whatever your Twitter marketing goal is. It will give the brief to your followers who you are and what you do, and your offerings.

Twitter Bio Section
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Twitter Bio Section
  1. Location:

It is a must to do a thing which you should not forget. When you add your location, it helps in localized SEO at a high level. It makes you more searchable for your target audience, looking for local businesses in their area.

  1. Website:

Twitter allows you to add your website in your profile section. It helps to the direct engagement of customers, and the traffic on your site increases. So, don’t forget to add a link to your website in the profile section. 

  1. Profile Picture:

Twitter profile picture displays at 200×200 pixels. The site recommendation is to make a 400×400 image. It will not diminish the quality of the image while opening on the desktop. Twitter will automatically crop and make it circular. Also, file sizes are limited to 100 KB.

Also, the profile picture should be your photo or the logo of your company. It will help you in building your brand. Please don’t change it. Make it consistent. It will increase the recall value in your audience or customers.

So, keep these things in mind while selecting a photo for your Twitter Account Profile.

Twitter Profile Pictures
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Twitter Profile Pictures
  1. Header Image:

The header image of your Twitter account should convey the message of yours or your business. The image size should be 1500×500 pixels, and the file size must not exceed more than 10MB. The beauty is, you can crop the image while posting.

Twitter 1500*500 Pixel Header Image for Twitter Profile
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1500×500 Pixel Header Image for Twitter Profile

The overall details in one Twitter profile can be seen here;

Most Prominent and Ideal Twitter Profile
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Most Prominent and Ideal Twitter Profile

If you look and observe the details of this Twitter profile, then you will see, it is nicely structured and consist of Username of Your Twitter Account, Name, Bio Section, Location, Website, Profile Picture and the Header Image.

The Best ways of Interacting and Engaging on Twitter to get massive followers and build a brand with no Investment:

After 2017, Twitter increased and doubled the word limit of a tweet. Earlier it was 140, not it became 280. Now, videos are the best content for social media, and it applies to Twitter as well. As per the stats of Twitter, video views grew 220 times from 2016 to 2019, and 93% of views are happening on mobile devices.

But still, Twitter is known for its short and brief messages and abbreviations. Most essential and commonly used abbreviations are;

Hashtags #:

Hashtags are clickable links. It can be branded or your creatives. These are the signs which are great for the engagements. 


Carbon Copy (CC) is for user engagement and let the person know that you are talking about him. You can put the relevant follower, brand, or person by an @username (or several). It’s used to tag people in a tweet and ensure it shows up on their timeline.

Direct Messages DM:

Most product or service companies do this for customer service. It is a personal chat between two Twitter users. Like when a customer has an issue, ask them to DM their personal information to not compromise their account.

Hat Tip HT:

It is to greet and give respect, to someone for the content you tweet. You can use it to ensure the originator of a link, quote, pic, or other content gets recognized for their effort.

ReTweet RT:

If you find someone else’s post relevant or attractive, you can click the RT button to retweet it to your followers. You can add your own tweet to the original one while retweeting.


A subtweet is a subliminal mention of someone without actually mentioning his or her name. While it looks cryptic to the passive observer, a subtweet is often evident to the person it’s about.

Tweep and Twitterati:

tweep is any Twitter user whose account is existing on Twitter. And the Twitterati are the users who have more than 100k followers on their Twitter account.

Set Goals Before Strategy:

According to Sprout Social, 41% of companies are not confirmed in bringing results that they have put into social media. And as per the analysis and survey of HubSpot data, the biggest challenge of marketing for 65% of businesses are generating traffic and leads. The reason is simple, before making a strategy and allocating a massive budget on marketing, they are not clear with their goals. 

So, what you want to achieve from your Twitter account and marketing should be more defined.

  • Getting more traffics
  • Generating leads
  • Providing Faster Customer Service
  • Build more followers and getting likes and comments
  • Networking and Public Relations
  • Brand Awareness

Gain Only Relevant and Active Followers:

The number of followers doesn’t define your success rate—your followers’ relevancy in terms of their activeness on Twitter.

Use Twitter chats for user engagement, and keep listing those retweeting people, replying to your tweets.

While forget to reply to people in Twitter Chats with @theirname, they can see that you are talking about them. You can use tools such as Buzzsumo to know and make a listing of influencers to your industry.

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You can make attractive graphics and creatives to get a competitive edge on Twitter using the tools Canva

According to the research of Sprout Social, a response in Twitter chats and offers is the best prompt action for the customers, which excites them.  

Twitter Brand Engagement Marketing
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Consistency and schedule is the most crucial Tweeting Strategy:

The most important of any social media marketing is creating and scheduling a strategy for your posts. So, make your content, social media calendar is ready. Posting one content is one of the biggest mistakes which many brands make. 

Twitter Engagement benefits in schedule posting
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Twitter Engagement benefits in schedule posting

When posting one content on your Twitter account in a day is not good, that doesn’t mean you need to put extra effort, money, and time into creating more content. You can repost your content, which you have already posted a month or a few months back; It will bring a considerable result and vast engagement. 

Reposting is very important for two reasons.

  • It increases your reach to your followers.
  • It can space out tweets, so you are flowing at a constant rate in people’s timelines.

Hence, design your social media content calendar to be consistent and a standard schedule of reposting.

You can use different tools. As per Tweriod, the best feasible time to post your content on the Twitter account is;

Twitter Best Time to Tweet
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                        Twitter Best Time to Tweet


How to Promote Tweets and Its Importance:

To promote your tweets to establish brand and services, you can use three types of Twitter Ads;


Promoted Tweets: 

It is regular tweets that reach those audiences to whom you don’t know, and they are not your followers. These kinds of tweets will show in search results and in the user’s timeline to whom you target. For example, the giant media publication companies like Forbes, Bloomberg, and LiveMint do. 


Twitter Marketing for 2020- Complete Guide, Best Tools, Tips
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                              Promoted Tweets

Promoted Accounts:

It is used to increase the number of followers on your Twitter account. Your promoted Twitter account will show up in targeted users’ timelines, search results, and suggestions, where they see, know, and follow your brand. For example, big brands and market players do increase brand awareness and get a vast base.

Twitter Marketing for 2020- Complete Guide, Best Tools, Tips
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Twitter Promoted Accounts

Promoted Trends:

With the help of promoted trends, you can encourage your creative hashtags # and trending topics will appear on the discover tab, Twitter app.

Twitter Marketing for 2020- Complete Guide, Best Tools, Tips
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Promoted Trend #


Twitter Marketing for 2020- Complete Guide, Best Tools, Tips
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Twitter promoted Trends #

Types of Twitter Ad Campaigns:

As per your business’s demand, you can choose different types of Ads and allocate the budget accordingly. It will help you in sorting irrelevant and optimize your budget.

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Types of Ad are;


 Set a campaign where you will be charged while Promoting your account when the user will follow you.

2. Awareness:

If you are a content or publication company or public figure, choose “awareness” to Promote tweets to a broad audience. Here, you will pay for the impressions your post gets.

3. Video views: 

If your content is in the form of videos, then Promote a video. You will pay for the number of users who view it.

4. Website Clicks/Conversions: 

If your goal is to get more clicks and conversions on websites or posts, then promote tweets to people you want to visit your site. Here, you will Pay Per Click(PPC), but you can track conversions.

  1. Re-engagements/App Installs:

Promote tweets to users who haven’t used your app in a while or to users who haven’t downloaded your app in the first place.

  1. Lead generation:

If your business is selling a product or services and needs a database for the prospecting customers, you can promote sales and promote tweets that will help you lead generation cards to gather leads.

Author’s Closing Keynote on Twitter for Marketing Strategy:

Make your Twitter Account effective and professional, which should consist of Username of Your Twitter Account, Name, Bio Section, Location, Website, Profile Picture, and Header Image.

To get effective and efficient results, use these symbols #, CC, DM, HT, RT, SubTweet, Tweep, and Twitterati to engage and interact more with your audience or customers.

You should not be in doubt that Twitter is one of the best weapons of marketing or not. Because there is a simple and straight answer to “Yes.” All you need to do is, handle your Twitter account in the right ways. If you will be consistent and do the proper practices, then the results are impressive and massive. I had worked on it to avoid silly blunders and to get tremendous ROI.

So, finalize your goals and strategies and ask yourself why you want to use Twitter as a marketing tool. Your answer to this question and goals will drive you to track all your results in your Twitter campaigns.

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Use Twitter chats and make engaging conversations and promote your tweets, industry-related trend, and account.

Run a Twitter ad that is required for your business needs and wants. Also, for greater engagement, one must devote some time to the video content.

Time is another essential factor in getting results. So, to automate your efforts to use Twitter tools. It will save your time, energy, and obviously money. 

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