How to Submit Website on Search Engines [Guide 2023]

Submit website on search engines
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Search Engine Submission Definition

Before learning how to submit a website on search engines, let’s understand what is search engine submission. Search engine submission is an activity of submitting websites or web pages’ URLs to the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu to make search engine bots aware of that particular site or webpage. Now let’s dive deep into our topic, “submit website on search engines“.

What is Search Engine Crawling and Indexing?

Crawling is the process of finding the web pages by search engine bots to know about the relevancy of that content. 


Indexing happens just after crawling. When search engine bots complete the web page crawling, then it starts indexing. If search engine crawlers find your page relevant, they list it in their database. 

Therefore, whenever you look for any search query on the internet, these search engines show you the databases’ results. If we talk about the Google search engine submission site, the entire crawling process is accomplished by the Google crawlers

Why Should You Submit Websites on Search Engines?

Fast Web Page or URL Indexing

When you perform search engine submission and submit your site’s URLs to search engine submission tools like Google search console or Bing Webmaster, search engine bots start crawling that page. If search engine crawlers found that content helpful, then it indexes the webpage on the web. 

Prevention is always better than cure

Search engine crawlers and bots work on an excellent AI, so they do not need manual submission. Moreover, there is more than a 90% chance that your webpages will automatically index by search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, and Yahoo.

But if your website is new and does not have enough domain authority and backlinks, search engines can take time to find your page. And off-course, there is a 10% probability that search engines can not find your page.

So, here is the point. If your page is not on Google or any other search engine, creating a blog is irrelevant. Manual indexing on search engine submission sites improves page indexing, SERPs, keywords ranking, organic traffic, leads, and conversions. 

Search engines like Google have billions of audience every month. When you submit the site’s URL to Google or bing, you get the highest online audience database.  It increases brand awareness, drives tons of traffic, leads, and then sales. 

When you submit your website to search engines, search engine submission sites acknowledge you with links, and these backlinks serve as votes. Gradually these backlinks increase your site’s domain authority

Submitting Websites to Search Engines in 2023

Google dominates the overall search engine market with a whopping 92% market share and claims the top spot at ease. However, other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, and DuckDuckGo are still a significant source of traffic for your website, so why to even lose the remaining 8% of the opportunity for your website to rank on these search engines too.

Before you get started submitting your website to search engines in 2023, here are a few things you’ll need. First, you’ll need to be able to access and edit your website, so that you are able to add the below mentioned key requirements for getting a site indexed.

  • Add a sitemap to your site.
  • Add a robot.txt file.
  • Implement Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools.

Note that, having a correct sitemap setup is one of the most important things you can do to help your site get picked up by search engines.

How to submit a website to Google search engine?

To submit your site to Google, you’ll first need to set up Google Search Console. Signing up to search console is free, simply go to Google Search Console and click on “Start Now” button. You can use your existing Google account or can create a new account. (I would suggest using the same account as that of Google Analytics).

Now, Google screen will prompt to enter your website domain name (

Google Search Console step1 (1)
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Once done, you will need to very your site, copy the DNS TXT record and add it to your domain name provider in order to verify domain ownership. Verifying your site with the DNS record is the recommended method as you can leave the DNS record forever and it doesn’t add extra code to your site.

Now, once your Search Console is setup, you need to locate and add Sitemap to Google Search Console.

Here’s how:

Locate your Sitemap

A sitemap is an XML file that lists all the pages on a website. If you are using WordPress, you must be using either Rank Math, Yoast SEO or All in One SEO. All these plugins have inbuilt sitemap settings to add to your site.

Your sitemap is usually located at or (Rank Math). If you don’t see it there, check your robots.txt file by visiting, this will usually list the sitemap URL with different sections like posts/pages/products/images/archives.

Your Site Sitemaps
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Add Sitemap to Google Search Console

Once you have found the sitemap, head to Google Search Console.

Under Index section, select Sitemaps.

add Sitemap to GSC
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Now, all you need to do is paste your sitemap URL, click on submit and it’s done.

sitemap submission
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If you have multiple sitemaps, just repeat this process until all your sitemaps are listed in the submitted section. And this is how, you submit your site to search engines.

Submit a Page URL to Google Search Console

If you want to submit an individual page to Google, it is simple too.

In GSC, go to URL inspection (or Overview Section) and paste your page URL that you want to index.

In few seconds, you’ll see that GSC says ‘URL is not on Google’ if the page isn’t indexed. So as to get it indexed and crawled, click on Request Indexing.

URL not on Google Search Console
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If the submitted page URL is indexed, GSC says ‘URL is on Google’.

URL is on Google
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However, if you have made any recent updates and you want Google to recrawl the page, you can still click on Request indexing to index the changes made to the URL.

How to Submit a site to Bing Search Engine?

To submit your site to Bing, you’ll first need to set up Bing Webmaster Tools. Just like Google Search Console, signing up to Bing Webmaster Tools is free.

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Click on “Sign in” button to get started. You can use your Microsoft, Google, Facebook account or create a new account.

How to Submit a site to Bing Search Engine?
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Now, Bing will ask you to add your site. You can add with either of the options, to import your site from GSC or add your site manually.

How to Submit a site to Bing Search Engine?
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Importing site from Google Search Console will require some verifications whereas adding site manually option will require you to add a code to the site (either through plugins like Rank Math, Yoast SEO, All in One SEO or in Header File).

Once you are done with verification, you need to return to Bing Webmaster Tools and click the Verify button. Here, you should see a success message to let you know that your site has been added successfully.

Add Sitemaps to Bing Webmaster Tools

Just like Google Search Console, submitting your sitemap to Bing is easy and simple. Just select ‘Sitemaps’ from the menu, paste in your sitemap URL, and click on the “Submit” button.

Add Sitemaps to Bing Webmaster Tools
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Now that you have submitted your site to Bing, it has also been automatically submitted to Yahoo too. Also, DuckDuckGo uses Bing’s search results. This means, by submitting your website to Bing, you also get your site indexed on DuckDuckGo as well.

Submit a Page URL to Bing

Submitting an individual page to Bing is also simple.

In Bing Webmaster Tool, go to URL inspection and paste your page URL that you want to index.

Submit a Page URL to Bing
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In a few seconds, you’ll see that screen shows that says “Not discovered” if the page is not indexed. So as to get it indexed and crawled, click on Request Indexing.

Submit a Page URL to Bing and request indexing
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If the submitted page URL is indexed, Bing says ‘Indexed Successfully’.

check indexing on Bing search engine
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However, if you have made any recent updates and you want Bing to recrawl the page, you can still click on Request indexing to index the changes made to the URL.

How to submit a site to Yahoo search engine?

To submit your site to Yahoo, you need to submit your site to Bing and that’s it! This means you don’t need to do anything to get your website to show up on Yahoo.

Yahoo is powered by Bing’s index, so by submitting the site to Bing, your website will automatically be submitted to Yahoo also.

How to submit a website to Baidu search engine?

If your website targets people in China, You should also submit your website to Baidu (76%+ China market share). If not, however, Google, Bing and Yahoo are the major priorities. As if you do not belong to China, you cannot even Login Baidu.

Baidu offers site submission only in China through Baidu Webmaster Tools account. A site needs to be submitted only once with the home page URL and Baidu search engine automatically includes all other pages of your site.

Login to your Baidu Webmaster Tool account and fill in your details (Name, Email, Phone No.)

Once you have successfully registered, Navigate to “Site Management” and click on the “Add New Site” button.

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Now, Enter your site URL and click on “Add a Site” to submit your site to Baidu.

How to submit a site on Yandex Search Engine?

Yandex is often known as the Russian search engine.

Add Your Site to Yandex Webmaster Tool

In order to add a website to Yandex, you need to first create an account to register to Yandex Search Engine. It is also free and simple to register at Yandex.

How to submit a site on Yandex Search Engine?
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Once you have an account at Yandex, login to Yandex Webmaster Tools account and click on “+” button to add your website.

Now you are prompted to add your site’s main home page URL. Make sure to include the correct version, including http/https and www if you are using it.

How to submit a site on Yandex Search Engine using Yandex webmaster
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Once you add your site URL, you will need to verify your site and ownership.

How to verify your site and ownership on Yandex search engine
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You are provided with different options to verify your account, but meta tag is the easiest one to add on your site, specially if you are using WordPress, you must be using Plugins like Rank Math, Yoast SEO or All in On SEO.

Now Copy-Paste the code to your site/plugin and Click the “Check” Button in Yandex Webmaster Tool.

If the verification works, you will get a confirmation code that your site is verified by getting into a direct Window to “Users Managing the Site”. If it doesn’t work, clear your site’s cache and then try again.

Add Sitemaps to Yandex Webmaster Tool

Just like Google Search Console and Bing, We need to add a sitemap to Yandex Webmaster. Just select ‘Sitemap files’ under the Indexing section from the menu. Paste in your sitemap URL, and click on the “Add” button.

Add Sitemaps to Yandex Webmaster Tool
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Now, the website and all the pages on your site can be crawled and indexed easily.

Add Sitemap file to Yandex Webmaster Tool
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Submit a Page URL to Yandex Webmaster Tool

Similar to the Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster account, you have an option to request Yandex crawl your important pages on priority.

To add your individual page URL to Yandex, Select “Reindex Pages” under the Indexing section. And now, you can add the important pages. Here you can add up to 30 URLs in one day.

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Submit a Page URL to Yandex Webmaster Tool
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However, if you have made any recent updates and you want Yandex to recrawl the page, you can still use reindexing option to resubmit and index the pages to Yandex.

Set Geotargeting on Yandex

Yandex’s search results change drastically depending on the location of the searcher. If you have a local business, you should make sure to tell Yandex which geographical area you are targeting.

If your website targets a global audience (like mine), then you can tell Yandex to disable geotargeting.

To set your geotargeting options, Select “Region” under the Site Information section.

Set Geotargeting on Yandex
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How to Check if Your Website Has Been Indexed?

To see if your website/page URL has been indexed and submitted successfully is, simply go to your chosen search engine’s homepage and search “" as the search term and it will show up in the search results (usually at the top).

How to Check if Your Website Has Been Indexed?
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This works for all popular search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

FAQs About Submit Website on Search Engines

What is bulk search engine submission? How to make bulk search engine submission? 

Bulk search engine submission is an act of submitting your site on many search engines at a time. You can perform bulk search engine submission with tools like,, and 

What if I just want to submit an individual webpage to Google?

The process is straightforward! You can copy and paste the URL into Google Search Console’s URL inspection tool. If Google search engine has not indexed the page, you will see the “URL is not on Google” warning. 
To index it, you can click the “Request Indexing” button. Once you click it, Google received the request to crawl and index the page.
You can do “Request Indexing” for the URLs that you updated or republished. This is an excellent practice to let Google recrawl the old updated pages.

How to check if your website is indexed? 

In Google Search Console, Go to the “Coverage Report” and look at the “Valid” tab. It gives you insights into the number of indexed pages by Google on your site.
By clicking the “Submitted and indexed” or “Indexed, not submitted in sitemap” links under the Details section, you can further see the insights about these pages.
The second way to check indexed pages is- search in Google for the site:

What to do if your website (or webpage) isn’t indexed?

Before you place a request to Google to crawl and index through the Google search console, it is better to know why it is not indexed. If your website is new and Google miss to wl your site, you can directly place an Index request. 
But if the page has a coverage error, the page is not mobile-friendly, the page is the canonical the fix it before the indexing request. 

How to submit website on DuckDuckGo search engine?

You can not submit your website to the DDG search engine. DDG automatically indexes your site provided you have Google webmaster and Bing webmaster integration to your website. And your site or page will index on Google or Bing; DuckDuckGo automatically lists your site as soonest. 

Can I install DuckDuckGo search engine?

No! DuckDuckGo (DDG) does not have a browser. So, you can not install DuckDuckGo on your desktop/laptop. On mobile, you can “download” DuckDuckGo as a browser and search engine. 

What are the popular search engines in the world?

Google, Bing, Yandex, CC Search, Baidu, Swisscows, DuckDuckGo, StartPage, Search Encrypt, and Gibiru are the world’s top search engines. 

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