How to Repurpose Video Content for A Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Repurpose Video Content for A Digital Marketing Strategy
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How to Repurpose Video Content for A Digital Marketing Strategy?

Video content marketing has, quite undoubtedly, become an integral part of marketing strategies over the past few years, so much so that some people believe that video content marketing has now become the most successful, efficient, and fastest-growing marketing form. According to a study conducted by Zenith, online video viewing continues to rise and grow on a global scale and is predicted to continue growing exponentially for the years to come, as shown below.

How to Repurpose Video Content for A Digital Marketing Strategy
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The same study also found that approximately 92% of the surveyed digital marketing companies and entities agreed that online video marketing trends have become an integral part of their marketing strategies and budget.  According to these marketers, the abovementioned video marketing ideas and trends included everything from informative to demonstrative, DIYs, product-specific, and even webinar videos.

So, essentially anything and everything in a video format that would grab the marketers’ viewers’ attention and engagement has now become crucial for their marketing strategies. But does that mean that everyone is now churning out great video content on a regular basis? Ideally, it would be, but that isn’t necessarily true, practically speaking, and that’s because of a few factors that make video marketing a challenging procedure.

These include:

It is a significantly time-consuming procedure 

It requires expensive professional equipment 

Planning the layout and structure of the video campaign isn’t everyone’s cup of tea

Editing can be expensive, tricky as well as time-consuming

Attaining legal resources can be challenging

These are just a few of the many reasons why many marketers have to dedicate a significant amount in their budgets towards Video Marketing Strategies and why they don’t produce as many videos as expected despite their success, popularity, and effectiveness rate. As a matter of fact, 25% of marketers have stated that they do not create video marketing strategies because they either lack the time or the finances for it. 

So, what can you do if you want to get more out of your video content or if you want to boost your viewership and engagement? Many marketers would say you should repurpose it. What is that, you might ask? Well, that is precisely what we are going to be discussing today – How to Repurpose Video Content for A Digital Marketing Strategy

What Does “Repurposing Content” Mean?

Before we discuss the details of how your video content can be repurposed, let’s first understand what repurposing actually means.  Simply put, the concept of repurposing content refers to reusing and revamping existing content into various different forms and formats in order to make it more engaging and adaptive for one’s viewers.

Marketers repurpose their content for a multitude of various reasons. Some aim to target a new audience, while others repurpose content to boost viewership and engagement. Many marketers use repurposed content to become more relevant and reach out to a larger audience through various channels and social media platforms. 

There are numerous examples of how content is being repurposed in today’s day and age, with the most popular and common formats that video content is being turned into being:

  1. Blogs
  2. Podcasts
  3. Emails and Newsletters
  4. Stories
  5. Short clips 
  6. Social media posts
  7. Gifs, and
  8. Infographics 

Why Are Marketers Repurposing Their Content?

While different marketers have various reasons for repurposing their content, such as reaching a wider audience, getting a greater ROI, saving time by not having to create fresh content from scratch every time, gaining authority, and so on. Most digital marketers claim that it is ultimately to get a better return on investment (ROI) on their marketing campaign.

However, of course, the advantages of repurposing your B2B video marketing content are endless. Most marketers agreed that the following reason is the most lucrative and appealing reason why they consider repurposing their content.

For an SEO Enhancement

It is a well-known fact that different content pieces related to the same area of interest perform significantly better than having a single content piece on a topic. In fact, multiple formats of content on a specific topic or keyword not only create more opportunities and traffic but also reaches a larger target audience, consequently causing a significant boost in the used topic/keyword’s SEO.

To Reach New Viewers

Many marketers also repurpose their content to reach a new set of audiences. Creating content for a specific platform in a particular format will only reach a handful of people and might negatively impact your marketing campaign, whereas repurposing the same content for different platforms in various forms will help you reach out to more people, allowing your content to gain a new audience.

Reinforce Your Marketing Message

As the King of Digital Marketing Neil Patel himself often states, write less- promote more. Repurposing content helps marketers do precisely that. It is not easy to convince people to invest their time, energy, or money these days owing to the surplus of information, alternatives, and excessive marketing on social media.

So how do marketers get their message across, reinforce it and convince people to invest in their service or product, you might ask? They keep on promoting it. Why? Because according to Marketing’s famous Rule of Seven, people usually need to be promoted an idea, product, or service seven times before they finally close the deal. Repeating the same content in more contemporary ways and various forms helps digital marketers reinforce their message. 

How Can You Repurpose Video Content for A Digital Marketing Strategy?

With the basics now discussed, let us move on to the actual concern of how can marketers conveniently repurpose their video marketing content for a larger digital marketing strategy? As discussed earlier, there are countless ways people are now repurposing their content. They are thinking out of the box and getting creative with the forms, formats, and platforms they can use their repurposed content for. However, certain forms and platforms have proved to be more cost-effective, easy to convert, and successful than others, and these are the few formats that we will be focusing on today.

Blog Posts and Articles

It is no surprise that blogs have taken the marketing world by storm. Over the past two decades, the world has seen an exponential rise of both blogs as well as bloggers, and it is because of the rapid growth that marketers pay special attention to blog posts and articles. According to HubSpot, Blogging is the third most common content marketing strategy, after video marketing and eBooks, as also shown in the image below. 

The misconception around only blog posts being turned into videos is very common among new marketers, whereas the truth is that video content can too be converted into blog posts and articles. In fact, it’s a lot more convenient, easier, and affordable. Repurposing video marketing content into blog posts and articles allows marketers to build on the existing content, elaborate and explain their products and services in detail for the customer’s better understanding.

Other than more room for discussion, blog posts also help marketers gain authority and boost their Search engine optimization (SEO). As long as they are targeting the right keywords and using them appropriately, an improvement in their SEO performance is almost always inevitable. When converting video marketing ideas into blog posts, adding in statistics, screenshots, graphs, flow charts, and anything that supports your claims and data helps your blog posts become more authentic and perform better.


According to a study conducted by The Interactive Advertising Bureau in 2019, businesses spent over $497 million on podcast advertising the previous year, marking a 53% increase compared to the amount paid in 2017. Moreover, the same study forecasted that by 2021, both the spending as well as the revenues are expected to double, owing to the fast-growing podcast audience.

Considering how more than 22% of the American population listens to podcasts at least once every week, Podcasts are a great way to repurpose video marketing content to reach a larger audience and increase viewership. Given their immersive content structure, marketers find that podcasts perform better since the podcast audience has a higher engagement rate. Repurposing existing content allows companies and marketers to reach a wider audience while also boosting loyalty relevance in the process.

Since podcasts are usually much longer than standard marketing videos, like blogs, these too allow marketers to discuss details and elaborate on the points being presented, making the podcasts more engaging, exciting, and reliable while also adding additional value to the content being marketed.

Email and Newsletter Content

How to Repurpose Video Content with email marketing and newsletter
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Image Source : Pixabay.

Other great platforms where video content can be conveniently and effectively repurposed are emails and newsletters. Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most widely used and effective marketing channels for conveying a message to its target audience. Ans, in order to get the most out of an email or newsletter marketing campaign, people need to regularly deliver informative, relevant, and engaging emails and newsletters to their subscribers. Creating the content for these emails and newsletters so frequently can eventually become a challenge even for the best of marketers. So how do they overcome this hurdle? They repurpose existing content and use it to create revamped email and newsletter content for their subscribers. 

So, instead of sending a lengthy video each time, they use the same video and create several separate emails and newsletters from it, creating more of an email or newsletter series. This not only takes care of the constant need for email and newsletter content but also helps marketers follow their schedules and stay persistent. Why is this such an excellent repurposing platform? Because according to research, the clickthrough rates of emails with videos attached are almost 65% more than those without any videos. Moreover, short videos in informative emails have also seen a significant 26% reduced unsubscribing rate. 

Social Media Graphics and Stories

With the rise of social media apps and platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, marketing strategies have revolutionized to quite a large extent. Within the last decade, another relatively more recent platform has enabled marketers to explore a new dimension and platform for their marketing strategies and ideas.

This new addition is basically a form of social media graphics known as “stories.” Although stories initially started with the social media app Snapchat, they quickly took over the entire social media domain with Facebook, Instagram, and even WhatsApp following closely behind by launching this option on their own apps. 

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Stories are one of the best ways to attract your audience without taking any of their time. Lasting only a few seconds, stories can contain just content, audio, video, or even all of them. Repurposing video content is very easy when it is being converted into stories since it doesn’t require a lot of time or expertise. In fact, the process is as easy as it gets.

All one has to do is pick and highlight the essential bits of information, statistics, facts, and images (if any) and compile them into individual stories. Once done with the compilation, all that’s left to do is upload these stories on the platforms of your choice.

However, when repurposing video content into stories, the only thing that markets need to be careful of is that the stories should not contain too much information that the audience might not be able to read within the time frame a story lasts.

As long as your stories are concise, eye-catching, and easy to read, getting your point across shouldn’t be a problem at all. 

Short Clips 

One of the most accessible and most convenient repurposing formats for lengthy videos is short clips. A 5-minute video can easily be broken down into several various short clips without putting in a lot of time or effort. 

Repurposing long video content into shorter clips makes it more versatile, allowing the marketers to post it on other platforms with shorter time frames, too, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  These clips are great means for expanding your reach, boosting your viewership, and increasing your engagement, and that is because people are more likely to watch a short 1–2-minute video than a 5–10-minute video.

Moreover, when repurposing a long video into shorter clips, you can create a series of short clips for your marketing campaign and post them regularly, allowing your campaign to remain reinforcing and engaging. With peoples’ attention and memory spans decreasing by the day, these short clips make grabbing and retaining your audience’s attention easier and more doable while also ensuring that your message gets across effectively. 

Social Media Posts 

How to Repurpose Video Content for social media marketing
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Image Source: pixabay.

Creating a series of social media posts is another excellent option when repurposing video content. This enables marketers to stay on top of their posting schedule and keep the audience excited and engaged.

Moreover, a lot of content can be repurposed from a video when it comes to social media posts, so much so that a single video of around 5 minutes can easily create 10-15 various social media posts. This helps developers and marketers create and redirect organic traffic for their posts while also aiding in reinforcing the campaign message to their audiences. 


Repurpose Video Content for A Digital Marketing Strategy with Infographics
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Image Source: Pixabay.

Another content format that has recently gained a lot of attention and positive feedback from marketers is infographics. Their immersive, easy to read and easy-to-consume structure makes it easier for markers to convey their message to their audience while making it easier for the audience to understand the message being communicated to them. 

Infographics are very popular among both the marketers as well as the audience for the sole reason of how they present even the most complicated information in the most straightforward, digestible manner without taking the reader too long to read and understand it. 

So, when repurposing a video, several various infographics can be developed from the same video’s content while also promising significant viewership and engagement by the audience. All you have to remember when repurposing an existing video into infographics is that you must keep them concise, easy to read, easy to understand and make it as engaging as you can. For that, feel free to use data, statistics, facts, and even key findings and trends. 

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Other than blogs and static graphics, marketers have recently also started using GIFs when repurposing video content and video marketing strategies. One of the prime reasons why GIFs have attracted the attention of marketers and the audience alike is because they are eye-catching, engaging, and very easy to connect to. Like short clips, GIFs too allow creators and marketers to add additional information, ensuring that they can communicate their marketing message easily while also engaging the audience without any extra efforts. 

Closing Thoughts

Now that we have discussed all the popular and effective ways that video marketing content can be repurposed in detail, we hope applying these methods will be easier, convenient, and effective for you. Sure, some of these can take some time before the results start appearing but rest assured that you will see a positive impact on the results of your marketing strategies

To avoid getting overwhelmed by the procedures or the influx of information, we always advise marketers to plan ahead of time so that they can carry out the repurposing operations in an organized and timely manner. 

We also stress marketers to have a well-planned and robust promotion strategy to go with their marketing strategy so that they can get the most out of their campaigns and reach larger audiences for the content while also gaining additional traction and maximum viewership traffic.

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Video content as your online marketing strategy
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This is a guest post by Daniel Nanasi.  Music, people, and traveling have always fueled his passion for business, the arts, and life itself. He is a seeker of adventure and rich experiences. Early on, he found video as the medium that could help him achieve both. He has worked with celebrity hip-hop artists and rock icons as well as executives from the healthcare industry and fortune 100. His extensive travels and craft have now merged into what he does for Think Branded Media

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