10 Offline Business Money Making Ideas in Low Investment

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Best Offline Business Ideas without Investment:

Every successful business is born out of the innovations and ingenuity of the people who establish it. To start your own small business and bring it to a profitable business idea, requires passion. These days online business is at a boon where every other individual is trying for an online market. For tech-savvy individuals, there is plenty of offline business and money-making opportunities to start in very low investment.


A list of offline business Money Making ideas are:

The businesses out of this list can be considered by entrepreneurs who want to start a business at a low investment.

1. Recycling Business: 

Recycling is the best offline business opportunity having tremendous growth in India at a very low investment from (3-15) lakhs. The garbage or scrap magnitude is increasing day by day at a staggering rate. You will get tax benefits and government support in the recycling business, which makes it more lucrative.

The machinery, equipment, land, electricity, labor can be arranged in the only investment of around (3-15) lakhs based on the scale of your business. This falls under SME and considered a small manufacturing firm. However, It is easy to manage and operate with good knowledge of location and Kabadiwalas.

To make any business efficient and scalable, you must know from where you will source and obtain the scrap and where to sell.

You should be specific about the product you want to recycle. The most profitable recycling scraps are :

1. Aluminium 2. Battery 3. Cooking oil 4. Electric wire 5. E-waste recycling 6. Paper 7. Plastic 8. Tyre 9. Wood 10. Vermicompost.

2. Food Truck: 

The food industry is evergreen and the only industry that can give you a profit of up to 200-300%. Your passion for food can make you start the concept of a food truck. Without investing much in employee, staff, Land, rent, and electricity with a lot of documentation. You should go for a pre-owned vehicle which will cost you around Rs (1-3) lakhs in customization depending upon the vehicle.

You can select your location such as college institutes, bus stands, schools, hospitals, etc based on your niche. Take permission and approval in writing from the college authority. If your turnover is more than 12 lakhs per year then you need to take the license from FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). Also, take NOC from Fire Department. 

With the only Investment of around 5 lakhs, you can start this offline business as a most profitable venture with less employee or management and earn handsome money in the very early stage of business. The only thing which you need to keep in mind is to make your Menu short and simple.

3. Ice Cream Parlour:

Your market is tier-1, tier-2, tier-3 cities?

Great! Ice-cream can never go in demand.

It’s a very low investment offline business venture of around Rs (1-3) lakhs with a beautiful tiny ice-cream parlor. You need minimal staff, space, equipment with no operational partner. Everything, you need is 100-150 sq. m. land space (rent or own), regular electricity connection, and approval from respective authorities. You can earn (60,000 -200,000)/month excluding all operational expenses and tax eduction.

The best way!

Do you have your own land for the parlor? You want to go with a brand and non-disruptive supply chain? If yes, then the franchise of AMUL, MOTHER DAIRY, HAVMOR, VADILAL will be the best option. The franchise fees will cost you around 1 lakh and the refundable security amount for equipment will be around Rs 80,000, where they will plan your interior, theme, menu, and outlet. You will get 23%-32% of the total sales volume per month varying from brand to brand.

The target market and location in this business are very crucial. The best target market location will be a cinema theatre, bus stand, airport, elite societies, premium schools, and colleges. You can achieve your ROI (Return on investment) in just 6 months.

4. Tea Point cum Breakfast: 

It is one of the best offline businesses to retain a huge customer with very less investment. “Tea stall with some attractive food starter types”. DO YOU KNOW?? India is the biggest producer of Tea so, there is no supply disruption. To date, there is no substitute for Tea from morning to office hours and then before sleep, people prefer to have tea.

It needs a maximum investment of around 60,000 with minimum land space with zero electricity connections and charges with “No” such documentation and red tape. What you all need is a wooden made stall, gas and some basic types of equipment with disposals. No staff or management, with one helping boy you can operate the entire operation. The best places are local markets, corporate offices, bus stands, railway stations, or anywhere in the city depending on the crowd.

Do you want to earn initially with low investment? But you are still studying, No worries!

Tea Point cum Breakfast- Best Offline business for the college-going students!

It generates a passive source of income!

You need not buy the brand tagged Tea, you can purchase in bulk from Assam or hilly areas, by which you can reduce operational cost by 25 % more. To increase the footfall on your stall, you need to offer something very needy to the customer in your menus, such as Butter Omelette + Tea,  bread butter + tea, boiled egg + tea, sandwiches + tea, where you need not make extra efforts and time on purchases of grocery and vegetables.

Total production cost per unit will come approximately 20% and operational cost will be 10% extra. But still, you are making a profit of approx 60-70%. This model will be more feasible when you will start working on economies of scale. 

5. Tiffin service(Another Offline Business that is huge can money-making):

As mentioned above, entering the food industry is one of the most profitable businesses with a very high margin. In today’s hustle and bustle life, people don’t have time to make food. The best target markets for this business are corporate offices, PGs, and co-working spaces in Tier-1 and Tier-2 Cities.

You need tiffins, 3-5 delivery boys based on your size of the company, 3 cooks, space to set up, and most important is the cleanliness and quality.


Setting up a Tiffin service is another profitable offline business opportunity.

You can contact directly to the corporate offices and make a good deal by focusing on economies of scale and can bring bulk orders. Per tiffin will cost you around 10-13 Rs including all expenses and costs but your minimum selling price per tiffin will be 25-30 Rs. And again, you are making a profit of more than 100% in this lucrative business.

But if you want to scale your offline business and grow it magnificently then you have to maintain the quality and variations in the food and its delivery. One mistake can ruin the image of the entire company and its services.

6. Staffs & Security services: 

One of the most successfully running business in today’s booming service sector in India. It consists of all the electricians, plumbers, the home-staffs and many others without whom our daily life problems can not solve. You can earn immense money by organizing these people by providing a single platform.

You can provide cleaners and security staff to the corporates on a contract basis and make handsome money. Cleaners, plumber, sweepers can be managed from the rural areas at a very cheap cost. You need to develop good relations with the corporates and other agencies who require these services.

7. Dairy Farming:

Dairy farming is another very high profitable offline business in India, where it is highly supported by the state and the central government in terms of subsidy and regulations.

It needs an investment of around Rs (20-30 lakhs to bring high breeds and to build better infrastructure and quality of food & water. Generally, 40 square feet inside shed and 80 square feet open space is required per animal.

Investment for small scale business?

For small scale businesses with 20 animals, you need the land of 3000 sq. feet. And for 100 animals you will need (13,000 – 15,000) sq. feet area with basic facilities, proper ventilation, fresh air, and ample space.

In the Dairy business hard work, extra care, proper management, and all-time activeness are required. It also needs a responsible and experienced team of people to maintain all-time quality and prevent disease.

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8. Organic Farming: 

This concept of farming is a blessing for Indian farmers and it can be stated in the investment of 10 lakhs out of which you will get the subsidy from 50-75% from state government and the rest of the amount can be taken from bank as a loan. You need to invest only 10% of the total amount. 

You can start from 1000 sq m land. By expanding further, you can go to Acer. Break-even point can be achieved in 2 years only including your loan, interest, and all.

The most profitable crops are cucumber, capsicum, cherry tomatoes at the initial stage.

Techniques for organic farming:

This farming technique has 3 major categories:

a. Net shed farming

b. Poly farming

c. Greenhouse farming.

My recommendation for beginners is net shed and poly farming. It needs electricity, hard work, and care with proactiveness. There are many firms that are the supplier of the entire set of pony farming. They will come and establish the infrastructure. You have nothing to do with this.

These techniques increase productivity 20 times and increase your profitability with minimum risk and waste. You can make Rs (12-15) lakhs profit in 4000 sq. m land. For first time entrepreneurs, organic farming can be considered while starting an offline business.

9. Bakery Business:

The most profit margin and one of the biggest businesses in India. The processing industry is contributing 32% of the total food industry.

It requires 1000 sq ft space which can be divided into 2 floors. So, be very concerned and research well before finalizing the location by checking it’s water supply. Proper licenses from food agencies and regularity bodies with NOC must be documented well.

The total cost (TFC+TVC) to open a bakery business in India is around Rs 15,00,000. You can expect your BEP in just 2 years with great ROI.


If you belong to a tier-4 city or living in a village then Vermicompost business can change your life financially and give you a huge profit.

You need to collect the waste of animals, food, fruits, and vegetables or any biodegradable substance and dump it in yards.  The best source to collect such waste is from Mandi.

Seems good!

You need to invest only 5 lakhs in machinery which can compost and convert it into fertilizer in an expedited manner. After dumping and processing of 3 months of such waste, you can sell this fertilizer nearly 6 times of total production cost.

You can increase the investment further and can own your own brand of fertilizers. 

The best part of vermicompost is, its price keeps doubling every 3 months due to an increase in its fertility. 

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  1. I found the above post to be useful as I was looking for some profitable business ideas. I am interested in organic farming and it is good to know that the government offers nearly 50-75% of the capital as a subsidy for organic farming. I have decided to start with net shed farming.

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