A Comprehensive Guide To Pinterest Marketing for 2023

A comprehensive guide on pinterest marketing
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Pinterest Marketing Guide and Strategies

If you’ve tried several social media marketing strategies for your business or campaign, yet nothing is working as expected, it only means you should try something unique or different. If you’re looking for a different social media platform than your usual Instagram and Facebook, it’s time to give Pinterest a try. This unique social networking site allows businesses to market themselves effectively in ways you may not be fully aware of.  

Whatever marketing goals you have, whether it’s to grow your brand, gain more exposure, or gather more customers or leads, Pinterest will help you acquire them. Typically, pinners and search engine users visit this platform for inspiration. And recently, people are not only scrolling through photos but clicking on graphics and links that allow them to add items to their carts.  

You can definitely grow your business with the help of Pinterest. So, consider this guide for an effective Pinterest marketing campaign. 

Understand The Benefits Of Pinterest For Your Business  

You get access to a great deal of Pinterest benefits when you create a business account or buy existing Pinterest accounts, opening up a whole new world of opportunities. Get ready to take advantage of the following benefits when you’re leveraging your Pinterest marketing strategies: 

Drive Online Traffic  

One of the benefits of using Pinterest marketing is that it will help you boost your online presence and generate traffic. When you create a Pinterest business profile, you can include the URL of your verified website. Using Pinterest as a traffic source is a great way to get started right away.  

In fact, it’s easier to spread than a tweet. Each pin can drive up to numerous page views right away. As an added benefit, Pinterest business accounts allow you to post rich Pins. It’s the perfect way to include everything about your company information and the like.  

Detect Growing Trends  

Consumers share their favorite products, trends, and preferred aesthetics on Pinterest. By constantly being proactive on Pinterest, you’ll be able to detect upcoming trends in your industry. You’ll stay ahead of the competition by constantly being in the know. Also, you’ll be able to spot opportunities easily when anything arises on Pinterest.  

In addition to following influencers in your industry on the platform, Pinterest aggregates popular content categories based on users’ searches. Some data and metrics provide information about the top pins and searches on this social network platform.  

Analyze Your Pin Performance  

Your Pinterest business account also gives you access to analytics for all your Pins, including those from your website. It allows you to understand how your pins and strategies are performing. Among other things, you can view impressions, engagement, clicks, and views.  

Additionally, you can view all of your pins or just the ones you saved from your website by selecting specific date ranges. There are also tools available that will provide you with performance reports on your Pinterest account. By understanding how your pins and content are doing, you’ll be able to modify and create changes to make them more effective. 

Prepare Your Profile And Branding  

One of the most crucial steps in any social media platform is to brand your profile. First things first, always choose to open a business account as they have more features, such as data analytics, access to rich pins, and product pins. After that, you’ll need to brand your Pinterest profile to recognize your company easily. You can explore the features and functions on your account to make your brand profile more distinct. Nevertheless, apply these tips when preparing your Pinterest account:  

Choose A Profile Image  

A profile photo should represent your business best. It can be a headshot, a brand logo, or any picture with 165 x 165 pixels. When choosing a Pinterest profile photo, ensure that the image is high-resolution, as this can be clearly viewed without clicking the image. Crop it into the perfect size that fits Pinterest requirements. If necessary, use good lighting, and consider a contrasting background to make it more distinctive.  

Curate A Bio  

Finally, you should prepare your professional media bio. On all social media platforms, you should have the same bio. Pinterest offers 160 characters for its bio, so ensure to make the most of it.  

It is possible to write your social media bio in various ways. You can head over to your other social media accounts, such as Instagram, and copy and paste your bio. Having a uniform bio is more effective for your followers to increase their trust in you. You may also incorporate hashtags even if they’re less relevant on Pinterest than on Instagram.  

Decide On A Cover Board  

At the top of a user’s profile, Pinterest displays pins from their cover board. In the corner of the cover design, there is a link to a board where the individual pins are clickable. 

Adding a branded board for your company with blog posts, graphics, product shots, and other designs is a great idea. Make your profile neat and smooth by matching them to your brand. A board on Pinterest devoted exclusively to your business or website’s content is a must.  

Brand Your Cover Boards  

With Pinterest, you can customize your boards’ covers to fit your branding. It can be done in several ways. The first step is to create separate board covers and upload them to each board. You can then link these covers to your website. It’s also easy to match your brand color to each of your pins, so you have an obvious color theme emanating from your profile.  

Increase Brand Awareness

You can build strong and meaningful relationships with your target audience by using Pinterest. As Pinterest users enjoy discovering new products and ideas, they are very responsive to marketing messages. In fact, people who check Pinterest tend to purchase products and brands after watching videos on Pinterest. In contrast to other social media platforms, Pins also have a longer lifespan. It means your followers can continue viewing your pins, increasing brand awareness more effectively. 

In addition to staying on your board forever, these Pins are searchable, continuously generating engagement and growing your brand’s awareness. Actively saved Pins will result in sales. Your brand can be discovered and learned more about by adding Pinterest to your overall marketing strategy.

Run Ad Campaigns Effectively

Since Pinterest increases brand awareness, it also follows that it becomes a more effective advertisement campaign. You can run ads and promote Pins on Pinterest. Your Pinterest profile can get even more success by accessing Pinterest advertising and targeting features. The business account comes with an Ads navigation tab, so you can use it to your leverage. You can build ad campaigns based on traffic and conversion rates, and you can target specific interests.

The fact that Pinterest is used as a visual search engine makes its advertising options really effective. Since Pinterest knows exactly what people are looking for and interested in, it can really target your ads accordingly. You can boost your sales and conversions by highlighting your products on the network, where users are often researching products with the intention of purchasing them. Finally, the last bonus for Pinterest advertising is that they’re cost-effective and more reasonable than other social media ads.

Grow Your Pinterest Followers  

This next step is very crucial for any of your social media accounts. Like growing your other social media followers, growing followers on your Pinterest yields authority and credibility. People will rely on your posts and treat you as an expert in your industry. There are ways for you to build your fan base on Pinterest. 

The first effective way is to promote and spread your Pinterest account on your other social media pages. Chances are, some of the users on those platforms also use Pinterest. Next is to follow accounts that you believe will return the favor. You should initiate the first step, and they’ll surely follow you back, especially if they find your content interesting and helpful. Another strategy is to reach out to influencers. Work or collaborate with them to repost your content on their profiles, and you can do the same. This way, both parties can get the support of their individual followers.   

Devise Your Pinterest Marketing Strategies  

Finally, it’s important to create a Pinterest social media strategy. Don’t just dive in without a plan. Remember that while Pinterest comes with millions of users, you might be unable to take advantage of them if you do things wrong. Here are some doable tips for preparing your marketing strategies: 

  • Set Your Business Goals: Decide exactly what you want to achieve when you join and grow your Pinterest platform. Are you using it to drive traffic, increase sales, or boost brand awareness? Having goals will guide you through your Pinterest-specific activities.  
  • Discover Who To Target: Like all the other social media platforms, Pinterest comes with diverse age groups as users. Decide who your target audience will be so you can curate your content based on their wants and needs.  
  • Study The Pinterest Strategies Of Your Competitors: You can follow and check their profiles, content, and pins too.  

By applying the tips above, you can start working on your goals.  

Incorporate Unique Photos And Videos  

Pinterest contains a large number of images and videos, similar to other social networks. These are important elements for your social media profile. A big reason why people visit you is because of them. You should also ensure that these stand out against the other content on the platform. When devising photos and videos, here are some tips that can help you: 

  • Ensure that your pictures and videos are high-resolution. Pins that are pixelated or blurry are unlikely to be clicked. Check out the condition of your images and videos when viewed on different gadgets, and ensure they’re high-quality everywhere.   
  • Viewers can more easily visualize themselves using your products when you share images and videos that show them in action. Videos don’t have to be long; even a few seconds will already provide much value. In fact, the best length should be between 30 to 90 seconds long.  
  • Focus on your design. Make sure you follow the basics of design when creating images for Pinterest. Your final image’s performance can be greatly affected by elements like lighting, balance, symmetry, and other factors. 
  • If your company has data visualizations or infographics that can help your audience, create specific boards to share links to them. The more information you have, the more they’ll visit your profile.  
  • When appropriate, use text in your pins. You might need some words to describe your picture if it’s about a specific type of content you’re promoting. You can increase your audience’s engagement by adding text to your Pinterest images.  
  • Avoid having too much blank or white space in the background. While this may add more elegance and neatness to your photos, some people may find them too blunt and boring.  

Photos and videos are a great way to captivate and engage your audience in promoting your business, which can eventually persuade and engage potential customers.

Actively Engage With Followers  

Engage with your audience. It’s a tip that applies to all your other social media accounts too. Currently, data shows that there are over 433 million active users monthly on Pinterest. If you want to grow your business, you should engage with these people. Make sure your images are engaging and attention-grabbing.   

You can interact and connect with others on Pinterest in addition to repining and using group boards. Here are some more ways to interact with your followers on Pinterest:


Comments can be added to other users’ Pins. By clicking on the Pin, you will be able to write your comment in the box on the right side of the Pin. It allows you to interact with some of your followers or attract users who haven’t been following you yet. By commenting on their Pins, you’ll catch their attention. Ensure to leave compliments or interactive comments, so they’ll definitely check out your profile after.

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Another way to interact on Pinterest is through likes. You can press the like button for a Pin of a user. In case you do not have time to like it right away, you can save the Pin and check it for later.

Send Pins

Other social media networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, allow you to share a Pin. It can also be sent via email to people who aren’t on Pinterest or other Pinterest users. Click on the icon in the top left corner of the image to do so. The pin will display options for sharing and sending. Sending the pins of others will help them get more exposure for their profiles. And in return, they will also feel more inclined to do the same for your pins.  

Getting more audience is all about engaging them. The direct messaging option is also excellent for this. Set up group discussions on Pinterest to boost engagement by thanking people who have liked your posts and repinned your images.

These are all simple yet effective ways of engaging your customers in promoting your brand and staying on top of the competition using your Pinterest account.

Use Target Keywords  

If your business uses Pinterest, make sure it’s easy to find your Pins. It’s where search engine optimization comes in. Make sure your Pin descriptions, boards, and hashtags contain keywords. There are SEO practices to boost ranking for your pin and content.   

A large number of Pinners conduct research on the site before making a buying decision or even making direct purchases. If your customers are searching for products like yours, make sure your pins appear. Optimizing for different keywords within a single pin is a good way to achieve this. 

You can add keywords to Pinterest by using hashtags. A minimum of one hashtag should be included in your main description, which will help your search engine rank. The key is to be aware of the keywords that are typically being searched by your target audience. Some tools come with keyword suggestion features. By typing in a general keyword, you can get similar suggestions as well as an estimate of how many searches they receive each month.  

Distribute Your Pinterest Content To Other Platforms  

In order to get your Pins, images, and videos seen and followed by others, you should share them on other platforms. It’s one effective social media strategy. Incorporate your pints into your other social media accounts. This way, your followers can easily discover your other platforms and see more of what you have to offer.  

Aside from getting access to analytics and data on all these Pins, it will also allow you to discover the other networks your audience is most active on. You can find more of your target audience and cater to them more. 

Join Or Create Community Boards  

In essence, community boards are collaborative boards owned by one person, with more creators adding content. If you are interested in joining an existing community board, you can request membership. However, if you want to create one, you should reach out to other pinners to help you grow your community board.   

Your business sector may have relevant community boards. It’s essential to join or receive memberships from like-minded individuals who share your business goals or needs. By doing this, you will be able to reach a highly targeted audience you may not have otherwise been able to access.   

Conclusion on Pinterest Marketing 

Your website traffic and sales can increase with Pinterest, which is a growing powerful social media platform. Despite this, many small businesses cannot take advantage of this platform. Be among the first ones in your industry to take advantage of this effective marketing strategy. Use this guide, and you can achieve your business goals.  

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