Local SEO Checklist for Business in 2023- A Complete Guide

Local SEO Checklist: Strategy for your Business [2020 Tips]
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Hope you have gone through our research on “The Ultimate SEO Checklist”, “The Role of On-Page SEO’, “Off-Page SEO Techniques” and “Technical SEO” aspects. And I am sure you have downloaded the PDFs and amazing infographics on the proven SEO factors

If not, download the PDF from here!


Now, The Blue Oceans Group will teach our valuable readers about the last but another critically important factor of SEO which is Local SEO.   

Local SEO is super important to skyrocket your business. As per the study of HubSpot and SearchEngineRoundtable, 46% of all Google searches are locally based. According to Google, the search “Near Me” is growing by 150%. Also, 74% of the customers visit the store to make a purchase that day, when they do any local search on their mobile device. Examples of these searches are “the best coffee shop”, “best salon near me”, and the like. 

But Unfortunately, 56% of total retailers have not listed themselves on Google My Business (GBM). 

Why Local SEO?

Brands use Local SEO techniques to increase local traffic, leads and conversions. People optimize their local searches with local keywords, make a presence on Google My Listing (GBM) profile, and Build Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) citations. 

Some other local SEO tips and techniques are online reviews, footfall in that local area, social media shares, and Google, Bing and Apple map rating. These local SEO  marketing ways work effectively to establish a brand that leads to high revenue. 

Name, Address, and Phone Number Citations

To establish trust in the eyes of search engines and viewers, NAP is another super important Local SEO strategy and tips. Also, you should mention the correct name, address, and phone number across all business listing websites. 

When I say, you should consistent with your NAP; I mean your information should be the same on your website, GMB profile, business directories, and local listings sites. 

Name, Address and Phone Number Citations (NAP) in Local SEO
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Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business listing is an important component of Local SEO Marketing. Many people’s NAP addresses differ from their site and what they mention on GMB. It is a red flag to Google by wrongly informing search engines.  

Therefore, you should put real-time and exact information about the NAP on your site and Google My Business listing.  Google and customers find these sites more relevant and legitimate when they mention the same information. 

Google My Business (GMB) listing is the best local SEO strategy
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Once you are done with the GMB profile, start optimizing your business with local keywords. Optimize Google My Business profile.

How to get reviews through GMB?

If you want reviews from Google for your business in a natural way, there is a simple way to get them. 

Step-1: Go to the dashboard of GMB 

Step-2: There’s a card called “get more reviews” with a secure short link. 

Step-3: Forward it to the customers. It sends them straight to your business review page!

Hence, you need not perform multiple steps to get your business’ place ID in a long URL.


What is the Role of Online Reviews to Skyrocket your Business with SEO?

As many marketers and brands are aware of the fact that market sentiments and behavior play a critical role to maximize sales. It improves traffic, leads, and click-through rate. 

And it’s a matter of fact that online reviews drive the psychology of consumers to a large extent and are responsible for their behavioral change. 

Obviously, positive reviews bring more traffic and business to your company whereas negative reviews can hurt your CTR and sales. Even keywords used in online reviews are an effective local SEO strategy. 

The brands which have more positive reviews grow organically and Google rank them higher. 

In the study of Moz, it was revealed that replying to reviews (either positive or negative) by a brand or business owner wins the trust of consumers, and thus, they visit you again and again.  In this way, any business can drive huge traffic and sales. 

Examples: Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, and Resorts

Online reviews and response is the best Local SEO tips to retain your customer and rank better
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Also, have a look at how can the reviews section be optimized to gain more trust and credibility!

Online reviews: best Local SEO strategy and tips that increase E-A-T for your brand
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Another easy way to get reviews is to create a short name after you’ve claimed your Google My Business listing. All businesses who have requested their short name in Google My Business have a shareable short URL directing customers to leave reviews. (Google)

You can send out the invites to customers with a review link, where you can get maximum reviews on your site and get engagement with your audience. (Can even create a BARCODE and paste it in your office so that your customers/clients can easily access your website without making efforts to type the URL)

But another simple and better technique that Google has made for you- all you need to do is send this: https://g.page/(yourgmbshortname)/review

Local SEO Keyword Research

i) Role of Local Voice Search

20%  of the total search on Google are voice searches. It is natural and long in nature. For example “Domino’s pizza near me that is open right now”, or “Starbucks coffee shop near me that is open right now”. So, local voice search is one of the best SEO strategies and tips to increase your brand visibility. 

Role of Local Voice Search in SEO
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Role of Local Voice Search in local SEO
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This is how it shows result…..

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Google Voice is another effective local SEO Strategy
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There is no marketing tool in the market that can help you with local SEO keyword research. But this is something which is natural and you have to keep it in mind. 

ii) Google Search Engine Result Pages

Another way of finding Local SEO keywords is going with Google suggestions. If you type any keyword on Google then it will suggest the most relevant search keywords. 

Other SEO Tools for Keyword Research

You can also use Semrush, Google Keyword Planner, UberSuggest, Serpstat, or Ahrefs. It will help you find the right Local SEO keywords and content ideas. 

Local SEO Ranking Signals and Factors:

1. Google My Business

Liaising on Google My Business is completely free and a 1-minute job. If you have not done it yet for your business, then you need to do it now. It is a very important ranking signal in local SEO.  

2. Google My Business Categories

Another great local SEO ranking signal is mentioning the GMB category. Within your GMB profile, choose the accurate and most appropriate business category. 

3. Upload Photos on your GMB Page

To increase the brand credibility and trust, upload photos of your business, employees, goods, and servos, and customers as well if they allow. Photos help brands in getting maximum engagement, and CTR, and boost local search ranking. 

Upload Photos on your GMB Page
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4. Claim on Bing Places for Business

It is another crucial local SEO strategy and tip. As a brand you must be aware of Google is not the only search engine in the world. Bing also claims around 20-33% of the total market share. You can get benefited from the competitive edge as well, as many sites are on Bing. Hence, take your business on Bing Places.

5. Claim your Business on Online Directories/Citations

Another important local SEO running signal is claiming your business on online directories. It will not only bring more relevant traffic and engagement but also boost the domain authority of your site. 

The famous listing sites for online directories are Apple Maps, Yellowpages, Foursquare, and Yahoo’s Localworks

6. Listing your Business on Review Sites

After claiming on online directories, claim your business on multiple review sites such as Yelp, Glassdoor, Angie’s List, and BBB.

As per Google, the more positive reviews you will get, the more likely you will grow organically with the improvement in business revenue and brand visibility. 

Listing your Business on Review Sites: tips for local SEO
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7. Reviews with Keywords & Location Boost Local SEO Ranking

Even the keywords in the reviews by your consumers are a crucial local SEO ranking factor. When your consumers use keywords like the name of a recipe, city, or product then it sends the signal to the search engines. It increases the credibility and trust of your local business.

Further, the number of reviews with the responses by the business owners are other boosting factors of local SEO. The response by the business owner increases the trust and retains their customers for the long run. 

In the same manner, the percentage of negative reviews with no response from the owner can hurt your ranking and affect your business badly. 

8. Get Featured on News Website

News sites help brands to get organic searches with the reach of a huge audience. That is the reason why the brands have a dedicated page of Google news feed on the first page when they get featured by Forbes, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Times of India, Entrepreneur, and the like.  

9. Social Media Engagement as a Local SEO Ranking Factor

Make an official account across all important social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest. 

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Many people are on Facebook and it has its own influence. People start sharing about your brand and its product or services. You get huge traction through Facebook. 

Social Media Engagement as a Local SEO Ranking Factors
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92% + B2B businesses are on LinkedIn. So make an official page on LinkedIn.  

Same with Instagram, Twitter, and other Social Media channels, the more you will have followers, the more you will get engagements in terms of like, comments, RT or shares, and the more your business will grow and influence. 

10. Be Consistent with NAP

Being consistent with Name, Address and Phone Number across all listing channels includes making review sites, maps, and social media are the most critical local SEO ranking signals. 

Consistent with NAP
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11. Mobile-Friendly/ Responsiveness

More than 58% of total searches on search engines are on mobile devices. When Google rolled out mobile-first indexing (i.e., Google looks at your mobile site first, not your desktop site), mobile responsiveness becomes the top priority search.

Mobile-Friendly/ Responsiveness
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12. Structure Your Business Data Markup

By using structured data markups for local SEO you can structure your business in many ways such as multiple departments, hours, addresses, menus, websites, and phone numbers.

Structured data marks will make your brand more visible and convenient for users. 

13. Optimize your Content with Local

It consists of focus keywords with On-page Location. For example, you have a coffee shop business. So, do not only optimize for best brewery coffee”. Also, optimize for the best brewery coffee in Delhi/Los Angeles (whatever the location of your business is).  

14. Use focus Keyword in Title and Meta Description

When you use your local keywords including a location in the title and meta description, the chances of ranking for these keywords are always higher. It helps search engines and users to give the correct information. 

15. Get Relevant Backlinks from Local Sites

Getting backlinks from a locally relevant site such as news sites, or microblogging sites dealing in the same industry will not only help you in ranking better but also boost the domain authority, visibility, and trust of your site.

16. Domain Authority of your Site

Domain authority is always a highly influencing ranking factor of search engines. Domain authority has a direct correlation with the number of backlinks on the number of referring domains. 

Local SEO Marketing Management Tools


SEMrush is the most popular SEO tool that helps brands, small medium, and big enterprises to do keyword research, content ideas, backlink, competitive analysis, social media marketing, and more. 

Click to read the Ultimate Semrush Guide, Pricing, and Reviews

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To sign up for this new SEMrush feature, you’ll need a SEMrush plan (which starts at $99.95/month), then add $20/month per location


BrightLocal has a strong presence in the local SEO market. More than 62,000 businesses, freelancers, and agencies are using BrightLocal to grow and run their businesses with local SEO. 

It has a keyword rank tracker, GMB and NAP audit, and alerts for new online reviews. Moreover, BrighLocal also has social analytics such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and Google Analytics dashboard integrations.

At the time of publication, prices start at $29/month for a single business.

Conclusion on Local SEO Checklist

Local SEO Google Ranking Factors - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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I hope you enjoyed the ultimate local SEO checklist with the best strategy and tips that can skyrocket your business. We have done our part with the best. 

Now it’s your turn.

Let us know by commenting, on which local SEO strategy you are following for your business. And after reading this blog, which local SEO techniques you would opt for your business? 

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