Promotion, and Marketing Strategy for Business in 2023

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Promotion, and Marketing Strategy for Business in 2023

Are you confused, about which is the best marketing and promotion strategy you should opt for to promote your brand? Are you a non-marketer for online marketing? If yes, then you are in the right place.

Usually, we fix and spend a significant budget on our business for marketing purposes. Nowadays, without spending huge money, you can promote, brand & sell your product & services at the minimum possible cost, and that too, with less human resources.

Promotion, Marketing Strategy with Best Practices:

1. Optimize Social Media Stuffs: 

In the era of technology, people are using their mobile at an average time of 200 minutes per day. So we can not ignore the effect of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat for communication to potential customers and successful businesses. 

Promoting on social media is one of the best marketing and promotion strategies to improve and create brand awareness in the market. Not only this, but paid ads on social media can also help you generate prospecting leads that can grow the business revenue if appropriately followed.

a. Instagram:

What you all need to do is, create your Instagram account by filing all the right information which includes about you, place, and other necessary things. To get the right audience also add relevant keywords with few hashtags.

After creation, start posting several pictures and images daily by keeping in mind that the quality of the image must not be compromised. Else it is useless and a waste of time and money.

To reach your every post to the well-targeted audience, always use the most relevant keywords which will increase your followers and their engagement too.

Your sources of income will be affiliate marketing to find sponsors, and also you can sell your photos at an excellent price. You can choose various sites to sell your photos, such as Twenty20 and Community Foap.

If you have your own business or brand, you can get a boost in the market matrix with the help of Instagram.

If you think you have enough and good quality content and do not want to continue with this, then you can sell it at a very excellent market price. Supported sites for this are Fame swap Viral Accounts. It is one of the most potent techniques.

b. Facebook:

You can use Facebook ads with re-targeting as one of the most potent methods. The best part of Facebook is to reach a particular audience where you can target their age, relationships status, geography with location, gender, and many other things to filter.

But the main point and trick to get a great result are not only about clicking traffic. Your focus must be on conversions and re-targeting through your Pixels. If you don’t know how to install the Facebook Pixel on your website, then you absolutely must learn how to do this. Even if you’re not running Facebook ads, you can build your audience with a pixel.

c. Create an affiliate program:

The most powerful digital tool is affiliate marketing which can provide you with a massive fuel for growth. The only task is to approach the right partner all the time, which is not easy all the time. You have to have a reasonable conversion rate if you want the more prominent affiliate to take you seriously.

I’ve found that navigating the affiliate minefield can be tricky. It takes persistence, and it takes true grit to make it through. Most of us get discouraged after a few setbacks, but it needs patience when it comes to affiliates. Build an affiliate program and start reaching out to potential affiliates who can assist you.

2. Email Marketing: 

Email marking is one of the trustworthy and integral parts of any right funnel of sales and promotion. It doesn’t mean sending bulk emails to many people. It’s spam, not marketing. People can easily judge you on your authenticity and fraud behavior. Email marketing is also one of the best marketing techniques for platforms like e-commerce,, and many others.

You are delivering the right information in a very professional way to your target audience via mail called email marketing. There are many ways of doing it. Make the list of your target audience and prepare your best database.

Create a well-decorated and framed informative draft by mentioning the features, descriptions and offering of your product & services. ADD links to your company website or the services which you are offering. Also, suggest some testimonials about the credibility and its importance of your offerings because you don’t know what is going to trigger your prospecting customers.

 Start identifying your buyers and their interest, then start pitching your offerings as per customers demand. The second best way is, first call them and within 2 minutes you introduce about yourself and request them “ can I drop a mail to you about our product or services”. After clients permission, if you sent emails, then conversion rates will vary around 5-12 %. Because now neither you are not shooting in dark nor irritating your customers.

For mailing, you can use various software such as mail merge, MailChimp and the like, which give you the access to send the mails of 1500+ on a single day from 1 id. So, how can you send bulk emails is not an issue, but how to communicate, to whom and when it needs to be addressed, must be well analyzed.

Email marketing is very influential, universal, and one of the best marketing techniques in all type of markets that too in a little cost and minimal time.

3. LinkedIn – Best marketing tool to market:

LinkedIn is the world’s most professional network and best way to reach your prospecting audience with the Lazer sharp, focused approach. You can select a filter to whom you want to target and start approaching them.

For example: If your company is dealing in Energy/power and your target location is Delhi then you can apply a filter “ENERGY DELHI, ENERGY GURGAON, ENERGY NOIDA” and based on your target audience you can start sending them a request by adding a short note along with connection request.

Add a video on your LinkedIn profile about yourself and your business. Also, LinkedIn to your profile description and with this, you can market your business passively.

Within a month, you will have substantial connections on LinkedIn, then start posting content about your product or service offerings. With compelling stories about your journey, your post gets viral and can reach a significant level of the audience. Keep talking about challenges and convey your entrepreneurial journey. LinkedIn is the best platform to reach your content to the perfect audience without any rush.

Over some time, when you establish yourself and your company as a trusted brand, then you can reach out other relevant businesses for collaborations, tie-ups in scaling your business and make it more viable in today’s VUCA world.

4. Blogging to Drive Quality Traffic:

Don’t worry about revealing your business secrets. You have to create value that makes you the authority in the eyes of your target audience. It is one of the most powerful strategies you can use to market any business.

When it is done correctly, blogging is one of the absolute best promotion and marketing strategies to drive targeted traffic to your website.

When a marketer does blogging effectively, then he tends to get 70% more leads for their business. It is possible only if you are doing in the right way. 

To succeed with your content, you should focus on quality over quantity, and also consistency is a must. Also, follow the below points by keeping in mind:

  1. Your material must not be copied or thin.
  2. The word limit should lie in between 1500-3500 words.
  3. Must develop promotional strategies before writing. The ideal timing of blogging is 20% on content creation and 80% on promotion.
  4. It will become your compounding asset over some time.

5. Consider SEO as the Best Opportunity: 

Search Engine Optimization is the best marketing strategy that is used by almost every business or brand to create brand awareness organically on search platforms. Any marketer must know the synergy and how to leverage Search Engine Optimization in the right way. Doing the right SEO with the right keywords can reach your business to the sky with robustness on a meager budget.

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There are some fraud marketing agencies also who use shady tricks and spam keywords to cheat Google, but it works only for a short period. Fraud companies are using BLACK HAT TECHNIQUES which are neither user-friendly nor Google-friendly. With Black hat techniques, your website can rank within one month, but Google will ban you permanently after it.

There are so many Autobots or auto-linking techniques in the market where you can get purchased followers who don’t work. Videos get auto-like, auto-click and auto-comment by the computer itself which means not liked, clicked and commented by any human. Your marketing budget is getting consumed by the SEO agency, but you haven’t received any actual traffic on your website.

Your results can be fascinating, but in the long term, you will land in warm water with disastrous.

The basics of SEO are, never spam keywords and don’t use black hat techniques. Many people do this in greed and to get short spam success. Be ethical while doing SEO and create authoritative, unique, insightful, and engaging content that can add an enormous amount of value to your audience.

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