Semrush Pricing, Features, and Reviews [2023 Guide]

SEMrush Reviews and Pricing: How to use SEMrush
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Semrush, Pricing, Reviews, and Features

Ultimate Businesses and Numerous Bloggers!! In the era of digitalization, there are different marketing tools that help businesses to analyze the market and competitors. Now the question is which tool to adopt!

People use 10 different marketing tools for different services i.e., Keyword Research, SEO, Backlinks, Website Audit, Competitor Analysis, and others to analyze the trends and get insights into what has to be done for their business to generate traffic and get a higher rank on Google. They spend huge money and time using different marketing tools. They burn their pockets but still find it difficult to get higher ranking and traffic.


In the world of SEO and digital marketing, Semrush is one of the “most prominent tools available with a well-rounded set of features for all your marketing needs”. It has powerful keyword research and keyword suggestion tools, in-depth domain analytics with versatile (and real-time) reporting, and a very useful backlinks analytics feature, among others. Today, we will study everything about Semrush including Features and tools. This article is a complete guide on “Semrush Pricing & Reviews: How to use Semrush”.

No matter if you are a beginner or an SEO Expert, Semrush has the most comfortable user-friendly dashboard, which allows you to perform every aspect from keyword research to competitor research and backlink analysis. This manual will walk you through how to use the tool properly with live examples of how these features work. 

The Powerful Ecosystem of Semrush

Why Semrush is the Best SEO, PPC, SMM, and Content Marketing Tool for Content Marketers, SEO Experts, Bloggers, Startups, and Big Enterprises?

Using Semrush is the preferable choice for any business. It gives you a 360-degree view of the overall marketing workflow.

1. Semrush to Study AD copies of Your Competitors:

With Semrush, you can view the ads of your competitors and analyze what Call To Action (CTA) they are using and what are their ways of offering the deals that prompt their audience. 

With all this detailed information, you can create ads for your website pay-per-click campaigns. 

Semrush plays a vital role. The best way to make money online is by displaying advertisements on your blog and looking for other advertising opportunities. Semrush minimizes mistakes, and optimizes the time and return on Investment (ROI).

2. Semrush for Product Listing Ads:

Semrush has a particular feature to see and analyze what products your competitors are selling the best. Which PLA’s are performing better than yours? It allows you to adjust your campaigns to make you more competitive and more successful. I personally like this feature. You can also try, 14 days Free Trial of Semrush Pro to use this feature.

3. Semrush to Find Better, Suitable, and Searchable Long Tail Keywords:

Choosing the right keywords is the 1st step of SEO. Most people do not research the keywords and simply put, what they feel like.

But, it sucks. It is not going to work anymore. Semrush gives you the complete analysis of keywords based on their Cost Per Click (CPC), Search Volume, Competition, and difficulty.

You should always prefer long-tail keywords over short-tail keywords. Using short-tail keywords is a very competitive niche, takes months or sometimes years to rank, such as “Marketing Ideas, Business Ideas, Coffee, Tea, or anything related to your industry.

Just write your focus keyword and search on Semrush Dashboard, it will give you the long-tail keywords which have less competition, high search volume, and are easy to rank on Google. Semrush provides highly accurate, abundant, and relevant keyword data. Because it tracks over 100 million keywords by volume in several different databases for both local and international versions of Google and Bing.

4. Semrush for Content Ideas and Suggestions: 

Sometimes there is a “Content Gap” on your website during blog posts. What do I mean is; Suppose you wrote a blog post on “How to become Rich” and it drives a lot of traffic on your website. 

Semrush will suggest you create content with these keywords since you are already ranking with the keywords “How to become rich. So, you can write more on blogs such as “How to become rich on Social Media” or “How to become rich on the Internet”. It will help you to drive higher traffic and give organic growth to your site.  

5. Semrush for Keyword Research for Organic and Paid Search:

Semrush gives you the idea of Keyword research for building Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns or increasing organic traffic. This also helps to give you the chance to rank higher in Google Search Engine and Ultimately help you earn more revenue in Google AdSense.

6. Semrush Domain vs Domain Comparison

Semrush has an exciting feature where you can compare your site with other top competitors side by side. It gives you the difference and a clear picture of your competitive strategies. With this Semrush Domain vs Domain comparison tool, you can see common keywords, and ranking for both organic and paid searches. With data analysis, you can optimize your campaigns. You can exactly know where you lack whether in content or ad strategy. 

7. Semrush Keeping Track of Rankings

Semrush tracks past and current rankings of your site and blog posts. Semrush also helps in retaining your audience and getting new traffic. Grab a 14 days Free Trial Coupon for Semrush PRO to use this feature.

8. Semrush Effective Guest Blogging Strategy

The hardest part about SEO is building links. No matter, if you are done with On-Page SEO, you won’t rank well if you don’t build links.

Today with a lot of Google algorithm Panda updates, bookmarking and free posting doesn’t work at all. So, stop wasting your time by making tons of backlinks and spamming.

Nowadays, guest posting is the best link-building and content marketing strategy on high Authority backlinks that too for free. But, how will you identify, which site is the most suitable for guest posting and creating backlinks?

Well, Semrush allows you to research your individual blog posts and websites, where you can try guest blogging. It will tell you the domain authority and traffic of guest posting sites. 

9. Semrush Handle Panda Updates Better

Google is reported to change its search algorithm around 500 to 600 times each year. Many websites are hit very severely by Google updates like Panda and Penguin. 

Here, Semrush helps in your site ranking, and traffic and protects you from the penalty of Google. It handles site audits on websites and identifies things that could get you to hit hard by Panda.

NOTE*: Semrush made its start into the space with the popular free Firefox and Chrome extension called SEOquake. SEOquake works directly in the SERPs and is powered by Semrush’s keyword and metrics database. Also adding the extension for quick analysis would add a fast pace to your research with Semrush.

Now that Semrush is an inclusive suite for your marketing overflow, we will study each feature step-by-step. 

How to Use Semrush- Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial Guide

In this guide “Semrush pricing and reviews and how to use Semrush”, We will explore the fundamentals of Semrush. A comprehensive SEO tool, providing several features irrespective of the SEO level you belong to. In this Semrush Tutorial, there’s an in-depth analysis of what Semrush offers and how to effectively use this tool for your utmost benefit.

Website Audit with Semrush Software and Tools

You should first understand the overall Site Audit.  Semrush Site Audit is a powerful instrument for checking your website’s health. It provides insights about 

  • Crawlability and Site Structure (Robots.txt, URL structure, Links & Redirects, Sitemap)
  • On Page SEO (Content, Title Tag, H1, Meta Descriptions, Images)
  • Technical SEO (Page Speed, Old Technology)
  • HTTPS implementation
  • International SEO

How to Audit Your Site with Semrush?

  1. Open
  2. Within Upper left Corner, Open SEO Toolkit
SEMRUSH Website Audit, SEO audit, PPC and Content audit
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Open Site Audit beneath On Page & Tech SEO Section

SEMRUSH Website Audit, SEO audit, PPC and Content audit
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  1. Enter your website URL and hence, analyse your website with the details and improve upon it. 

Keyword Research with Semrush

Proper Keyword research helps you to:

  • Understand and reach your audience 
  • Find new relevant topics to cover
  • Get qualified leads 
  • Increase sales
  • Improve ad campaigns, get clicks and impressions 
  • Build awareness of your brand

Semrush DASHBOARD INCLUDES Keyword Research under SEO Toolkit and Topic Research under Content Marketing Toolkit to complete overall Research on keywords

Keyword Research with SEMRUSH
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SEMRUSH content marketing tool and platform
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Keyword Research works in 3 ways

  1. For your site itself 
  2. Through the Keyword Overview for a specific keyword which also links you to the related keywords
  3.  Through the Keyword Magic Tool 

Keyword Overview

keyword research overview - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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  1. Enter your focus keyword 
  2. Quickly Analyse Volume (Country wise), CPC, Keyword Difficulty, Competition, Keyword Variations, top ranking pages, ad copies and Most Asked Questions (would help you for FAQ Schemas to generate Questions)

Keyword Magic Tool: Build a Keyword Master List

PS: It is a powerful tool for in-depth keyword analysis and for building terrific master lists. Explore your niche and find semantically related long-tails broken down into topic-specific subgroups.

You should start with a single seed keyword

Continue Reading Below
Keyword Magic Tool: Build a keyword Master List
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Explore the suggested related keywords to find long-tail niches and ideas for your PPC ad groups. You can Sort groups by volume (high to low) or by the number of keywords. You can exclude groups that you don’t need with an eye icon. Try Semrush Pro for 14 Days or Semrush Guru free for 7 days Now Bear in mind that all advanced filters you have applied will also apply to the list of topics.

Note**: Pay attention to the Match Modifiers– allowing you to broaden or narrow down the keyword selection. Make use of the Questions Filter; this feature sort question-based keywords. These keywords drive loads of quality traffic and often trigger featured snippets (help you bring on the top of SERP). Use flexible Advanced filters to further specify the scope of your key phrases with the range of word counts, search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, competitive density, and the number of results in SERP.

Semrush’s SEO content template enables you to enter your focus keyword and then lets you analyze the ranking search results to pull out insights such as related keywords to use on the page, backlinks to try to earn links from, recommend text length, and even specific SEO recommendations for on-page targeting. I provide the list of top 10 search results based on your topic to suggest you make a meta for your keyword. You can also check your content from the “Real-Time Content Check” tab.

SEO content ideas and recommendation with SEMRUSH tool
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On-Page SEO Checker with Semrush

You should definitely use this feature for the important pages (that may generate revenue or the high CPC Pages). This feature comes under the “On-Page and Tech SEO Section”. Based on the analysis of the landing page, it tells you ideas and even links you should generate from the rivals so as to compete with them at their positions.

It gives you ideas about the future under the optimization ideas tab:

  • Strategy
  • SERP Features 
  • Content 
  • Semantic (Enrich your page content)-what keywords you should include in your blog
  • Backlinks (Based on your top 10 ranking rivals’ data) to earn links from their sources.
  • Technical Issues
  • User Experience

Semrush is a one-time go investment (one-year plan) rather than an expense. It will help you get the best results ultimately helping you generate revenue. 

Semrush Pricing
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Closing Keynote on Semrush Reviews and Pricing

This article ” Semrush Pricing & Reviews: How to Use Semrush ” is a 360-degree overview of a digital marketing tool called Semrush. Having ultimate features in comparison with other marketing tools. We have studied a step by step process on making Analysis on Keyword research, competition research, backlinks, and others to rank higher overtaking the existing competitors

Why should you only Invest in Semrush, not in other 10+ SEO Tools?

  • You will get access to all the data and features from Semrush pro account.
  • It allows 30,000 results per report
  • It has 5,000 reports per day
  • There are three simultaneous sessions
  • You can access to display advertising research as per your competitors.
  • You can Track 500 keywords
  • You can download the PDF of the website audit reports.
  • It gives you access to historical data and opportunities to optimize pages 

Also, Semrush gives a full glimpse of your website which can help to get better ranking and traffic soon

  • Complete Analysis of Organic keywords
  • Comprehensive Analysis of Organic traffic
  • Comprehensive Analysis of Ads (if you’ve any)
  • It gives you the position tracking visibility
  • Site audit where you can check the overall site health and issues which you or your marketing team can fix.
  • Semrush gives you the better SEO ideas.
  • It provides Social media tool.
  • It monitors your brand and tells you, if someone talks about your brand, name or blog.
  • Semrush delivers Backlink audits where you can get rid of toxic or harmful links.

Semrush gives you the details of your competitors with their sources

  • Get the monthly traffic of your competitors.
  • Unique Visitors
  • Pages/Visits
  • Average Visit Duration
  • Bounce Rate
  • Semrush Traffic Rank
  • Traffic sources

Identify the serious issues which are affecting your site ranking with the Semrush site audit tool

  • Site errors
  • Warnings
  • Notices
  • Broken issues etc
  • Missing alt tags
  • Lengthy title tags
  • Broken links
  • Redirect errors
  • Blocked URLs etc

So start fixing all SEO-related technical and not technical concerns and get higher search rankings on Google. Also, with the help of Semrush, make a strategy one step ahead of your competition.

So what are you waiting for?

Try Semrush Pro free for 14 days (worth $119.95)


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