Semrush Keyword Research Tool for SEO, PPC- 2022 Review

Semrush Keyword Research Tool for SEO, PPC- 2021 Review
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A Tutorial on Semrush Keyword Research Tool and Content Finder for SEO and PPC


Be it brand building, SEO or PPC advertising, ranking on the #1 page of Google, driving relevant traffic, or getting qualified leads, to achieve this, keywords are the key to success. And hence keyword research becomes super important. Semrush keyword research tools are the one-stop solution where you can find the exact keywords for SEO and PPC.  

With the Semrush keyword research tool, you can carry out an all-encompassing analysis of your keywords, and get accurate information on trends, organic and paid searches. 

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In Semrush, there is a feature named “Keyword Overview” that quickly provides you a snapshot of any particular keyword. In one click, you can analyze the search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, competition in paid search, top-ranking pages, ad copy, and other things. With these metrics, you can easily evaluate the worth and scope of that particular keyword. 

Keywords are the word or group of words that internet users enter into search engines to find information. 

Whereas website owners and SEO professionals use “keywords” to optimize the blog page or information page on the website so that their results can be shown to the people when they search for it. 

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    How Keyword Research helps business owners?

    1. You understand and reach your audience 
    2. It helps to find new relevant topics to cover on your site
    3. You get high qualified leads and then sales 
    4. Right keywords improve ad campaigns and you get clicks and impressions in less investment. 
    5. Last but not the least, keywords enhance brand awareness and increase it’s valuation. 
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    Get to Know Semrush

    If you’re just learning the basics about Semrush Keyword Research Tool and haven’t visited its website yet, take a moment to familiarize yourself – we won’t go anywhere!

    Semrush Keyword Overview:

    Keyword Overview Tool Semrush
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    With the Semrush Keyword Overview tool, you can discover the organic and advertising value of any keyword. The in-depth analysis of any keyword includes its search volume, keyword rank difficulty, CPC, number of results, competition level, SERP Features, and more. Moreover, Semrush Keyword Overview tool runs a full analysis of your keyword(s) and helps you to decide whether you should enter into competition for it or not. 

    Keyword Overview Tool Dashboard Semrush
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    How Semrush Keyword Research and Content Tool Benefits Your Business?

    Semrush Keyword Research Features SEO
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    Semrush Keyword Research Features Display advertising
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    Semrush Keyword Research Features
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    Semrush Keyword Research Features Content Marketing
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    Choose the Exact Words you want to Target:

    1. You can get the most accurate keyword and its ranking difficulty
    2. You can analyze search volume not only at local levels but also globally.
    3. It also shows you the number of SERP results to size up your competition. 

    Find Extra Opportunities to Rank For and Beat your Competitor:

    1. Semrush allows you to create tailored keyword lists that fit the search intent for your audience. 
    2. You also explore questions that people may ask about your product or service. 
    3. You can use these related keywords to generate ideas for paid ad campaigns in order to generate qualified leads and quick sales. 

    Semrush Keyword Tool Helps you to Create Highly Effective and Winning Ads: 

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    1. Semrush allows you to grab insights from real ads displayed for your keywords and then prepare the best ad campaign. 
    2. With Semrush, you can reveal Google Shopping competitors and adjust your bidding strategy. 
    3. You can also check out the keyword ads history to find the ads that brought the most ROI. 

    Semrush Keyword Tool Give you the Exact View of the SERP: 

    1. You can look at the real ads displayed for your keywords to learn and strategize better. 
    2. With the Semrush keyword tool, you can easily reveal your Google Shopping competitors and make your bidding strategy. 
    3. Most importantly, you can check out the keyword ads history and find out the ads that brought the highest ROI this year. 

    With Semrush You can Keep Eyes on the Trends: 

    1. Analyse the keyword search volume fluctuations and seasonal spikes throughout the year as per the audience interest. 
    2. This way you can adjust your bidding strategy and prepare the best content plan to get more traffic in less investment and time. 

    Do Organic Research with Semrush Keyword Tool: 

    1. With Semrush, you can uncover the best SEO practices of your organic competitors, Analyze any website’s rankings in Google’s top 100 and find new opportunities to rank on the search engine. 
    2. In a few clicks and in no time, you can find the most lucrative organic keywords of your rivals with their keyword and page rankings. This way you can optimize your blog posts with these organic keywords and rank fast in SERPs.
    3. What all can you access in Semrush organic keyword research tool: 
    4. Top organic keywords, traffic across desktop and mobile devices, SERP features, and more. 
    5. Analyze the real SERP performance to find your competitors’ SEO strategy.
    6. Find more domains in your niche on the basis of their organic traffic and keywords ranking and expand your list of competitors
    7. Semrush Keyword Manager allows you to only focus on those keywords that are worth it. You can use filters to generate a list of keywords for different purposes and ad campaigns. 

    Semrush Keyword Magic Tool: 

    Keyword Magic Tool at Semrush
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    Semrush has a gigantic database of more than 20 billion keywords where you can find new opportunities only in a few clicks. With the help of the Semrush Keyword Magic tool, you can do in depth analysis on each keyword. All the metrics are updates so you would not get even a single misleading information in the SERPs.  

    Benefits of Semrush Keyword Magic Tool: 

    1. You can expand your keyword list with a great mix of short and long-tail keywords with high potential and less competition. 
    2. Semrush Magic tool gives you the new content ideas that are user intent. 
    3. You can pick keywords from automatically created groups and subgroups and then uncover the potential topic clusters on the basis of search volume of each group. 
    4. In Semrush, you can customize, save, manage and export your keyword lists as .XLS or CSV or export them to other Semrush tools. 

    Semrush Keyword Gap Tool: 

    Keyword Gap Tool Semrush
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    1. Keyword Gap Tool by Semrush allows you to spot SEO gaps and new ranking opportunities.
    2. You can benchmark up to 5 keyword profiles (enter your own domain along with 4 other domains of your competitors) to find untapped and unique keyword opportunities.  

    How Does the Semrush Keyword Gap Tool Help? 

    Keyword Gap Tool Dashboard
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    1. You can select a keyword type for each domain to search for their organic, paid and PLA Keywords. 
    2. Semrush Keyword Gap Tool allows you to compare content URL by URL. Same is applicable for subfolders and subdomains where you can find keywords to target with a specific piece.
    3. You can choose the missing and weak keywords of your competitors to enhance your SEO. 
    4. And finally you can visualize and download all the graphs and tables as .XLS or CSV files or send them to Semrush Keyword Manager to build your master list.
    5. Get Organic Traffic Insights with Semrush Keyword Tool.
    6. Semrush allows integration with Google Analytics to discover ‘not provided’ keywords and cross-reference data on your website’s organic search performance. 

    Benefits of Using Semrush Keyword Research Tool for SEO and PPC Campaigns: 

    1. Semrush Keyword tools are very easy to monitor and manage. With Semrush, you can create and run compelling and creative SEO and PPC campaigns. You can find new content ideas and take your content marketing to the next level. Users love detailed analysis,  reporting, and tracking by Semrush.  

    2. In the Semrush keyword Overview tool, you can quickly find any keyword’s search volume, cost-per-click, competitive density, keyword difficulty, top-ranking pages, and more.  You can also uncover millions of related keywords based on a single query, and study a keyword’s related subgroups and topics by volume. 

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    3. In the Semrush Topic Research tool, you can find question-keywords related to your website and market, and gather additional ideas related to your target keywords based on the most popular relevant content on the web. 

    4. Semrush Keyword Analyzer which is a sub-tool within the Semrush Keyword Magic Tool allows you to refresh metrics for your target keywords in real-time. 

    5. With the Keyword Overview tool by Semrush, you can calculate the difficulty of competing in organic search for a specific target keyword or group of keywords and conduct bulk analysis. 

    6. Semrush Keyword Gap tool gives you the access to find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for and compare the keyword portfolios of up to 5 competing websites side by side. You can even identify the organic keywords that your website has that your competitors advertise on. You can also identify the organic keywords that your competitor has that have a low CPC to advertise on.

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    7. In the Semrush integration feature, you can connect your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts into a single dashboard to analyze your site’s keyword performance and identify your “not-provided” keywords. 

    8. Semrush is not only best for SEO campaigns but also an excellent tool for PPC. You can build a perfect keyword list for your PPC campaign. 

    9. Moreover, you can import an existing Google Ads campaign plan and optimize your ad groups and campaign plan. Google Ads Editor quickly sets negative keywords and exports the campaign plan seamlessly to import into. 

    10. With Semrush CPC Map you can study the most expensive and most popular advertising keywords across different regions within a country. 

    Semrush Keyword Research Tool Pricing and Plans:

    No matter, if you own a small, medium, or large business/corporation, Semrush has transparent pricing for everyone, you can see everything related to their plans listed on their pricing page. Semrush offers three plans starting from $119.95 per month.

    Semrush Pricing
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    Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to Sign-up to Semrush Keyword Research Tools for FREE for 14-Days in order to boost your SEO and Link Building campaigns (absolutely worth $119.95).

    Step 1: Click this Exclusive Semrush link to grab your 14-Day Semrush account for free (worth $119.95). You will be landing to the Landing Page with Special Offer just for you. (this offer is not publically available on Semrush’s site)

    Semrush Special Offer for 14-day Free Trial
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    Click on the button to grab this special offer and to continue for a quick process.

    Now, it will ask you to create your Semrush account. There are two  ways, you can either simply login with your Google account or you can use your email and password manually (you will have to verify your  email with a code in the second option)

    create an account on Semrush
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    Step 2: Once your account creation is done. Now, you’ll be redirected to the page with the coupon applied automatically. 

    Now, you can see that you are getting Semrush Account worth $119.95 for $0.00 (Free) in “Today’s charge”. So, you can enter your billing information and billing address risk-free 🙂

    semrush steps for 14-day trial for free
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    Step 3: Now that, you have entered your details, Just Click on “Place the Order” and it will provide you an instant access to Semrush Pro account for next 14-days (without charging you even a single penny).

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    place Semrush Free Trial order
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    You are now ready to use full features of Semrush Pro (including all the Semrush Keyword Research SEO Tools) for the next 14 days. In case you are not satisfied with Semrush, then you can cancel your free subscription at any time simply from the dashboard or by sending an email to [email protected].

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    So what are you waiting for? Sign up (by clicking the link below) to get access to Semrush for all the SEO and other Marketing tools for FREE.

    Grab the Semrush 14-Day Free Trial Now!

    Conclusion on Semrush Keyword Research Tool:

    Undoubtedly Semrush is the world’s number one marketing tool. You can find billions of keywords, content ideas, traffic insights & do site audits. Semrush is an excellent tool for SEO keyword research and content ideas finder. With the Semrush keyword research tool, you can accomplish all your SEO, PPC, content marketing tasks. Semrush is trusted by 7M+ brands, SEO & PPC experts, bloggers, link builders, and content marketers.

    FAQs About Semrush Keyword Research Tool:

    The aim of doing keyword research is to gain deep insight into your audience. Keyword research helps you to find what your audience searches for online, which topics and companies they engage with. This way you can not only reach the right audience and drive huge traffic, leads and sales but also can outrank your competitors. 
    The keyword research process in Semrush is very simple. You only need to enter your and your competitors' websites, select the type of keywords and get back your list of keywords. You can gain deep insight, opportunities, and a lot of information regarding it. 
    Semrush is the most effective, internally recognized, and best digital marketing software. It provides full solutions for SEO, PPC, content, social media, and competitive research. Not only this, Semrush is trusted by over 7000000 marketers including bloggers, YouTubers, start-ups, brands, agencies, small and big enterprises worldwide. It is the best keyword research tool in the market. You can fully discover the organic and advertising value of any keyword based on search volume, keyword difficulty, number of results, CPC, competition level, SERP features, variations, and more.
    The Keyword Magic Tool by Semrush is the most powerful keyword research tool in the market. It has a huge database with over 20 billion keywords with a fine user interface for your research. 
    Without keyword research, not even a single website can even think about its growth and sustainability. Keyword research is the most critical and highly relevant to the SEO and search engine ranking process. If you do not conduct proper keyword research or choose the wrong keyword, you will land up with ZERO traffic on your web pages. 

    Yes, You can get access to Semrush's keyword Research SEO Tool free for 14 days (absolutely worth $119.95) exclusively for my audience.

    Grab the Semrush 14-Day Free Trial Now!

    Note**: If you already have a free account with Semrush (which you absolutely should), you can upgrade and still get the 14-day free trial.

    All you need to do is log into your free account and follow the link mentioned above.

    You can cancel your account anytime. There is no obligation to continue once the trial period is over.

    However, I doubt that any serious marketer will cancel their subscription after realizing how amazing this tool is. It’s one of my must-have SEO tools, and I recommend it to every marketer of any online business.

    So grab your free trial now!

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