35 Off-page seo factors Infographic

Off-Page SEO Infographic 2023 with 35 Best Off-Page SEO Techniques

To win a battle of SEO and fly the flag of victory in the highly competitive market, you have to overrule Off-Page SEO. With this amazing off-page SEO infographic, you will visually get the ultimate knowledge of off-page techniques in SEO. 

We have mentioned the 35 most critical and super important Off-Page SEO factors responsible for your site’s trust, authority, responsiveness, ranking, and traffic. 


The importance of off-page SEO: 

  • How Does Off-Page SEO Work? 
  • How to do Off-Page SEO 
  • What is Off-Page SEO in Digital Marketing?
  • The relevancy and role of guest posting to earn powerful backlinks for your website.
  • The importance of collaboration as content or knowledge partners with significant media Contributors like Forbes, Entrepreneur etc.
  • The advantage and competitive edge of creating a compelling and comprehensive blog post. 
  • How mentioning influencers in your blog posts can benefit you in getting more links and social shares?
  • The social reputation in terms of likes, shares and links of your site on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest matter to hook Off-Page SEO. 
  • How Email marketing is an external factor of Google’s ranking, and it can help you in earning powerful backlinks?
  • The role of grabbing the opportunities from Broken Links or 404 error page links. 

Other factors of Off-Page techniques in SEO are:

  • You can participate in events as a speaker or sponsor. Most of the event companies that conduct seminars, interviews, or webinars do mention about you and your company. In this way, you can get quality and super-engaging backlinks. 
  • Look for opportunities for being a podcast guest. People listen to you and search for your companies. This way, your organic search result and ranking improve enormously. Moreover, most of the podcast companies do mention you and give backlinks. Nowadays, being a podcast guest is widely popular and boosts your branding. 
  • You can also submit your website on Social Bookmarking Sites, Forums and converse in communities. Submission of your content and blog on Blog Directories, Article Submission Sites, Question Answer Sites, Video Submission Sites, Image Submission Sites, Infographic Submission, Document Sharing Sites are other great Off-Page techniques in SEO to earn powerful links and high engagement. 
  • Though press release and blog commenting give you no-follow links and Google does not consider these links on their search ranking and domain authority factors. 
  • But if you are doing it at a very appropriate place, it gives you organic search, clicks, and more traffic on your website. 
  • Use Google My Business (GMB) listing, online reviews, and local backlinks can improve your local SEO and ranking. 

How and where to do paid promotion: 

  • To get initial traction and popularity, spend some dollars on Facebook (if it is a textual blog post), Pinterest (if it is infographic), Google Ads and LinkedIn (if it is e-book or reports). This way, you can get super engagement and higher chances of earning great quality backlinks.  
  • Try to get only do-follow links as sponsored and no-follow links do not fall under authority enhancement or backlinks count. 
  • Another way to skyrocket your site’s ranking by building high DA backlinks is to buy the expired domains related to your niche and then redirect it on your website with 301 code. These expired domains have already high DA and powerful backlinks on platforms like TechCrunch and Forbes. In this way, you can boost your ranking and build a high DA website.

Big NO to the black hat Off-Page SEO techniques:

  • There are many frauds and fake sites and SEO services in the market. These sites will offer you thousands or lakhs of backlinks in bulk that too in only a few dollars. 
  •  Most companies take their services to get quick results. If you practice these black hat SEO techniques, not only Google, but other search engines will also ban your website permanently. 
  • People do “paid guest postings”. But the fact is- sites like Forbes or TechCrunch will never ask you for money. These paid links are shady and Google can penalize your site which hurts ranking badly.
  • In greed to get backlinks, people start blog commenting on irrelevant sites. It is spam and Google penalty will occur. 
  • You must avoid taking services from Fiverr as it’s a waste of time and money. They can never give you the results but your site will suffer.

So, let’s not read too much in the text. The Blue Oceans Group has created an infographic on Off-Page techniques in SEO by considering the complete 32 factors of ranking for your site on the #1 page of search engines

Let’s dive in and enjoy by getting deep insights.  

Off-Page SEO Techniques to Rank 1
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