Semrush is the #1 SEO, PPC and Content Marketing Toolkit. You can research millions of keywords, audit any site’s SEO, analyze any domain’s backlinks, spy on your competitors, get topic ideas with Content Templates, social media calendar-posting management, content templates, advertisement strategy analysis and much more. Semrush is a must go-tool for most of the bloggers and marketerts to make their campaign strategy successful. Not only this, Semrush is trusted by over 6 Million Users.


All-in-One solution for your marketing needs- SEO, PPC, SMM, Content, Market Research


Support team make sure your to help you through planning, trainings & regular health checks.


Semrush is recommended by Top Marketing experts like Brian Dean, Matthew Woodward.


Price Starts at $119.95/m. Designed for freelancers, startups, marketers, SMB, agencies, E-commerce.

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Why Semrush is the Best SEO, PPC, SMM, and Content Marketing Tool?

Because of it’s features- SEO, Advertising, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Market Research, Competition Analysis, Reporting and more, Semrush is the first preference and a Go-To Tool for bloggers, SEO freelancers, content marketers, content publishers, link builders, marketing, and advertising agencies. 

Get free access to Semrush now and grow your site’s ranking, traffic, domain authority, leads, and sales. 


About Semrush- All-in-One SEO, PPC, Social Media and Content Marketing Tool: 

With a giant database of 20+B keywords, 32+T backlinks, 45 SEO tools & reports, Semrush is the best marketing software trusted by 6+M bloggers, freelance writers, SEO and PPC experts, marketing and advertising agencies from the last 12 years. Semrush is the best SEO and SEM Tool Winner 2020 in US, UK, and EU Search Awards. 

Why Millions of Users and I love Using Semrush?

I Personally Recommend Using Semrush

If you’re new to this whole SEO thing, I highly recommend that you go with Semrush.

If you already have a free account with Semrush (which you absolutely should), you can upgrade and still get the 14-day free trial.

All you need to do is log into your free account and follow the link mentioned above.

Like I said before, you can cancel your account anytime. There is no obligation to continue once the trial period is over.

However, I doubt that any serious marketer will cancel their subscription after realizing how amazing this tool is. It’s one of my must-have SEO tools, and I recommend it to every marketer of any online business.

So grab your free trial now!

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    What are the main features of Semrush? How it helps you in achieving digital marketing goals? 

    1. You can explore 40+ Semrush tools and reports to find the best solution to your digital marketing challenges. 
    2. Keyword Research: Discover all the best keywords to target and bring traffic to your site.
    3. On-Page SEO: Audit your pages and get ideas to improve their health and SEO performance.
    4. Competitor Analysis: Increase your website traffic and improve performance with competitors’ winning strategies.
    5. Content Marketing: Develop a powerful content strategy with data-driven solutions.
    6. Local SEO: Optimize your site for local searches and get more local customers. 
    7. Rank Tracking: Track daily changes of your target keywords in your target location. 
    8. Social Media Management: Social media posting and analytics platform
    9. Off-Page SEO and Link Building: Find unexploited opportunities to strengthen your backlink profile. Also help you in identifying and removal of toxic or broken links.
    10. Competitor SEO Analysis: Find all of the keywords and content in your competitor’s strategy. 
    11. Content Creation and Distribution: Create and share traffic-driving articles that resonate with your audience. 
    12. Content Optimization: Get recommendations on optimizing your content to drive more organic traffic.
    13. Content Marketing Analytics: Assess your content performance to identify areas of improvement. 
    14. Market Analysis: Analyze your position and get ahead of the competition in a current or new market.
    15. Paid Advertising: See the paid keywords and ad copy from your competitor’s PPC ads.
    16. Competitor PR Monitoring: Track your rivals’ online mentions and social media presence. Build your brand reputation.
    17. PPC Keyword Research: Build your perfect paid search campaign with our keyword research tools
    18. Website Monetization: Monetize your audience with our powerful tools for bloggers, AdSense publishers, and affiliate managers.

    What Makes Semrush the Best Keyword Research and Content Research Toolkit?

    Know the reason- Why Semrush is the Best all in one SEO tool over other Tools in the Market? 

    With more than 20 billion keyword databases, Semrush is the best tool for keyword research that is highly recommended by every marketing expert and bloggers globally. 

    Without performing search engine optimization (SEO), any online business can not even think about sustaining and scaling their business. 

    That is the reason why CMOs are investing 10% of their whole marketing budget in SEO only. 

    Semrush is best keyword suggestion tool that also allows you to check competitors keywords.

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    Every site wants to rank #1 page on search engines like Google; because SEO brings higher ranking, traffic, qualified leads, sales and brand visibility across the web. 

    To accomplish SEO, you need to win the battle of keyword research, content, on-page SEO, link building, off-page SEO, technical SEO, local and global SEO. That makes SEO highly competitive, difficult and requires a long term strategic approach.

    People use more than 10 tools to do these SEO tasks. But somewhere they fail. 

    That’s where Semrush comes in! 

    You can use the only SEO tool that is Semrush to perform all your SEO marketing task and rank #1 on SERPs. SEMRUSH SEO tool not only skyrocket your business but also increase the brand visibly across the search engines. 

    Even Semrush is the best topic research tool for my site

    All-in-One Digital Marketing Semrush Tool Includes:

    Interest Based Semrush toolkit
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    Semrush Logo
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    Get to Know Semrush

    If you’re just learning the basics about Semrush and haven’t visited its website yet, take a moment to familiarize yourself – we won’t go anywhere!

    SEO Toolkit:

    Semrush SEO Toolkit
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    The SEO Toolkit SEO toolkit by Semrush has five main workflow categories:

    • Competitive Research
    • Keyword Research
    • Link Building
    • Rank Tracking
    • On Page and Technical SEO

    The top features of Semrush SEO toolkit to handle your website’s SEO are:

    Semrush is the best site audit tool or SEO audit tool

    1. Site Audit (Projects)
    2. Position Tracking (Projects)
    3. On Page SEO Checker (Projects)
    4. Domain Overview
    5. Organic Research
    6. Backlink Analytics
    7. Link Building Tool (Projects)
    8. Backlink Audit (Projects)
    9. Keyword Overview
    10. Keyword Magic Tool
    11. Keyword Gap
    12. Backlink Gap
    13. SEO Content Template
    14. Organic Traffic Insights (Projects)
    15. Traffic Analytics
    16. Log File Analyzer
    17. Listing Management
    18. Sensor and Ranks

    Apart from best tool for blogging, Semrush is the best tool for off-page SEO. Semrush is the best link building tool or SEO backlink tool

    Advertising Toolkit:

    Semrush PPC Toolkit
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    Why Semrush is best for Advertising and PPC?

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    Semrush is the best PPC Ad tool. SEMRUSH has the largest database of users so you can do keyword research and competitor analysis to plan and track the performance of paid search campaigns.

    This Semrush advertising tool works in three main streams: 

    • Competitive Research,
    • Keyword Research
    • Ad Creation

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    1. Domain Overview
    2. Advertising Research
    3. Keyword Overview
    4. Keyword Magic Tool
    5. Keyword Gap
    6. Display Advertising
    7. PLA research
    8. PPC Keyword Tool (Projects)
    9. Position Tracking (Projects)
    10. CPC Map

    Social Media Marketing Toolkit:

    Semrush Social Media
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    How Semrush helps you with Your Social Media Marketing?

    Every online business must be aware of the benefits of social media. SEMRUSH social media marketing toolkit has top features where you can get out of every trouble to grow and run your business. 

    Social media marketing tools by SEMRUSH help you to track your competitors social media marketing strategy, bring higher engagement on posts and drive huge traffic to your website. With this toolkit, you can plan your own high performing social media campaigns. 

    The top 2 features of Semrush social media marketing toolkit includes:

    1. Social Media Tracker (Projects)
    2. Social Media Poster (Projects)
    3. Social Media Ads (Beta)

    Content Marketing Toolkit:

    Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit
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    How Semrush helps in Content Marketing for your Website or Brand?

    Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit is the best content marketing tool for bloggers, freelancers, content marketers, brands, and online business owners to skyrocket their ranking, traffic, leads and sales on SERPs. 

    In SEO, the success of any business is determined by the amount of quality traffic on your website. 

    The top features in content marketing toolkit by Semrush includes:

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    1. Topic Research
    2. SEO Content Template
    3. SEO Writing Assistant
    4. Content Audit (Projects)
    5. Post Tracking (Projects)
    6. Brand Monitoring (Projects)

    Semrush content tool is popular for content idea generator or blog topic generator. It is the best tool for content marketing, and online publishers.

    Who all can Use Semrush Content marketing Toolkit?

    • Content Marketers or Content Producers.
    • Bloggers, Publishers, and News Websites.
    • Content Marketing Agencies and Institutes.
    • SEO and PPC Service Provider Companies.
    • Any company that want to increase their brand awareness like Coca Cola, Nike, Domino’s.
    • E-commerce businesses like Amazon, FlipKart, Shopify, etc.

    Competitive Research Toolkit:

    Semrush Competitive Research
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    Semrush’s competitive research tool helps you to beat your competition and stand at the top in the industry. 

    With the help of a competitive research tool by Semrush you make the best marketing decision with the data-driven approach. In just a few clicks, you can get the whole picture of all your competitors’ organic search, SEO, PPC, advertising, content marketing and PR, and social media strategies. 

    You can steal best industry practices, set your own benchmarks for improvement and stand on the top. 


    The top features of Semrush Competitive Research Toolkit includes:

    1. Market Explorer
    2. Traffic Analytics
    3. Organic Research
    4. Keyword Gap
    5. Backlink Analytics
    6. Backlink Gap
    7. Advertising Research
    8. Display Advertising
    9. PLA Research

    Who can get the benefit from Semrush Competitive Research Toolkit? 

    •  Website Owners, Big and Small Businesses.
    • Major companies such as Forbes, Philips, The New York Times, PayPal, Hyatt, etc.
    • SEO Freelancers, Content Marketers, and Link Builders.
    • Bloggers and Publishers like Backlinko, The Blue Oceans Group, Search Engine Journal, etc.
    • Product and Service Companies like Aweber, Bluehost, WPX, HubSpot, Astra, ect.
    • Marketing and Advertising Agencies.

    Semrush Management Tool: An Extra Gem for Semrush Users

    Semrush Management Toolkit  offers one stop solution to manage all your marketing campaigns. You get everything structured and processed such as timely notifications of all the events that influence web rankings, performance reports, and personal notes regarding your business. 

    Semrush Management Toolkit top key features includes:

    1. My Reports
    2. Marketing Calendar
    3. Projects
    4. Notes
    5. Lead Generation Tool 

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    Why is Semrush SEO Software any bloggers’ and SEO Freelancers First Choice?

    Semrush is best tool for bloggers, and SEO freelancers. Not only this, you can check competitors keywords and then use best keyword suggestion tool as a blog topic generator

    • Keyword research– Tool to use: Keyword Magic Tool- Superpower features are “Questions” and “Keyword Match Filters”. In Keyword Match Filter you get the precise characteristic of broad match, phrase match, exact match and advance features.
    • Topic research- Tool to use: Topic Research- Super power features are “Detailed Card” and “Mind Map”.
    • Post drafting- Tool to use: SEO Content Template: Superpower features are keyword usage, page title and meta tag recommendations.
    • Content optimization- Tool to use: SEO Writing Assistant: Superpower features are assisting overall SEO score, readily score, LSI enrich keywords, plagiarism checker and high quality backlinks for your content. 
    • Bulk analysis- Tool to use: Content Audit: The most powerful features of content audit tools to help you with titles, word count, shares in social networks, backlinks, latest traffic data from Google Analytics, actual search queries from Google Search Console, and page status, etc.
    • Outreach and mentions tracking– Tool to use: Brand Monitoring: Superpower features are “Backlink Filters”. In Brand Monitoring, you can filter out all the domains that mention your brand but have no backlinks to your website. 
    • Rank tracking- Tool to use: Position Tracking: The most powerful feature is SERP Features filter. If your target keywords can trigger Featured Snippet then your traffic will automatically increase by 12-30%. 
    • Management- Tool to use: Marketing Calendar: The superpower features are notifications and Google Drive integration. 

    Why Semrush Agency Bundle is the first preference of Digital Marketing Agencies, and Big Enterprises?

    Even Semrush software and tools are the first preference of any content marketing, SEO and PPC agencies. With Semrush, marketing and advertising agencies make their whole process and workflows 100% hustle free and deliver their services to clients on time. best content marketing tool]
    Semrush is best software and tools for SEO agencies. They used Semrush as the best link building software, competitor analysis SEO, website audit tool, website traffic checker and best rank tracker tool. 


    Semrush Pricing- How much does Semrush cost? 

    Semrush offers three plans, Pro, Guru, and business priced at $119.95/mo, $229.95/mo, $449.95/mo respectively when billed monthly. You can save 17% on their plans if you opt for annual payments.

    Semrush Pricing
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    Is Semrush free? How do I get Semrush for free?

    If anything is delivering that much value then it can not be free. Semrush is a premium marketing software and tools starting at $119.95 per month.  

    The best part is that The Blue Oceans Group users can get a 14-day free trial of Semrush Pro using our exclusive Semrush coupon code.


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    Conclusion on Semrush Best Software and Tools for SEO, PPC, SMM and Content Marketing: 

    Semrush is also popular as an “all-in-one SEO tool” and “all-in-one marketing toolkit” for various reasons. It is loved by almost every website owner and marketers in the world. 

    Many people try to save their money, time and other resources and are not willing to pay for more than 10 SEO tools. So, if you want to invest only in one tool for all your SEO, PPC and content marketing tasks, that is definitely Semrush. 

    So what do you think about Semrush? Are you ready to increase your site’s domain authority, keywords ranking on SERPs, traffic, leads and concession? 

    Are you all set to run and grow your online business by doing competitor analysis, and leveraging the mutual influence of SEO and PPC? And what about social media and content marketing?

    Click here to get instant access in Semrush for free 

    Also, let me know by leaving a comment if you have any queries related to Semrush trial accounts. Anyway share your thoughts in the comment box. I try to reply to every comment of my valuable subscribers and readers. 

    Semrush Logo
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    Are You Ready to Give Semrush a Go?

    Semrush is the All-In-One SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing Tool. Explore its website today to see if it’s your perfect match!

    FAQs About Semrush SEO, PPC, SMM and Content Marketing Tool:

    SEMRUSH Position Tracking tool is one of the most beloved tools by Semrush users. With this position tracker tool, you can monitor specific geolocations, types of devices, and sort tracking results. It also gives you the access to spot and fix cannibalization issues, compare SEO performance, and export SEO reports.

    Whenever you set up your SEO or PPC campaign, the top features of Semrush Position Tracking Tool includes:

    • Hyper Targeting by ZIP Code
    • Devices and Locations Report
    • Competitors Discovery Report
    • Google Data Studio Integration
    • Cannibalization Report
    • Filtering by SERP Feature
    • Featured Snippets Report
    • Tracking Results in Local Pack
    • Interface Language
    • Selection Tags
    • Customized Alerts
    • Stunning PDF Reports
    • Tracking on the go!

    Semrush is a fantastic online visibility marketing platform that helps you with doing SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC and social media marketing for your blog or business website.

    Be it a brand, bloggers, content marketer, advertises, social media campaigners, publisher, or SEO freelancer you can use Semrush free trial from keyword research to competitor analysis to backlinks to do whatever you want until your trial period expires. 

    Semrush in the Domain Vs Domain feature is one of the best features of SEMRUSH marketing software. In a few clicks. you can easily do domains’ comparisons. You can also enter more than any two domains of your competitors and SEMRUSH will immediately fetch all the relevant data for your analysis and better strategies. 

    Semrush alternatives for keyword research are Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, Moz, AnswerThePublic, LSI Graph, and Soovle.
    Semrush alternatives for SEO and link building tools are PitchBoz, MajesticSEO, GroupHigh, BuzzStream, BuzzSumo, Moz and Ahrefs. 
    Semrush alternatives for PPC tools are SpyFu, Unbounce, LeadPages, PPC Entourage and Google Ads Editor. 
    But again for each task you are going to invest in so many tools which does not make any sense until you have too much funds. But, Semrush is way better than any of these tools for any task you want to accomplish to run and grow your business. 
    Semrush not only has the largest database among all SEO tools, but also covers both SEO and PPC marketing tasks. If you want to invest only in one tool then Semrush is a much better option than MOZ and Ahrefs. Since you can perform all your marketing tasks from SEO, SEM, content marketing, competitor analysis and link building with the more efficient way then Semrush drives more value than any of these tools. You not only save your huge money but also cut off all the time and resource consuming hustles. 
    YES! Semrush is a highly effective premium SEO and SEM tool.  It’s starting plan costs you only $119.95 per month. If you are just a beginner or startup, this sounds a bit of an expensive tool, but trust me a single penny is worth investing in Semrush. You will never regret making the buy decision of Semrush. Millions of marketers including me have been using Semrush for the last many years. The best part is we all are happy with Semrush features and support. 

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