Best Infographic maker and designing tools

What is Infographic?

Before creating viral infographics from the best infographic maker and design tools let’s understand what is an infographic and how we create it? Also why infographics are one of the best forms of content marketing in 2023?

“INFOGRAPHIC,” i.e., Information+Graphic. An infographic is a visual presentation of any data in imagery, graph, or chart forms that contain minimal text and maximum information. Infographics are a prevalent form of content marketing, and brands use them to get a very high engagement, traffic, and brand recognition. Moreover, infographics are a powerful link-building strategy. Even one infographic can make your brand viral and give thousands of high-quality backlinks on tons of referring domains. 

The best infographic content marketing example is visuals made by Kissmetrics. They acquired more than 42,000 backlinks in just 54 infographics. 

Why You Should Create Infographic?

Now, what is the role and importance of infographic creation? Infographic marketing benefits are great in many ways, such as;

  1. Human brain process visuals 60,000 times faster
  2. High engagement, great session time, and less bounce rate
  3. Infographics are incredibly sharable.
  4. Brands and websites link infographics. This way, you earn thousands of high-quality backlinks through infographic marketing. 
  5. Infographics enhance SEO, the site’s organic ranking, traffic, leads, and then sales. 
  6. Infographic increases your brand visibility and recall value. 

How to Create Infographics that Go Viral and Bring Tons of Traffic? 

You can follow these fundamental steps for creating professionally designed infographics

  • Define infographic goals and objectives
  • Conduct market research, analyze data and find a well-segmented and targeted audience. 
  • Collect infographic content, and relevant data for the infographic
  • Choose the best infographic maker or infographic design tool
  • Select a custom infographic template, theme, and colors
  • Start creating layout, style, customizing infographic templates, and put data into it
  • Add a topic title at the top and logo branding and references at the bottom of your infographic template.
  • Add an embed code, and relevant social media buttons, and publish your infographic for your audience. 

This way, you can create infographics from scratch that go viral and stand out from your competitors. 

Which is the Best Infographic Maker or Infographic Design Tool for Free in 2023? 

A comprehensive list of the best infographic maker tools in 2023 are:

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1. Visme- Best Online Infographic Maker and Design Tool: 

Visme Infographic tool - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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Visme has hundreds of free editable infographic templates, thousands of infographics themes, colours, icons, and 100% fully customized images. Visme has an easy drag and drops editor that allows you to make incredible infographics without coding and designing expertise. 

Animated infographics, dynamic visual representation, heavy infographics by including animations, videos, and even your voice make your infographics better than others. 

Visme is the best infographic maker where you design and do free downloads. 

ii. Create Amazing Documents for Your Business: 

In any business, bringing a specific set of standards is to enhance the brand experience is also essential. Visme makes standard business documents such as letterheads, invoices, proposals, training documents, and more. 

iii. Create Short Video and Animations with Visme: 

With Visme, you can bring a massive boost to your brand strategy with highly engaging videos and animations. You can create, upload and promote these awesome videos and animations on your website, YouTube channel, social media platforms to deliver exact messages.

iv. Visme Create Reports, Graphs, Charts, Presentations, and Social Media Graphics: 

Visme infographic maker and design tool allow you to create powerful and highly shareable industry reports, case studies, presentation of data in the form of graphs and charts, corporate presentations, and social media graphics in just a few minutes. 


Visme Annual Pricing
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2. Canva- Top and Free Infographic Maker Online

Canva - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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i. Create an Iconic Facebook, Instagram Posts, and YouTube Thumbnails: 

Canva is one of the best infographic maker tools for free where you can create highly engaging social media posts for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. It has hundreds of pre-built professional templates that are fully customized. So in a few minutes, you can place content and logo, and then boom. 

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ii. Make Corporate Level Presentations:

You can make highly appealing and articulate presentations for your company. With an easy drag-and-drop editor, you can include graphs, charts, and other images in a few seconds. 

iii. Make Videos and Animations with Canva Infographic Video Maker:  

Video is the super trending and the future of content marketing. Visuals and videos will rule the content marketing industry by 2023. With Canva, you can also make videos, and animations for your social media channels, and webpages, or even include them in your infographic. 

iv. Create Documents and Build Resumes:

With Canva infographic design tools, you can make invitation cards, letterheads, company documents, resumes, business cards, flyers, photo collages, postures, and many other fascinating visual graphics. 

v. Thousands of Great Infographic Designs: 

Canva gives you thousands of free editable infographic templates, color combinations for infographics. Canva also allows you to create modern infographics and access free downloads. 

You can boost your brand visibility, drive thousands of traffic on your site, generate high-quality leads and sales to make huge money. 


Canva Pricing
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3. Snappa- An Amazing Infographic Maker and Design Tool: 

snappa - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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i. Create Iconic online graphics in Minutes: 

With Snappa, you can make highly appealing visuals and graphics for social media, ads, web pages, and more. Snappa is a powerful and straightforward easy to use best infographic maker that needs no designing and coding expertise to create viral visuals. 

After creating graphics, you can schedule and share instantly to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media platforms without leaving Snappa. 

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In one click, you can resize your best graphics in a flash and turn your Twitter header into a Facebook cover, your Instagram post into a Pinterest pin, or a Facebook ad into a billboard ad.

ii. Create Informational, Inspiring, and Shareable Infographics with Snappa: 

Snappa infographic maker and design tool have thousands of pre-build templates, themes, colours, fonts, icons, and more than 5 million free and high-resolution photos. Snappa has an infographic colour picker, infographic colour code, infographic font size where you get a head start with pre-made templates. You can 100% customize and choose any layouts as per your need. 

iii. Snapps’s Easy Drag and Drop Editor:

Snappa has a very user-friendly drag and drops editor to add text, graphics, and effects in seconds. You can create whatever you have imagined in seconds. 

You can choose from 200+ fonts, 100,000+ vectors, and shapes and play with photo effects until your graphic is perfect. Even if you want to remove image backgrounds, then it’s a one-click task with Snappa. 

iv. Other Creatives and Graphic Designs with Snappa: 

Like other top-listed online infographic makers/design tools, you can create documents, reports, PPTs, slides, resumes, videos, and animations with Snappa.  


Snappa Pricing
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You can transform your ideas into stunning visual stories. With Adobe Spark infographic maker, you can create impactful social graphics, web pages, and short videos in minutes.

Adobe Spark - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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Adobe Spark Infographic Design Features:

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i. Social Graphics with Adobe Spark Post: 

You can create a social media post just in a few minutes with a Spark post. You can pick a photo, add text and then apply design futures or animation filters that go viral. 

ii. Create High Convertable Web Pages: 

With Adobe Spark Page, you can create superb web pages and impress your users and subscribers. 

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iii. Create Videos and GIFs:

Adobe Spark is also a top infographic video maker. With a single click, you can easily add video clips, GIFs, icons, or your voice to make infographics more appealing. Spark video features allow you to add a quality soundtrack and cinematic motion.  

iv. Thousands of Iconic Image Collection: 

Select from thousands of photos on the web or pick from your collections on Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom CC, Dropbox, or Google Photos.

v. Best Themes, templates, and colour scheme for infographics: 

Adobe Spark has a massive collection of free infographic themes. You can explore a wide variety of best-in-class layouts, colors, and fonts. All of them are 100% customized, where you can tweak them with the text, photos, and icons that best fit your needs. Adobe Spark infographic maker also provides the best background for infographics.

Get started now for effortless creation and beautiful results. You can create infographics, web pages, social posts, videos, and many more in minutes. 


5. Infogram- Super Powerful Infographic Design Tool: 

infogram - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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i. Create Engaging Infographics and Reports in Minutes: 

Infogram is simply a powerful visualization tool that empowers your business and team to create highly engaging and most beautiful content for your website and social media platforms. 

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You can create stunning infographics that bring visitor engagement to your website or blog posts. 

ii. Create Industrial Reports, Studies, or Annual or Quarter Reports: 

Any business does report to enhance its brand status. Some of the brand research agencies like The Blue Oceans Group also conduct industrial research and studies. With Infogram infographic maker, you can stand out with interactive marketing reports, sales figures, future strategies, and more.

iii. Make Slides, Dashboards, and Maps: 

People like to read and share content in the form of slides. Slides are easy to read and memorize. That is why slides are one of the most popular forms of content marketing. Infogram design tools allow you to make slides only in a few minutes.

Not only this, you can connect your data to build life, easily shareable dashboards that visually track your business. 

Last but not least, you can use Infogram map maker to publish professional-quality interactive maps to inspire and inform your audience.

iv. Social Media Visuals: 

Like other top infographic maker and design tools, Infogram also has a library of thousands of pre-build and 100% fully customized templates, images, icons, themes, and colors where you can create stunning visuals for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for free.

v. Optimize for mobile and Publish Your Visual Content Online: 

Infogram has editable infographic template free download features. Not only this, with Infogram infographic builder and design tool, you can create fully responsive infographics that look great across all devices like desktop, tablet, and mobile. 

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Infogram uses state-of-the-art technologies to offer the best possible experience for the web and mobile devices. 

You can also add them to Facebook Instant Articles, publish on Medium, or use our Infogram WordPress plugin.

Infogram is a spectacular and best infographic maker tool for free that serves the purpose of marketing, online publishing, education, reporting, government, non-profit organization, and research agencies. 


Fonts for Infographics

The most recommended and popular infographic fonts are Serif fonts for body text and Sans Serif fonts for infographic titles, headers, and captions. Some other famous infographic font sizes are Arial, Roboto, and Helvetica. 

Ideal Size for Infographics

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Other standard sizes of infographics are:

  • Infographics’ ideal length and width are 1800 pixels and 600 pixels, respectively. 
  • For most blogging sites and online business websites, 1800-2000 pixels in length and 600-1100 pixels width are the best fit size of infographics. 
  • Best infographic submission sites like allow 1750×1240 pixels in length and width, respectively. 
  • Social media sites like Pinterest allow infinite pixels in length and 600 pixels in width. 
  • Facebook allows a minimum of 403 × 403 pixels and a maximum of 2048 × 2048. 

Types of Infographics: 

There are six main infographic topics which are as follows; 

  1. Informational infographic on any vast topic
  2. Statistical infographics in the form of charts, graphs, and reports 
  3. List infographics such as a listing of resources, strategies, or tips
  4. Timeline infographics such as visualizing history or any facts
  5. Comparison infographic such as a comparison between two or more products or services such as electronic gadgets or cars.
  6. Hierarchical infographic- visualizing any pyramid-based topics such as organizational structure or Maslow’s Hierarchy theory. 

Conclusion on Best Infographic Maker or Design Tools for Free in 2023

I hope you enjoyed the blog post on the best infographic maker/design tools. Now you must have understood why infographics are one of the most powerful content marketing strategies. 

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Infographics not only drive traffic and bring colossal brand visibility, but it also improves your SEO, ranking on the SERPs, increase sales, and helps you acquire thousands of backlinks. 

Even my blogs started getting tremendous traction and high-quality backlinks at zero promotional cost. Many online businesses use only infographics as their best marketing strategy

So, you can also create viral infographics and get massive success in a short time. The best Infographic maker tools or infographic design tools like VISME provide everything you need. 

Even if you are not a professional designer and coding expert, you can download hundreds of highly professional pre-built templates from VISME for free. 

Click here to Sign Up for Free Now and Start Creating Infographic in $0 Investment. 

FAQs About Best Infographic Maker or Infographic Design Tools for 2023

Why are infographics important?

The study shows the visual form of content like infographics has always been 300% more than any text form. Moreover, infographics are the best source of transferring information to your audience that is memorable, attention-grabbing, and shareable. People recall the infographic message for a more extended period than any traditional form of text. 

How effective are infographics for content marketing?

According to the latest research and various studies in 2021, the following data has been drawn;
People are 80% more likely to read visual content and 82% increase in readers’ attention spans and recall.
Infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than text. 67% of B2B Marketers and brands are creating infographics. 32% of marketers say visual images are a necessary form of content for their business. I can not mention all the facts, but the infographic statistics are just impressive. 

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What is the role of infographics in marketing?

The significant role of infographics in marketing brings brand awareness on the web and social media, traffic on the website, generating leads, and sales. Apart from these benefits, brands use an infographic to acquire thousands of backlinks that improve the site’s SEO, ranking on SERPs, and domain authority of the site.  

How to create interactive infographics? What are some tips for creating infographics?

Now the question is, How do you design an infographic? To make a highly engaging infographic, first, you identify your audience, trend topics, conduct market research, and collect relevant data are the first step of creating interactive infographics. Once you are done with the primary task, you can open an infographic design tool like Visme and select the pre-build fancy template, theme, color, font, and layouts. Then start putting data in the form of text, graphs and charts, and icons. Write infographic topic title at the top, logo, and references at the bottom of your infographic. Embed the code, social media buttons, and publish them. 

How much do infographics cost to make?

If you are hiring any graphic or designing agency, an infographic costs around $2000. But if you are using an infographic maker and design tool like Visme, it is 100% free. Even if you update Visme’s free plan into a premium, it will only cost you $29/month. You and your team can design as many infographics as you want. 

How to make money by making infographics?

By providing infographic and creative services on freelance platforms like Upwork, and Fiverr anyone can make decent money. 
You can sell your infographics on marketplaces like Vector Stock at reasonable prices. Moreover, you can help brands and research agencies with infographic work and make huge money. 

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What are the best online places to sell infographics?

Vector Stock,, iStock, Big Stock, and Fotolia are some of the best marketplaces where you can sell infographics. 

What are the best-animated infographic video makers?

Visme, Canva, Adobe Spark, Snappa, and Infogram are the best-animated infographic video makers. If you want to select one of them, then start with the Visme infographic design tool. You will love using it for your all-in-one graphic works. 

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