Why I Choose AWeber Email Service Provider Over Others

Why I chose Aweber email service provider than others- honest AWeber review
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Why I Chose AWeber Email Service- A True Opinion

Once you start your business, you should have a strategy regarding how to build an email list? How to do email marketing? How to run high convertible and effective email campaigns? 

Because building an email list for any business is very important. The reason is very simple; email marketing for your business is the cheapest and most popular way to make your business both sustainable and scalable. The data shows that email marketing gives you the ROI of $44 in $1 investment. The future of any online business can not be great without email marketing.

The very first step is bring an automation to make the whole email process smooth, as you can not do all the things manually. 

So, selecting the best email marketing tool and software for your business can ease all your hustle. There are many top email marketing software and tools out in the market, out of which AWeber email service is the best one. (Read my complete AWeber Honest Review)

With over 700 professionally designed email templates, an easy-to-use powerful drag and drop editor, a fully customized email setting, and autoresponders, AWeber is the best email marketing software for my business

AWeber email service provider helps my business with landing page creation, email automation, lead capturing and follow ups. With AWeber, I also save huge money, time and get 24/7 phone and chat support.

I Personally Recommend Using AWeber

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    Get to Know AWeber

    If you’re just learning the basics about AWeber and haven’t visited its website yet, take a moment to familiarize yourself – we won’t go anywhere!

    Powerful Interface with Easy-to-Use Features

    To use AWeber email service you need not be a coding or technical expert. AWeber email service offers you a variety of features with an easy-to-use interface. That’s why AWeber is also popular as the best email marketing software for beginners, startups, bloggers and even small businesses. You can host unlimited images (1GB+ of photos) to make your email campaigns more powerful.

    Autoresponders- AWeber’s Speciality

    To make your email campaign successful, you have to educate. Before pitching any product or service, you should send an educational series of emails. This will increase your conversion rate, and build trust. That’s where AWeber’s Autoresponders help you to skyrocket your business with a professional email campaign. 

    Autoresponder automatically triggered by time or user actions. 

    AWeber allows you to programme and create autoresponder as per your business need such as:

    • After sign up, they immediately receive a welcome message from you.
    • After few days or a week, they can get a tutorial guide or review your product or services
    • Then after a few days, they receive offers and discount codes for your product.

    And so on. 

    Another example is; suppose you read my blog post on “How to do email marketing and it’s automation” on The Blue Oceans Group

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    Next time, we send you the industry reports on robust ecosystems and ROI by email Marketing. 

    Then after a few days, we’ll send you the case study on email marketing effectiveness about some clients; how they are making thousands and millions of dollars through email marketing. 

    If I follow up with you with such an informing and educational email series, then you might become a hot lead and engage with my emails. 

    You should not forget your old customers or prospects customers. You should continuously send automated emails with attractive design and offers. 

    Keep making offers compelling over time, such as discounts on your products or services from 5% to 10%, 20% or 30% adding urgency to it. 

    Supportive and Highly-Efficient Support Staff

    Any AWeber user feels delighted with the amazing customer support staff. AWeber email service provider has a dedicated team of subject matter experts, where you can resolve your queries over call or chat.

    Safe, Secure, and Reliable Software

    AWeber owns and operates all its dedicated mail servers, RAID enabled database server, primary and secondary DNS. Apart from all this, AWeber has 24*7 on-site staff, a key code locked building with full-time video monitoring, and separate key code authentication access to the server room. So, you need not worry about security. AWeber email service is 100% safe and reliable. 

    Email Subscribers Segmentation

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    One the basis of subscribers categories such as number of email sent, email delivered, bounce rate, open rate, click through rate, and unsubscribe rate, I can automatically segment my whole email list. AWeber helps you to make your email marketing campaign hustle free. Moreover based on this augmentation you start analysing who is your highly prospect customer, and who is worthless.  This data analysis will tell me how strong my relationship is with your subscribers. 

    A/B Testing

    AWeber email service allows you to do A/B testing or split testing to understand your audience better. With this feature, you can send variants of your email series, monitor their performance, and understand what is working best for you. Generally, A/B testing used to test different subject lines, font sizes, email copies, newsletter formats, etc. 


    One of the most amazing features that I like about AWeber is data reporting. AWeber email tools keep track of delivery rate, open rate, click through rate, bounce rate, email growth rate, unsubscribe rate, overview of sign up methods, users geographical locations, past open, and CTRs. 

    Importing Data or Email List

    You can import your existing email database in just a few clicks. AWeber email software allows you to upload XLS, XLSX, TSV, CSV, and TXT file types. If you want you can add individual subscribers manually too.

    AWeber Allows Popular Third-Party Integrations

    With AWeber, email software, and tools I can integrate more than 1000 software and tools related to my business. Some of the most popular integrations are WordPress,Wix, Drupal, Shopify, SalesForce, HubSpot, LeadPages, Unbounce, Zapier, and Pie Sync. 

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    Cheapest and Most Affordable Email Service Provider

    One of the main reasons for AWeber’s popularity is that any business can afford it. Pricing is not an issue. You get maximum benefits in the least investment. Most of the email marketing software in the market has higher prices than AWeber. That’s why I never hesitate to use AWeber as it is not a burden on my marketing budget. 

    Free Access to Educational Content

    When I was new to email marketing and did not really know how to use AWeber. But, I got tons of free tutorials, and courses in the form of blogs, and videos. So I became an expert using AWeber in no time. You will also get the free access to the webinars. 

    My Review About AWeber Email Service

    Aweber Email Service Rating:
    Valuable and fully-featured email marketing software – (My Go-To Email Marketing Tool).
    AWeber gives you the flexibility to manage contacts and customize your own email templates. It offers many features and provides perfect reports to see the performance of mailing list, email deliverability, unlimited email sending out of the ordinary, all of which won me over at AWeber.
    AWeber is also professionally advised by Business Experts as one stop email marketing solution. 

    Email Marketing Experts and Other Business Users Review About AWeber Email Service

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    Here is a Million Dollar Deal For You:

    You can start your email marketing in $0 investment. 

    Free Sign Up to AWeber Today and Skyrocket your business 

    FAQs About AWeber Email Service:

    AWeber is an email marketing service provider. More than 100,000 small businesses  are scaling their business with AWeber. It helps users to create and automate email campaigns. Brands do email marketing to build trust, capture leads, bring engagements and then conversions. 
    AWeber's Campaign feature allows you to create multiple series of messages unique to your mailing list. After creating a new campaign, you can duplicate it within your list, copy it to another list in your account, and even generate a code that you can use to share your Campaign across accounts.
    Both the email softwares are superb! AWeber has more than 200 reviews with the rating of 4.32/5 and Constant Contact also has more than 1500 reviews with 4.28/5 rating. You can give a try to AWeber as it is not only an awesome email service provider but also give you free access with no credit card needed.
    Tom Kulzer is the Founder and CEO of AWeber. To help the small business across the globe, he created one of the world’s cheapest and best email marketing software and tools that allows its users to build strong relationships with their customers to maximize leads and sales. 
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    Are You Ready to Give AWeber a Go?

    AWeber is one of the world’s leading email marketing and automation platforms. You get access to design and create email templates, landing pages, push notifications and more!

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