Best Infographic Submission Sites List in 2023 [Free+Paid]

Best Infographic Submission Sites List
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Infographic Submission Sites Introduction

Infographic is another popular type of content marketing to promote your business, drive traffic, earn backlinks, improve site’s domain authority, generate leads and conversions. To promote infographics there are various promotion channels and infographic submission sites are one of them. 

Brands, bloggers or content marketing institutions use infographics to serve the purposes like educating the audience, planning and listing their growth strategy, and data representation. 


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    What is Infographic?

    Infographic is a visual presentation of any data, business, industry reports or any topic with minimal text which is easy to understand, and eye catching to the audience.  

    Few Globally Recognized Great Marketing Infographic Links 

    You can check the internationally recognized infographics related to digital marketing, and SEO made by my marketing and advertising agency, The Blue Oceans Group

    Click to see the best visuals and marketing infographics!

    Robust Ecosystem of Infographics and Why to Use Infographic?

    • According to the content marketing industry report 2020, 67% of B2B marketers are creating infographics and 62% brands publish infographics and visuals 2 times a week. 
    • Infographics increase web traffic by 12%. Further, blog posts that embed visuals get 650% higher engagement than text-only posts. [Demand Gen Report]
    • As per Venngage, 30% of marketers use infographics, more than any other type of visual content like videos and GIFs. Moreover 42% of marketers agreed, original graphics like infographics bring more engagement than any other form of visual content. 
    • Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images. Infographics are liked and shared on social media 3x more than any other type of content. [Quick Sprout]
    • In one report of Social Media Examiner, it was revealed that infographics are 3X more shareable on social media than any other type of content. Also, 74% of social media marketers use visuals, followed by blogs (68%) and videos (60%).

    Time and Budget Required to Create Infographics

    • 71% of marketers reported that they take less than 5 hours per week making visuals whereas 11% spend over 15 hours per week, and 18% spend between 5 and 15 hours per week.
    • 29% of marketers find difficulty in creating engaging original visuals like infographics. Further, 36% of marketers are ready to spend more than one third of their budget on infographics.
    • Most marketing reputed agencies charge from $800-$2,500 from start to finish for an infographic to their clients. 

    Best Infographic Software and Tools

    If you are a small blogger, start up or having a small online business with a limited budget then you can choose the cheapest and best infographics software and tools. There are several infographic makers available that could service your needs and help you quickly and easily create great visuals in no time. They provide you with the most attractive pre designed templates with 100% fully customized.  Click here to check 9 best and free infographic software and tools to grow and run your online business.  

    However, Visme is my ONE-GO tool that stood out above all as the best fit. The reason is because it is both designed and priced with the virtual entrepreneur in mind. Moreover, the functionality of this tool (includes GIF infographics) rivals anything else available.

    Benefits of Creating, Publishing and Promoting Infographics

    • Infographic brings higher reach and engagement than any other type of content including GIFs and videos. 
    • Infographics are the most shareable content form on social media and web.
    • Infographics are not only the best marketing content type but also an amazing weapon to win the battle of off-page SEO.
    • Every blogger, marketers, and website owner knows that getting backlinks is the toughest and most horrible part of SEO. But if you create highly engaging and quality infographics, then with one infographic you can acquire thousands of backlinks on hundreds of high authority referring domains. 

    MUST KNOW: The online marketing agency Kissmetrics earned more than 42,000 backlinks by creating only 54 infographics. And this is not the only company. When I started my marketing agency, I was not able to get good quality backlinks even after creating exceptionally well and high quality researched content. Then I also started an infographic creation and within a few weeks I have got backlinks from internationally big websites like Social Media Today (90+ DA) and Marketing Profs (89+DA). 

    Best Infographic Submission Sites List


    Conclusion on Infographic Submission Sites List

    I hope you understood well about the importance of infographics in content marketing. Also the above mentioned infographic submission sites list will help you to drive immediate traffic and leads.

    One thing you should understand is that creating a high informing infographic with attractive visuals is neither simple nor an impossible task. After finalizing the infographic topics you need content research and look for creativity. 

    If you have a tight budget and can not spend thousands of dollars then by using these infographic tools you can create an amazing infographic. 

    So, what are your findings and learnings from this article on infographic submission sites? After reading this blog, what is your content marketing strategy going to be? As a blogger, brand, or online business owner, how are you going to leverage infographic marketing opportunities to sustain and scale your website on the web and social media?

    Let me know your queries, thoughts or suggestions in the comment box. I read and reply to almost every comment. 

    FAQs About Infographic Submission Sites List: 

    Like social bookmarking sites, blog commenting sites and web directory submission sites, infographic submission sites allow you to submit your original graphics or visuals such as infographics so that you can get more targeted reach, qualified traffic, clicks and ranking.

    The cheapest and best infographic maker softwares are Venngage, Visme, Infogram, AdobeSpark. You can get both free and paid versions. Click here to get free access on any of the infographic software

    Yes! You can create an original infographic containing visuals like graph, charts or any pictorial presentation. 

    Mainly there are 8 types of infographics such as informational infographics, statistical infographics, list infographics, timeline infographics, process infographics, geographic infographics, comparison infographics, and hierarchical infographics.

    An ideal infographic width and length for most of the website and blogs is 600-1100 pixels pixels respectively. While any infographic’s length and width should not go beyond 1800*2000 pixels. The recommended infographic length for Facebook posts is 1200 x 628 pixels, Facebook Stories is 1080 x 1920 pixels, Instagram posts is 1080 x 1080 pixels, 1080*566 pixels or 1080*1350 pixels, Instagram Stories, 1080*1920 pixels. For Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, the recommended length for infographic posts are 1200*675 pixels, 1104*736 pixels and 600*900 pixels.

    Infographics are used in marketing to drive traffic, build and scale backlinks, improve site’s domain authority, hook ranking, generate leads, sales, and increase brand awareness. Infographics also used to educate the audience, and mapping down business goals and strategies. 

    Undoubtedly yes! The popularity and trend of infographics is increasing year by year especially from 2017. Most brands and small online businesses are spending one third of their budget in infographic creation and marketing. 

    Creating an outstanding infographic is not child’s play. You need to do in-depth research on that topic, map down the data and other relevant information on one place, then with creativity you can start making infographics. If you are not an expert designer then infographic tools like Venngage, Visme, Infogram, AdobeSpark and Canva help you with pre-built 100% customized design where you only need to place the data and content. 

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