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Semrush is the world’s #1 marketing software and online visibility platform that offers more than 40+ tools and reporting features. Link building is one of the most powerful toolkits by Semrush. 

With Semrush link building tools you get an in-depth scenario of your backlink profile, and tips to improve your link building efforts to increase the site’s domain authority. 


Link-building tools by Semrush collect the list of all link-building opportunities for your domain. It also provides you the power and easy-to-use interface to run an outreach campaign where you acquire high-quality links on tons of referring domains. 

This free and best backlink tool in Semrush allows its users to run competitive analyses on their SEO rivals and run customized link-building outreach campaigns. 

In short, Semrush backlink toolkit users can access the following great features; 

  • Run huge link building outreach campaign based on target keywords and competitors
  • Customized and highly structured workflow to manage the outreach process effectively
  • Allows Gmail and Google Search Console integration
  • Automatic retrieval of contact information for target websites
  • “Monitor” features track and give the progress report of backlink campaigns over time.

Semrush link-building tools are categorized into the top 5 features that are explained below.

Every website owner should take the site’s health issues very seriously as prevention is always better than cure. You should conduct a site and backlink audit at least once a week. 

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With the Semrush backlink audit tool, you can monitor your backlinks’ quality, and streamline workflow to detoxify and further strengthen your backlink profile. 

This backlink audit tool will give an in-depth overview of the total number of links including toxic inbound and outbound links on your web pages. 

Moreover, it also allows you to remove or disavow the toxic sites’ links to yours that are negatively affecting your site’s ranking.  

You can reach out to the owner of a toxic domain via email, or direct message, and ask them to delete the link. In case you do not get a reply, no need to worry. In the Semrush backlink analysis tool, you can put all toxic links into a .txt file.  and send directly to the Google Disavow tool. This way, you can put all the harmful links to disavow. 

Not only this, the Semrush backlink audit tool allows you to find new and lost domains. You can keep track and manage i) all the backlinks you have, ii) track newly acquired; and iii) lost or broken backlinks. Further, you can check over the last 60 days’ performance of these backlinks. 

Remark: Keep Regular Audit and Recrawls to Keep Your Backlink Profile Clean:

Backlink audit and cleaning is the first step of the link-building process. It is very critical to discover and remove or disavow toxic links in time. Otherwise, you will lose not only the site’s domain authority but also ranking and traffic. 

Another tool in the Semrush link-building toolkit is “Backlink Analytics”. The Semrush backlink analytics tool is the universal tool for collecting and analyzing any site’s backlinks. This way, you can keep an eye on your competitor’s links, build link strategy and steal links. 

If you want to search backlink prospects manually then it will take enormous time and give you the least result. You will waste a lot of human resources, time, and money. But Semrush Backlink Analytics gives you a set of metrics where you can check any website’s backlinks in a few clicks. The backlink Analytics feature also gives you a detailed backlink report for any site. You will get enough features and filters that are enough to automate your time and efforts. 

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  • Sort backlinks by type and attribute
  • Filter out received data and analyze your prospects
  • Discover the richest backlink portfolio in your niche
  • Identify backlink types: text, image, form, or frame

And these are the following information that you can gather about backlinks; 

  • Check all inbound links, linking domains, subdomains, URLs, and their categories
  • Explore single URLs, domains, and anchors
  • Inspect a referring domain’s authority and location
  • Check IP, TLD, and location distribution

This way you can monitor the link-building activity of your competitors and easily set goals for all your link-building campaigns. 

Backlink Gap Tool by Semrush is an ultimate beginning to find link-building opportunities and new prospects. With the help of the “Semrush Backlink Gap” tool, you can visualize and track competing backlink profiles. It gives you complete insights into that backlink profile that help you in outreach. 

This Backlink Gap tool allows you to enter up to 5 competitors’ domains where you see their referring domains. You can check all the backlinks of your competitors and classify them with relevancy and quality.

You can compare your domain with any of your competitor’s domains, subdomains, and URLs and pinpoint the backlinks to reach out to with a better strategy. 

Not only this, but you can also prefer time periods such as the past 3 months, past year or all-time with an intuitive chart. Based on your niche, preference, relevance, and quality of backlinks you can export accurate data in an excel or CSV file. 

Hence, the Semrush Backlink Gap tool helps you to discover more backlink opportunities, gives in-depth information about how many competitors have a backlink from a specific domain. That all makes your whole backlink outreach process much easier and quality-driven. 

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Backlink Bulk Analysis is another amazing feature available in Semrush link-building tools. This tool allows you to check and compare up to 200 website URLs to check their backlink profiles in one place. This way you can save your huge time, money, and upscale link-building prospects against competitors. 

You can bring the ultimate link-building automation and expand your presence within your niche. 

Semrush Backlink Bulk Analysis tool gives you complete information on how many referring domains and backlinks each URL has.

You only need to enter any URLs you want to check and this tool starts giving you insights at any level such as root domain or a subdomain. Once you specify, click on “Compare” to see the results.

Check the URLs through a range of metrics to see those with the largest backlink profiles and assess your own efforts.

Be it a text, infographic, image, or any type of content, the Backlink Bulk Analysis tool by Semrush provides you with accurate data about backlinks. Moreover, you can also see how many do-follow and no-follow backlinks a domain has. 

Semrush Bulk Analysis gives you the correct data for each domain with an authority score that you can trust. Like other tools by Semrush you also get access to export the data in an excel or CSV file. 

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With the Semrush link-building tool, you can run and automate backlink outreach campaigns to acquire more links. You can explore a myriad of backlink opportunities easily. With sophisticated filters, you can find prospective links.  

Semrush Link Building Tool is a powerful way to build and scale your backlink profiling from scratch. With the help of this tool, you can also check all the domains suitable for your campaign. After setting up link-building outreach you can track your work in progress to monitor the results. With Semrush intuitive charts, you can see backlinks on the basis of broken, lost, rejected, or active. You can move back the broken, lost, rejected links “In Progress” list and instantly contact your link partners to fix them. 

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All Semrush users directly get this link-building tool that helps them to outrank their rivalries, build and scale high-quality links on multiple referring domains. With the following 4 major features in Semrush link building tools, you can make your whole backlink process smooth and effective. 

When you get started with Semrush link-building tools, click on the setup button in the widget. This configuration window allows you to enter up to 10 keywords and 10 competitors for which you want to rank higher on search engines like Google. Once you do it, Semrush automatically suggests link-building opportunities. 

Semrush backlink tools give you detailed reporting by covering 6 major areas and that are All Prospects, Keywords, Competitors, Mentions, Uploaded Manually, and lost Backlinks 

  1. In “All Prospects”, you get the reporting of all of the domains that are listed as prospects in your campaign.
  2. In “Keywords”, it tracks and reports about the domains that Semrush found ranking in organic search for the keywords you entered in the configuration.
  3. “Competitors” reporting gives you the data of domains that send backlinks to the competitors that you entered in the configuration.
  4. “Mentions” reports you about domains that mention your brand name, sourced from a connected Brand Monitoring campaign. 
  5. “Uploaded Manually” tells you about the domains you uploaded to your campaign manually. 
  6. Last but not the least, “Lost backlinks” gives you insights about domains that used to link to your site but now the links are lost.

You can even filter all your potential backlinks by URL type, keyword, or TLD to see specifically what type of links you are going after. URL types include forums, blogs, news, review, wiki, and general. When all these advanced features combine, your scope of acquiring backlinks increases thousand times. 

Till now, you have understood how you can grab link-building opportunities, and how you should approach acquiring bulk links. 

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Now while setting up your email outreach, you can use the “In Progress” tab in the Semrush link building email outreach feature. It has stunning features like

  • Connecting an Email Account
  • Domains in Progress
  • Importing Domains
  • Filtering Prospects with Contact Info
  • Domain Quality
  • ​​​​​​​Customizing Your Emails
  • Outreach Strategies
  • ​​​​​​​Saving Templates

Another remarkable feature in Semrush link-building tools is the “Monitor Report”. You can track the progress of your link building efforts over time in the following categories;

  1. Types of Links
  2. Filtering Your Data
  3. Importing Domains
  4. Updating Data
  5. Exporting Backlinks
  • Semrush is the world’s most trusted and widely used marketing software. It is the number one keyword research, SEO, PPC, SMM content marketing, and link building software. 
  • Be it a start-up, bloggers, YouTubers, online business owners, or big enterprises, more than 7 million people are using Semrush. 
  • Semrush link-building tools have more than 17 trillion backlinks and a 20 billion keyword database that makes it one of the most trusted and reliable sources.
  • With Semrush link-building tools you can bring complete automation to backlink campaigns with popular integration like Gmail and Google Search Console.
  • Semrush has powerful data tracking and reporting features by which you can simply identify broken toxic, nofollow or dofollow links. You can automatically remove or disavow harmful and broken links from your site. 

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to Sign-up to Semrush Link Building Tools for FREE for 14-Days in order to boost your SEO and Link Building campaigns (absolutely worth $119.95).

Step 1: Click this Exclusive Semrush link to grab your 14-Day Semrush account for free (worth $119.95). You will be landing on the Landing Page with Special Offer just for you. (This offer is not publically available on Semrush’s site)

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Click on the button to grab this special offer and to continue for a quick process.

Now, it will ask you to create your Semrush account. There are two  ways, you can either simply log in with your Google account or you can use your email and password manually (you will have to verify your  email with a code in the second option)

create an account on Semrush
  • Save

Step 2: Once your account creation is done. Now, you’ll be redirected to the page with the coupon applied automatically. 

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Now, you can see that you are getting Semrush Account worth $119.95 for $0.00 (Free) in “Today’s charge”. So, you can enter your billing information and billing address risk-free 🙂

semrush steps for 14-day trial for free
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Step 3: Now that, you have entered your details, Just Click on “Place the Order” and it will provide you instant access to your Semrush Pro account for the next 14-days (without charging you even a single penny).

place Semrush Free Trial order
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You are now ready to use the full features of Semrush Pro (including all the Semrush Link Building SEO Tools) for the next 14 days. In case you are not satisfied with Semrush, then you can cancel your free subscription at any time simply from the dashboard or by sending an email to [email protected].

So what are you waiting for? Sign up (by clicking the link below) to get access to Semrush all the Link Building and other Marketing tools for FREE.

Grab the Semrush 14-Day Free Trial Now!

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Acquiring Backlinks is the hardest thing in SEO. No one can run away from backlink creation tasks as it is one of the top factors in Google’s organic ranking. 

Semrush is the world’s most trusted link-building software and tools as it has a renowned database of more than 17 trillion backlinks.

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So, what are the best practices and pro tips for creating high-quality backlinks

  • Get every backlink that you lost. Also, claim for a backlink where your resources are mentioned without backlinks. 
  • Steal the best link-building ideas and backlinks from your competitors. Semrush’s backlink competitor report will help you with this. 
  • Find the content ideas that can be a great source of acquiring backlinks. Semrush’s Indexed Pages report will help you to find ideas for “backlink attractive” content. Comprehensive industry reports, 4000+ words of in-depth content, and infographics are some types of content ideas that can give you thousands of quality backlinks on tons of high authority referring domains. 
  • Never miss grabbing redirects for previously successful pages. 
  • Always focus on building natural links that can impress Google and save you from penalties. Never build spammy, or shady links. 
  • Remove or disavow all the toxic links that are impacting your website negatively. Make your website 100% free from harmful or broken links. 
  • Automate your link-building campaign to scale your backlink profile. This will save you a lot of money, time, and other resources. 

I hope you have understood how Semrush can help you in link-building campaigns and bring automation to the backlink process. Semrush is the best link-building tool in India, the USA, the UK, and many other countries. 

By the way, there is no harm to experience Semrush link-building tools features as you are getting a 14-day free trial. 

So, have you ever used Semrush link-building tools? If yes, then share your experience in the comment box. If not, then you must use Semrush. At least give it a try. It’s 100% free and exclusive. 

If you are using any other link-building tool for your backlink campaign and acquiring links then let me know. 

Either way share your thoughts, queries, questions, or experiences. I try to reply to all the comments to answer your question and review constructive feedback. 

What is link building?

Link building is the process of increasing brand visibility and promoting your website on other sites by securing links to impress search engines.

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What do links mean for search engines?

Links help search engines to discover new web pages. Apart from it, based on link quality and the number of links on referring domains, search engines decide your page ranking on SERPs. In simple terms, the more links your pages have the higher ranking you will get on the web. 

What is a link-building campaign? 

Link building campaign is a process of acquiring backlinks on tons of referring domains to scale links to your website. You identify the link-building opportunities and do automated outreach to the prospects by using sophisticated link-building tools like Semrush. 

What are the benefits of link building?

Link building is a long-term strategic approach of not only driving qualified traffic but also increasing brand awareness, site’s domain authority, online visibility, and more. You establish Expertise, Authority, and Trust (E-A-T) and impress search engine bots. 

Can I delete and update my link-building campaign in Semrush? 

Yes, you can delete and update your campaigns. But if you are deleting any specific Project then it will end up by removing all of the other campaigns set up in the Project. And once it is deleted you can not recover. 
However, the Link Building tool allows you to restart your campaign without deleting your entire Project. You will get an update option as well. 

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What are the limitations of Semrush link-building tools?

The first limitation is regarding importing links. If you use the free version of Semrush, you can import up to 100 domains to a Link Building Tool campaign whereas Semrush paid subscription allows up to 10,000 domains via the form. 
Another limitation of Semrush link-building tools is regarding Gmail outreach. When you integrate your Gmail account to the Semrush link-building tool to do outreach, you can send only 500 emails sent per day from the connected account.

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