SEO Strategy and Tips for 2023: 15 Hacks to Rank on Page 1

SEO Tips to Rank Page 1 of Google 15 Steps Guide 2020 - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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15 SEO Tips to Improve Site’s Ranking, and Traffic

Step-1: Loading Page Speed

Here we discuss the top 15 SEO tips to rank on Google’s page 1. Page speed, or the loading time of your website, is very crucial for users and Google. As per the research of eConsultancy, a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of people abandon a website. In this blog, we will discuss SEO Strategy and various tips to get organic traffic and leads. 

According to the founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, in every extra second of loading, we lose 10% of customers since it frustrates and irritates the customers and their user experiences. 


Research and data analysis from Strange Loop shows, if there is a mere 1-second delay of loading page time, you can yield a whopping 7% loss in conversions.

Loading Page Speed affects ranking-The Blue Oceans Group
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Loading Page Speed affects ranking-The Blue Oceans Group.

Facts and Stats to Tweet:

  • 73% of mobile internet users experienced that they have come across a website whose loading speed is too slow.
  • 51% of mobile internet users experienced they have come across a website that crashed, froze, or received an error. 
  • 38% of mobile internet users experienced they have come across a web page that was not available. 
  • 47% of customers like and expect to load a web page in less than 2 seconds.
  • If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1-second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year.

So, Remove all those things that can slow down your website. In July 2018, Google announced, loading page space is a critical factor of Ranking

You can check the webpage loading speed and page insights with the PageSpeed Insights (Google Product) and remove the factors slowing down the speed of your web page. 

Step-2: Through Keyword Research Analysis (Target and Optimize for Right Keywords):

Keyword research for the blog title is a critical factor in getting traffic and Ranking on the 1st Page of Google. So, give at least 20-25 minutes on keyword analysis, competition analysis, and search traffic. 

For keyword analysis, you can use tools such as Google Keyword Planner (Which gives you an idea for the keywords based on monthly searches where the data you get from it comes straight from Google), Ahrefs ( Gives SUPER in-depth information on each keyword, i.e., how many searchers click on a result), Semrush (Gives a long list of keyword ideas, it shows you keywords that your competition already ranks for) 

Your keyword length must not exceed more than 60 characters. 

Step-3: Using of Keywords in the Right Place:

  • In the Title Tag

Optimize your keywords well in your content. Using Keywords in Title Tag is the first step of on-page SEO and getting Ranking on the first page.

SEO Tips to Rank Page #1 of Google: 15 Steps Guide (2020) Title Tag and Meta Description
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Title Tag and Meta Description
  • Web Page URL:

Use your keywords in your web page URL to bring more credibility to users’ eyes and the search engine. 

SEO Tips to Rank Page #1 of Google: 15 Steps Guide (2020) URL
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Focus Keywords are in Webpage URL
  • In the first paragraph or first 100 words

Use your keywords in the first paragraph or in the first 100 words, where you are telling search engines and your viewers about your blog article without confusing them.

SEO Tips to Rank Page #1 of Google: 15 Steps Guide (2020) 1st Paragraph
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Focus Keywords of the title should appear in the 1st paragraph.
  • In the conclusion part

Try to use your keywords in the closing or conclusion part. 

These are the four areas where you can optimize your Keywords well. And make sure that the keyword which you are adding on these places has the exact term.

Step-4: Write Unique and Relevant Meta Description for every page and put Focus Keyword in Meta Description:

Before 2011, people used to copy and paste the Meta Description from other websites which are doing well and already ranking. 

But nowadays, Google’s crawlers are very smart, and the algorithm has wholly changed. Penguin (Google’s crawlers) world on high Artificial Intelligence (AI), and it detects merely those frauds or copy content. It doesn’t give the credibility of such material in a log run, and it won’t rank on 1st. 

Hence, you must avoid copying meta descriptions. Write a catchy, unique, and well structured Meta Description every time for every web page and optimize it by using focus keywords in the Meta Description. It must not exceed more than 160 characters.  

Now let’s move to step 5 of SEO Strategy and Tips with the best marketing practices.

Step-5: In-Depth Content Analysis with appropriate and enough  Subheadings and Bullet Points:

In the blogging industry, content is considered the essential aspects and designated as a King. If you have in-depth quality content, no SEO and marketing tools will work for the longer run. 

Therefore, while creating content, you must research it thoroughly through analysis. Content should contain in-depth meaning and add value to the readers or views. There must be one to two takeaways for your opinions, giving the feeling of delightedness and bound them to comment and share. 

To make this happen, the creation of content should also consist of 

  • Images
  • Graphs
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Poll opinions 

It will bring relevancy and value to your content, and you can have an extra competitive edge. If you have given so much effort in content, you will automatically have less bounce rate and more session duration time on your webpage. 

Step-6: Index the URL on Google Webmaster:

Once you post your blog by completing all the points mentioned above, it’s time to let Google know about your article. To crawl on Google, we need to index the URL on Google Webmaster. To get the traffic and website tracking analysis, tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console are the evergreen platforms that work as a cherry on a cake to keep you motivated and excited for the ongoing clicks. 

Index the URL on Google Webmaster
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Index the URL on Google Webmaster

It can help you track your success and overview of the performance to analyze and make goals and strategies.

Now it’s time for Marketing!!

Step-7: Linking to other relevant website based on your Niche and Content:

Use tools such as SEMRUSH, AHREFS, or UBERSUGGEST and do the competition analysis and related websites based on your niche or content. Ask them to link your website by merely writing;

How to write an email to influencers for backlinks for your blog
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How to write an email to influencers for backlinks for your blog

You can also use Buzzsumo and find the sites with higher reach and do well in that domain. Get their email ids and start shooting mail to them. Not 100% will respond, but yes, there is a probability that 30% of people will positively respond to you.

If you follow these simple steps, you can get higher traffic and visitors to your website without investing any money.

Step-8: Get more Backlinks: 

No matter how amazing your content is, or how well you optimized your content and did on-page SEO. You can not do amazing things in Ranking and traffic unless you build links.

Click to read how to build thousands of high-quality backlinks for your website.

So how can you build more links?

As I mentioned above, you can request people to link back to your website by sending out manual emails. And yes, you can get good traffic. But this is not enough. 

Step-9: of SEO Strategy and Tips:

There must be a better way.

Let me share two essential tips and ways where you can build thousands of backlinks without begging or requesting someone. 

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  • Prepare a minimum of 2 Detailed Reports with in-depth Industry Analysis:

Try to make two detailed and comprehensive Industry analysis reports every year. One report at the end or beginning of the year can be in the next 6 months. 

Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko, did a fantastic job when he and his team researched and created a report showcasing “200 Google ranking factors that affect the ranking of the website”. 

With a single post, he was able to generate more than 10,000 backlinks and went extremely popular. It also creates thousands of new leads with a tremendous increase in the organic search for Backlinko. 

The dominant face in the world of digital marketing Neil Patel made more than 90,000 backlinks with his 2 report posts. One statistic and industry research was based on a report; “17 Charts That Show Where Content Marketing Is Heading”. And second was on “New Study: What 100 Social Media Followers are really Worth”.

Neil Patel's Backlinks
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Neil Patel’s Backlinks
  • Create and Offer Free Online Video Courses:

Make amazing video content that is informing and inspiring to your viewers. Offer them free online courses like Udemy, Coursera, HubSpot academy, and other platforms do. It will help you build thousands of backlinks with a significant increase in the organic search for your web page. 

Step-10: Keep updating your old content pages:

You do not need to write 5-7 blogs in a week. Just write 1 blog in a week and keep updating your older blogs. It will save you time and boost you to create nice and in-depth content. Also, you will get enough time to promote and market. 

Step-11: Delete Zombie Pages:

Zombie pages are those pages that do not bring any traffic to your website. And when you delete those Pages, you automatically get higher rankings and more Google traffic because Google prefers one stronger page than 100 smaller pages. 

The statistics and data analysis by observed that their organic search traffic increased by 88.3% after the deletion of 40 thousand Zombie Pages from their website.

Step-12: Build Strong Social Media Channels: 

  • Create useful content that’s share-worthy across your social media platforms.
  • Add share buttons to your post and make them visible.
  • Encourage people to share by asking them to.
  • Host a social media contest to get more shares.
  • Mention and link to social media influencers/power users in your post and notify them.

Step-13: Use the Right Keywords and optimize the Images:

Images are an essential factor in SEO. There is a complete dedicated section in Google in the search results for SEO. This should tell you how concerned the search engine giant is with pictures.

When users are looking for a particular image, they go to the image search section. So, optimize the image with the correct information. 

Step-14: Keep Creating and Publishing Unique Content around your Niche on Regular Interval:

Either you are in Business to Business (B2B) or in Business to Customer (B2C), creating unique content regularly is not your choice; it is a must. 

Unique content is one factor that affects this freshness score, and, consequently, the search engine rankings for that specific page.

As per the Content Marketing Institute, they produce unique content around your niche, and engaging content is a big challenge for most marketers. Even big corporations are failing to create exclusive content consistently. 

You have to be very disciplined and consistent when it comes to Creating and Publishing Unique Content around your Niche on Regular Interval.

Challenges Faced by Marketers
Segments/Areas Percentage(%)
Producing Engaging Content 54%
Producing Content Consistently 50%
Measuring Content Effectiveness 49%
Producing a Variety of Content 42%

Step-15 (a): Fix with Your Domain Name or Website:

In the last let’s understand the importance of domain name and website.

One of the top SEO key factors is how old your web page or domain name is. It is very critical for your success. So, do not try to keep changing the domain name unless it is indispensable. So, please don’t bring it into your habit of changing your domain name regularly. (Doesn’t make sense at all). If you change a domain name, you are creating a new website with copied content as the new domain name will change all the URLs.

You can also focus on the below suggestion:

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STEP-15 (b): Optimize your blog with FAQ Schema

As per the new updations, Google tries to provide the user with the end to end answers on the search page itself via Question-Answers. The tip: even if your blog doesn’t rank higher due to high competition, try using FAQ Schema after every blog. But, keep in mind, the FAQ research analysis is equally important. 

The easiest way to use FAQ schema without using any plugin in your website is embedding code from the link: at the end of your blog in the coding version. To do this, Fill your question is the Question tab, and Answers in the Answer tab will automatically create a coding directly and then copy the code at the end of your blog. Once it’s done, index the article again in Google Webmaster, and here, you can see a surprise on Google. 

Final Thoughts on this 15 SEO Strategy and Tips:

So below are the quick highlights that you should remember;

  • Loading Page Speed:
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Optimize your content with the keyword in the Meta Title, URL, Meta Description in the first paragraph, and conclusion. 
  • Write Unique and Catchy Meta Descriptions for every page and put your blogs Focus Keyword in meta Description:
  • Install Web Analytics at the Start to track and measure the performance of your web page.
  • Linking to other relevant website based on your Niche and Content (Tools are BuzzSumo, Semrush, Ahrefs, UberSuggest)
  • Get more backlinks by preparing a minimum of 2 Detailed Reports with in-depth Industry Analysis, create and Offer Free Online Video Courses.
  • Create one great in-depth content in a week and keep updating older content. Digital Marketer influencer and Expert Neil Patel writes one piece of content in a week and updates 90 pieces of content in a month. 
  • Delete Zombie Pages
  • Build Strong Social Media Channels
  • Use the Right Keywords and optimize the Images.
  • Keep Creating and Publishing Unique Content around your Niche at Regular Interval
  • Fix with Your Domain Name or Website Optimize your blog with FAQ Schema

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