The Ultimate List of High DA Blog Commenting Sites

Introduction to Blog commenting in SEO and Blog Comment Sites List

The backlinks are the toughest nut to crack in SEO. For any new website, link building on high authority sites is next to impossible tasks. And before 2016, posting comments on blog commenting sites was the only easiest link-building strategy

But blog commenting in SEO has become one of the highly spammy link-building strategies by website owners and marketers. When search engines like Google realized the wrong practices of link building through blog commenting, they took very strict action with the Google algorithm updates.


Now in 2023, if you do blog commenting in SEO only for the sake of getting links then it has no relevance. With such malicious link-building acts. you are just wasting your time and waiting for the Google penalty. Google will penalize your website and its smart algorithm will hit your site very hard. Even your website can get banned or take years to recover. 

What is Blog Commenting for SEO? 

Blog commenting is an SEO link-building strategy where after reading a blog post you leave a comment by mentioning your name, email id, and website URL. The blog comment nature can be your suggestion, opinion, praise, or descriptive query. 

Blog commenting helps to acquire backlinks, drive hundreds of traffic, establish a strong relationship with the audience, and many future opportunities. 

Now the question is- are blog comments good for SEO? 

Since, blog commenting in SEO has a direct relation with authority, traffic, leads, conversions, and brand awareness. So you should not worry about the relevancy of blog commenting and link building. Blog commenting is good for SEO

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Why You Should Leverage Blog Commenting Opportunities in SEO? 

You Add Value with Blog Comment

In any of the blog posts, any expert writer can not cover all topics with 100% accuracy. Here With blog comments, you can add value to the audience by commenting on that missing part. It will not only add value to the audience but also draw the attention of the author and the readers. They acknowledge your suggestion and appreciate your contribution through blog commenting. 

Blog Commenting Generate Traffic and Leads for your Site

After reading blog posts, avid readers also crawl and read comments. And if they find any comment useful they click on the profile that leads them to your website. This way, blog commenting helps you with quality traffic and lead generation. 

Increase Brand Awareness and Partnership Opportunities with Blog Comments in SEO

With the right blog commenting approach you start increasing your online presence on multiple reputed websites. The author of these websites starts noticing you and the chances of brand partnership increase. 

As I said earlier that link building is the most important but the hardest thing in SEO. But, through blog commenting in SEO, you can acquire some great backlinks on very high authority sites in your niche or industry.  Though it might give you a no-follow link, it is still very useful.

So, in short, the Benefits of Blog Commenting in SEO are:

  • Connect with your readers
  • Connect with influencers that ease partnership opportunities
  • Generate Referral Traffic and thus, Leads
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Boosts site’s Domain Authority

If you are a newbie then one thing is for sure that huge websites like Forbes and Entrepreneur are not interested in linking your site with their blogs. And you should also not try to waste your crucial time in reaching out to these industry leaders. So, if your website is newly launched, hence there are very minimal backlink creation opportunities. And blog commenting is the easiest and quickest one to get backlinks on high DA websites (90+DA). 

INITIAL ACTION: Always find blogs related to your niche that accepts blog comments. Relevancy is very important, so Don’t ignore relevancy. We have listed some high-quality blog commenting sites with their Domain Authority (DA) for your specific niche.

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How to Find Blog Commenting Sites?

Though I have mentioned a list of high-quality blog commenting sites, you can find them with a simple Google Search too.

Google search to find blog commenting sites, you can use keywords like:

  • Blog commenting sites
  • Blog commenting sites for seo
  • Blog commenting sites list
  • High DA Blog commenting sites list
  • Dofollow blog commenting sites list
  • Instant approval blog commenting sites

You can also find recent articles in your selected topic or niche by typing inurl:, Like inurl:topic or intitle:, Like intitle:topic and you can filter the results based on a recent post this month or Year by clicking on the Tools > Anytime > and select your time period.

How to Find Blog Commenting Sites
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You can also use DropMyLink to find blog commenting sites

I use DropMyLink to find blogs with CommentLuv included. DropMyLink is one of the best blog commenting services, this is a place where you can easily find the right blog to comment on, be it a .edu blog, .gov blog, CommentLuv plugin enabled blog and more.

Drop My Link for Blog Commenting
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How to do Blog Commenting?

Whenever you try to gain backlinks for blog commenting sites, you must understand some ways before beginning blog commenting. Here is a list of instructions you must have to follow:

  • Make an account on Gravatar. It’s free. This will show your Avatar (Profile Picture) on all your comments and thus there are higher chances of getting your comment approval by moderator or admin. Use the right email address, website URL, and a short website description in the Gravatar account to add an extra layer of expression.
Make an account on Gravatar to get do-follow links for blog commenting
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  • Find High Domain Authority Sites that allows Blog Commenting in your niche. (I have listed the blog commenting sites in different categories. To find your niche, you can simply press Ctrl+F and type in your category or just scroll down below)
  • Find an article and read it throughout, you would be interested in commenting on for a blog. (You can also subscribe to some of the sites for latest updates)
  • Write a descriptive comment either in the form of an idea, query, agreement, or thanks-giving. Keep it long at least 100+ words Write it in your own words. Make your comment attractive that others can agree with you too.
  • If required, you can also add a link to your blog post/website in the comment (Remember Don’t Spam- Only and only, if required) by placing code:
    <a href=””>anchor text</a>

List of High DA SEO, Blogging and Marketing Blog Commenting Sites in 2023

Blog Commenting SitesDA
Elegant Themes Blog90
Yoast SEO Blog79
Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog59
Yaro Blog55
Matthew Woodward52
Niche Pursuits52
Authority Hacker49
HellBound Bloggers (HBB)48
MasterBlogging Blog46
Enstinemuki.com43 Blog42
Human Proof Designs42
Inspire to Thrive39
BloggingX Blog36

List of High DA Travel Blog Commenting Sites in 2023

Blog Commenting SitesDA

List of High DA Technology Blog Commenting Sites in 2023

Blog Commenting SitesDA

List of High DA Health and Fitness Blog Commenting Sites in 2023

Blog Commenting SitesDA
Diabetes Strong52

List of High DA Lifestyle Blog Commenting Sites in 2023

Blog Commenting SitesDA

List of High DA Finance Blog Commenting Sites in 2023

Blog Commenting SitesDA

Blog Commenting Mistakes You Must Avoid Now 

Say no to Emojis’ or Single Phrases in Blog Commenting 

Do not comment in one phrase or line. For example, most people leave comments like “thanks for sharing,” “nice post,” “keep writing” “awesome” “good” or they embed some emojis. If you are practicing this, accept ignorance you will get nothing. So, a comment should be descriptive, well articulate, and add some value to the audience or author. 

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Always Use your Full Name, Not Brand Name in Name Section of Blog Comment

I have seen many people who act very smart and over-optimize keywords in the “name” section by aiming their brand name. Trust me it’s very irritating and in more than 90% of cases, most professionals including me completely ignore those comments. During comment moderation, these types of comments either go in spam or trash. 

Therefore, using your full name in the “comment name section” is always a great blog commenting strategy.  

Never Use Fake or Inactive Email Id in Blog Commenting Sites: 

Another spammy or wrong practice of blog commenting in SEO is using fake email ids. No matter how great your comment is but again it irritates every responsible author. They mark your comment as spam or put it in the trash. 

Hence if you are serious in SEO blog commenting and want some effective output then do not practice such malicious things. 

Pro Tip on How to Write Blog Comment for Blog Commenting Sites to Get Instant approval

Read and Comment First Strategy

You should try to subscribe to all the most relevant blog commenting sites. This way you will be updated with their latest posts. The moment you receive the notification, try to read and comment as soon as possible. If you are the first one to write an articulate comment in their articles then your comment will be at the top and noticed by the author and thousands and millions of readers. 

Be Selective and Leave Impression

You should not comment on any random websites. It will be of no use. Always do blog commenting only on the site that is related to your niche or industry. If you are an expert on that topic and the author missed something then share your views. It will add value to the eyes of the audience and the author will also appreciate it. If you are not an expert then ask relevant questions or queries to the author by leaving a comment. Both the blog commenting strategies work significantly.

Before doing Blog Comment At Least be a Professional

Do not use your brand in the name section. Mention only the full name in the name section of the blog comment. Do not mention inactive or wrong email ids. Also, connect your email to Gravatar to display a profile picture next to your comment. 

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Write Descriptive comment and never Write Spam

Your comment should be constructive in nature. To accomplish this, you should always write at least 60-100 words of comment. Your comment can be in the form of query, opinion, suggestion, or thoughts. Address the author to draw his/her attention. And I don’t need to repeat it again that you must never Spam. Do not copy and paste any comment or article for the sake of blog comment in SEO. 


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Always focus to do blog commenting on your industry-related sites but never miss mainstream giant sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, etc. 

The Blue Oceans Group and Backlinko- Sugandha's view on Brian Dean's blog
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Conclusion on Blog Commenting Sites List

So, what was your learning from this blog?

You must have gone through the critical factors, dos and don’ts, blunders, and the effectiveness of blog commenting in SEO and solid strategies to get instant approval from blog commenting sites

One thing is clear, that along with blogging, blog commenting is also a true game-changer. Blog commenting in SEO can turn around your link-building strategy, skyrocket your traffic and generate high-quality leads and sales. Moreover, blog commenting in SEO is one of the strong brand marketing strategies.

I hope my guide on blog commenting in SEO with a blog commenting sites list will help you to achieve your milestones and make your online business grow and run

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Now it is your turn!

Which blog commenting mistakes do you do?

Which comment mistakes or spam do you see people make regularly on blog commenting sites?

Also, let me know your thoughts, opinions, or suggestions what you think about blog commenting in SEO

You can also ask me any queries or questions. 

Let me know by leaving a comment. I try to respond to almost every comment of my readers. 

FAQs About Blog Commenting Sites 2023 

Does blog comment still an effective SEO link-building strategy?

Yes! Blog commenting is still working. In fact, blog commenting is the fastest and easiest way to acquire backlinks on mainstream sites. Most website owners get ready to spend thousands of dollars and try hard to earn links from global websites like Forbes, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, but they fail. But with blog commenting, it is easy to plan and execute with zero dollar marketing investment. 

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How Does blog commenting work for bloggers, marketers, and website owners?

Blog commenting brings online brand visibility, helps in acquiring quality backlinks on high DA sites, generates hundreds of traffic and leads on your site. Blog commenting required ZERO investment in SEO marketing, very little effort, and time. 

How do I create a backlink in a comment?

By following my easy step by doing blog comments, you can effectively create backlinks in a comment section of any blog post. While doing blog commenting, being aware of what you should not practice is more important. So, you should take care of blunders and don’t in blog comments. 

While blog commenting, should I link my home-page URL or blog page URL? 

You can do both. Now, it is completely up to you based on your goal. If some web pages are more important in your website, and you are regular in blog commenting then you can make a list of your web page URLs including home page URLs and as their priority, you can start linking. 

What are high DA backlinks and why should I do blog commenting on high DA sites? 

When you get a backlink from a high domain authority website (70 DA+), then those links are considered as high DA backlinks. Any website that has 70+DA should have many backlinks on a lot of high referring domain sites. These websites also have a very high reputation on the internet. without backlinks, your web pages can not rank higher because links signal to Google that your site is a quality resource worthy of citation. They also have thousands and millions of high-quality audience bases. So, if you always do blog commenting on high DA sites, the brand awareness, traffic, leads, authority, and brand-to-brand collaboration opportunities will also increase. 

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