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Every Website/Blogger is successful if there’s traffic on their web channels- may it be a website, YouTube Channel or others. But, here’s the irony: How can life be so easy? You need to search, use tools for quick analysis and then you would fly towards high traffic. I’ve heard of 1,00,000 Page Views in a single day vs 100 page views each day. 

So, where do they lack? 


Yes, it’s Tools. 

You need to find the best SEO Tool that works best for you!!

Here’s a direct “Funda” of Traffic i.e. Organic Search. You can bring Traffic from Social Media Marketing, Referral Marketing, Influencer Marketing and SEO. For a long term gain, it’s Organic Search that will result the best.  

There are so many SEO tools that can help you for free ongoing organic search traffic but it takes time to extract crude from the earth. Thankfully, to save your time, Here’s a list of best SEO tools for backlinks, keyword analysis, and domain authority checker that should not be missed.

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1. Semrush: SEO TOOLKIT

Semrush is a powerpack of SEO. It has a special SEO Toolkit that works by showing you your competitor’s top keywords and backlinks that help you compete with them. I have also provided a Complete Guide on Semrush that will help you use the best of it’s features. You can use Free Google Chrome Extension to Open Semrush in Google

Semrush Best SEO Tools for Backlinks, Keyword Analysis, DA Checker
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Key Features:

Keyword Research: In Semrush, keyword research can be done by 2 ways: Finding keywords using a Seed Keyword and Finding Keywords driving traffic to your competitors. The best feature is you just need to pop Competitor’s URL into Semrush and you see each keyword they are ranking. It helps you analyse and create the perfect keyword that would boost your ranking. In keyword research, you get the CPC of each keyword, Keyword Difficulty tells you insights for the difficulty level graph, and Organic Traffic Insights for the monthly search volume. “Keyword Magic Tool” is a combination of all. Explore the keyword with Exact Match, Broad match, Phrase match to find the keywords and most asked questions (helps you in FAQ schema) as well. 

Semrush Free Trial
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Competitive Research: This Semrush’s Competitive Research feature helps you get 360degree of your competitors: Authority Score, Traffic Trends (Organic Search Traffic, Paid Search Traffic), Backlinks, Display advertising, Organic Keywords, Organic and Paid Competitors, Backlinks with the type (Do-Follow and No-Follow). Semrush has an exciting feature where you can compare your site with other top competitors side by side. It gives you the difference and clear picture of your competitive strategies. With this Semrush Domain vs Domain comparison tool, you can see common keywords, ranking for both organic and paid searches. With the data analysis, you can optimize your campaigns. You can exactly know where you lack in whether in content or ad strategy. 



Link Building: It has a bulk linking tool that analyzes all the links that they are ranking for. It includes Backlink audit and backlink analysis (that bring monthly volume in terms of organic ranking). It takes a lot of time to analyze the website that you have to create a backlink with. So, Semrush helps you provide the website links that are required to try building a link so as to rival competitors. To know more, you can read the Complete Guide on Semrush.

Technical and On Page SEO: You should definitely use this feature for the important pages (that may generate revenue or the high CPC Pages). Based on the analysis of the landing page, it tells you ideas and even links you should generate from the rivals so as to compete them at their positions.

It gives you ideas about future under the optimization ideas tab:

  1. Strategy
  2. SERP Features 
  3. Content 
  4. Semantic (Enrich your page content)-what keywords you should include in your blog
  5. Backlinks (Based on your top 10 ranking rivals data) to earn links from their sources.
  6. Technical Issues
  7. User Experience



Semrush is a one-time investment (one-year plan) rather than an expense. It will help you get best results ultimately helping you generate revenue. 

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2. Ahrefs:

Ahrefs is one of the most preferable and outstanding tools for bloggers, YouTubers, startups, and businesses. Ahrefs SEO software suite contains tools for link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking, and site audits. It is the best tool for backlinks techniques where you can find the perfect ways of building links for your site. 

Ahrefs Best SEO Tools for Backlinks, Keyword Analysis, DA Checker
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Key Features:

Ahrefs features
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Backlink analysis is Ahrefs most powerful feature used by marketing experts. You just need to enter a Domain into the Site Explorer and you will be welcomed with a dashboard of the site’s backlinks (Filter Do-Follow Links). In this, you can also use a link profile for the type of link that has been used. The best by links section are the pages on a site that have the most backlinks which is the best feature in the entire Ahrefs’ toolkit.

Keyword Explorer:

Here, you will get information about keyword difficulty, search volume, keyword competition and Return rate.

Organic Keywords and Organic Search Traffic:

This feature figures out all of the keywords for a domain rank and how much search engine traffic that site is getting right now. In comparison, Semrush provides better results. 



Site Audit:

This feature is basically a web-based version of Screaming Frog. It provides information for overall audit in terms of on-page SEO, No Index Follow tag, redirects, Pages with issues that have to be fixed.

Domain Comparison:

Here, you can compare 2-5 sites head to head.  It’s a great way to see how  your site compares to the competition.



Ahrefs pricing
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Click here, to Grab 7 Day Trial of Ahref

3. Serpstat:

Serpstat is a keyword and ranking research tool used for in-depth competitor analysis and building advertising campaigns. It will help you improve your website’s overall SEO performance online. It provides various metrics and reports for keyword and domain research. It is also one of the Best SEO Tool for Keyword Analysis, Backlinks & DA Checker

Serpstat Best SEO Tools for Backlinks, Keyword Analysis, DA Checker
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Features and Exposure through SERPStat:

Keyword Research:

It supplements your site’s content and ads with top-performing keywords and expands your online presence. It gives you the analysis of well-researched keywords to improve your SEO and PPC campaigns. Serpstat gives you access to analyze the list of proven and profitable keywords with the top competitive analysis. Along with the keyword research analysis, it evaluates your keywords on search volume, CPC, competition level, or the monthly number of search results. It also gives you the suggested keyword ideas that create a significant impact on creating high-quality, relevant content. With the use of appropriate keywords, it helps you in pumping your domain and site’s particular pages to the top positions in search. 

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Search Analytics:

In the search analytics of Serpstat, you can find out your direct organic competitors, research the visibility of your and your rival’s domain, discover your competitors’ keyword rankings, track position changes of domains, and universal search results. Also, you can get the statistics for the top pages. 

Content Marketing Ideation:

It helps you to discover and create unique content that is the most suitable in your niche. Serpstat has the feature to search suggestions specific to your set of audiences for content creation where you can use the related keywords database. 

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It also helps you to track your content’s number of shares on Facebook to understand how accessible your content is. You can further analyze potential traffic on every webpage.

Competitor Research with Serpstat:

For strategic decision making, creating targeted digital marketing objectives and plans, tailoring your services and products to position your business against the competition, competitor analysis is critically important.  Serpstat automatically identifies your top competitors. When you enter your domain, you get a full list of your most relevant competitors.



You can also do competitor analysis with Domain vs Domain Comparison Tool.

You can identify the most common and unique keywords on your and your competitors’ domains. And for each common keyword, you can make the comparison of a domain’s position in organic and paid search results. Serpstat gives you access to batch analysis of up to 200 domains. You have access to research keywords and compare the rankings of multiple domains.

Rank Tracking with Serpstat: Monitor your and your competitors’ webpage rankings daily.

Serpstat allows you to complete research with advanced analytics where you can get all the top results for the keywords you’ve selected. You can analyze global city-based tracking and find out exactly how your keywords are ranking. Furthermore, you can track competition dynamics for groups of phrases – instead of individual keywords. You only need to define the category of competitors, for example, clothes, and shoes, or phones and laptops. One of the best things in Serpstat is unlimited users at no additional cost. You can share your project with team members, clients, or anyone with their login for reporting.

On-Page Website Audit with Serpstat:

You can discover gaps in a domain’s optimization, find and fix on-site and off-site issues and improve a domain’s crawl rate.

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Various types of troubleshoots and issues you can identify with Serpstat. Here is the list:

  •  The content of Meta Tags’  
  • Length in title and description
  • Presence of <h1>…<h6> headings
  • Duplicate content
  • Verification of links 
  • Verification interlinking 
  • Robots.txt settings
  • Access missing pages
  • You can create and correct the sitemap.
  • Images issues.
  • You can find hidden content and frames.

You can get a detailed backlink analysis report with Serpstat. You can also get the anchors list along with referring domains and pages. You can monitor your competitors’ backlink strategies and then replicate the same.  With Serpstat, you can analyze how your competitors work with links, pinpoint the times of change in backlinks number. Serpstat Trust Rank and Serpstat Page Rank will show you what domains will serve as a source of quality backlinks. 


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Click here, to Grab Free Trial of SERPstat

4. MOZ:

Moz Pro is a popular “All-In-One SEO software” suite that contains tools designed to improve search engine visibility. 

moz dashboard - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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Key features include Link Explorer, Keyword Explorer and Rank Tracker.

Site Audits:

We crawl your site on demand, uncover technical SEO issues, and recommend improvements and fixes. Crawl and audit your sites Manage your site’s health: Find and fix problems. You can find and fix all the technical SEO issues which affect your site’s performance severely. With Moz, you can closely monitor and fix the site’s issues like broken redirects, missing title tags, and many more. 


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Rank Tracking:

Moz keeps track of your site’s performance on more than 170+ search engines.

The Moz link index is second to none. See metrics to any site in seconds, including anchor text and Domain Authority.

Keyword Research:

Like other famous tools, in Moz, you can search thousands of keywords and select the best one based on keyword difficulty scores, competitor research, and SERP analysis.

On-Page Optimization:

It Improves your customer experience and boosts rankings and optimize your content. Moz gives you access to track your rankings across multiple search engines such as Google US and International, Google Mobile, Yahoo, and Bing.

Moz has 24*7 online support system. Moz Q&A Forum, with its most unique features, offers access to the ecosystem of Moz Associates and SEO experts from all over the world.

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Pricing (Free Tool, Moz Local, Moz Pro)

Moz Best SEO Tools for Backlinks, Keyword Analysis, DA Checker
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Moz Pricing
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Moz Pricing
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5. Ubersuggest:

Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool (now updated to Paid tool) that specializes in generating new keyword ideas. 

UberSuggest Best SEO Tools for Backlinks, Keyword Analysis, DA Checker
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Key Features:

Keyword Ideas and Overview:

Keyword Ideas is the main feature of Ubersuggest where it tends to provide long-tail versions of the keyword term. You get the key data in each keyword, including monthly search volume, average CPC, PPC competition, and SEO competition. The cool feature is that you can generate different types of keywords: Related, Question format, Prepositions, Comparisons. It provides great suggestions to cover a topic but not preferred if you are looking forward to new keywords or content ideas as the keywords mentioned are based on the seed keyword.  Ubersuggest provides you a Keyword Overview report providing overall trends (search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, CPC), average Backlinks, and Domain Score.



Traffic Analyzer overview:

Here you get a competitor’s SEO efforts in terms of organic keywords, organic monthly traffic, domain score, backlinks, and SEO keywords ranking. While you are planning for a bunch of keywords and content ideas and for an SEO Campaign, you can prepare another list of keywords using this feature. 

Site Audit:

It is an SEO analyzer feature that runs an SEO audit of the website giving you recommendations on how to improve. It provides insights for On-Page SEO score, Organic Monthly Traffic, Organic Keywords, and Backlinks. Not only this, but it also lets you know the errors and warnings that you have to fix like Critical Errors, Health Check, Warnings (H1 Tag, Meta Title- Description, Duplicate Content, 404 status code, site speed, Top SEO Issues).

Here, you can see a site’s Domain Score, total backlinks, and referring domains. It also shows you a site’s estimated Organic Monthly Traffic. I personally don’t prefer this feature for my Backlink analysis as it wasn’t working for me. It provides a Backlink List pointing to a website with each link broken into Domain Score, Link Type, Anchor Text. This tool also comes with helpful filters to find for Do-Follow and No-follow Links.

The best part in ubersuggest is you can download each report in excel/pdf format that is easy to update your sheet separately collecting content ideas. 


UberSuggest Best SEO Tools for Backlinks, Keyword Analysis, DA Checker
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Click here, Grab a 7 Day Free Trial of UberSuggest

6. Screaming Frog:

Screaming Frog is a powerful piece of desktop software that helps you with a whole range of SEO activities. To begin your audit, Crawl your website with Screaming Frog and clean your untidy URL structure. I also suggest you generate a content  list with this software. The free version will crawl up to 500 links on a site, so as long as your site is small, you’ll be fine. Otherwise, you’ll want the premium version, which is worth the investment for any serious marketer.

Screaming Frog Best SEO Tools for Backlinks, Keyword Analysis, DA Checker
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Key features: 

Screaming Frog Features
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Basic Crawling:

Like others, Screaming Frog crawls through your whole site. It creates a list of all internal pages of your website. It allows you to crawl even a single subdirectory. For better page and content analysis, if you want to list all of the pages on the site, Screaming Frog has the feature to see your top pages or the interpretation of any web page of your website. Also, you can list all of the pages in a specific subdirectory. If you want to find all the subdomains on a site and verify internal links, it is also possible with the SEO tools of Screaming Frog.

As a marketer or blogger, you want all the information related to anchor text, directives, links per page, and the like. Screaming Frog allows you to explore all such knowledge of the internal and external links on your site. You can identify broken internal links on a page or site, broken outbound links, and all the outbound links on your website. You can also find the redirected links and make an opportunity for internal linking.



Explore your Technical SEO Site Content:

It helps you in identifying pages with thin content, image links on a particular page and missing alt text or images that have lengthy alt text. 

You can even find every CSS file on my site, JavaScript file. Screaming Frog also helps you in identifying all of the Query plugins used on the website and what pages they are being used on.

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Other SEO aspects, such as Meta Data and Directives:

Like UberSuggest, it helps you to identify lengthy page titles, meta descriptions, or URLs. Screaming Frog also helps you in finding duplicate page titles, meta descriptions, or URLs. As per your need, you can identify duplicate content or URLs that need to redirect, rewritten or canonicalized. 

Screaming Frog gives you access to identifying all of the pages that include no follow/no index or canonical etc. Moreover, you can verify Schema markup or other microdata. You can also create an XML Sitemap and check your existing XML sitemap. Screaming Frog has the feature to identify the general troubleshooting where you can locate individual sections of your site and know why it is not being indexed or not ranking.  Apart from all this, you can find slow-loading pages on your site, malware, or spam.

Keyword Research:

You can know which pages your competitors value most and based on that you can create your useful editorial calendar. You can also analyze thoroughly what anchor text your competitors are using for internal linking.

You can analyze a list of prospective links and can find broken links for outreach opportunities. You can verify your backlinks and view the anchor text.


Screaming Frog Pricing
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7. Cognitive SEO:

This is another professional backlink analysis tool for SEO. “You can use its unnatural link detection tool for identification of bad backlinks on your website – unnatural or suspected”. CognitiveSEO has helped out many SEO experts from avoiding or recovering from Google’s Penguin update and other penalty-worthy objects on their website.

cognitive SEO Best SEO Tools for Backlinks, Keyword Analysis, DA Checker
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Key Features:

Cognitiveseo features min - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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Site Audit:

CognitiveSEO is a site audit tool that crawls the whole website and finds SEO issues. It helps you in identifying issues such as broken links, duplicate content, sluggish response time, incorrect canonical tags, architecture issues, international SEO issues, problems with image attributes, malware threats, unsecured content, sitemap problems, anchor text issues.

SEO Campaign Setup:

CognitiveSEO gives you the access to closely monitor the campaigns to check for errors on your on-page SEO quickly, track your backlinks, follow your competitor’s backlinks, keyword research and track your keyword rankings.

Cognitive SEO’s Inbound link analysis is one of my favorite tools to use. It monitors the site’s current, new, and lost backlinks performance. Inbound link analysis allows you to track your competitor’s links where you can get a competitive edge and steal their backlinks. CognitiveSEO uses different metrics to identify if a website has No, Low, Good, Average, or High influence. People use it very frequently when they do link building. 


The cognitive SEO tool has plans. One is a starter plan, and the other is the Business Plan. 

Cognitive SEO pricing
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Click here, to Grab a 7-Day Free Trial of CognitiveSEO

Key Takeaway:

Cognitive SEO is a fantastic tool that saves a tremendous amount of money and time for marketers, enterprises and bloggers. It helps to bring visibility in terms of ranking, traffic and maximizing your ROI for your business. In my professional surroundings, many of them are using Cognitive SEO for more than two years. And I must say you will have a great experience with such a fantastic SEO tool.

8. Google Keyword Planner:

Google Keyword Planner is a 100% free tool for keyword research, Competition analysis, Content ideas along with Avg monthly searches and CPC .

Google Keyword Planner gets started with two significant features: 

Google Keyword Planner
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If your objective is to search SEO focused keywords for your blog posts, both features of GKP are sufficient to produce thousands of relevant keywords.

Google Keyword Planner
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1. Discover New Keywords

As the name suggests, the feature gives you access to find useful keywords. Just need to enter your focussed keyword as the Keyword planner is solely based on the information that you enter. So you have to think and enter into this field very strategically.

The best feature of Google Keyword Planner is, you can enter more than one keyword in the search field. You only need to put a comma after each of your keywords and press enter. 

It has four sub-features in it. 

Locations: You can filter as per your requirements, in which country (or countries) you want to market (You can select more than 1 country simultaneously to cover a single keyword)

Language: It allows you to choose the language of the keywords in which you want to see the information.

Search networks: Leave as it is and let Google perform its work. It is whether or not you want to advertise only on Google and their “search partners”. Search partner sites include other search engines and Google properties (like YouTube).

Date Range: “12 months” is okay. So, leave it as the default.

2. Get search volume and forecasts:

Let’s see the search volume and estimates for your keywords. This is for your existing blog posts. It helps you when you have a long list of keywords, and you want to check their search volume. 

This tool would not help you generate new keyword ideas.

If you have a long list of keywords, copy and paste that list into the search field, and hit “Get Started” it will tell you the forecasting with search volume, clicks, CPC, impression, costs, CTR, and average CPC.

Best SEO Tools: Keyword Analysis, Backlinks & DA Checker Infographic
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Drop comments to share your experiences that you use as a Best SEO Tool that works for you. For any queries, you can comment in the comment box or drop me a mail on [email protected]

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