How to Make Money from Google AdSense [2023 Guide]

Google AdSense- Top Tips to Make Money and increase CTR
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How to Make Money from Google AdSense 67X More:

You may already have heard about Google AdSense, but you may not be aware of the strategies and tricks to increase Google AdSense earnings. After activating Google AdSense account for about 3-4 months, the confusion arises: Is Google AdSense still relevant? 

If you are looking for proven ways to improve your AdSense revenue, this detailed blog post is exclusively for you!

Google AdSense is still the top choice for most Businesses and Bloggers. Understanding Google Algorithm for AdSense is essential. While it seems to be a little scary, once you test practically as per the tips and ways to Optimize the Google AdSense account, your dashboard will positively take a U-Turn of your existing earnings.

This guide is here to learn everything you need to know on “How to make money from Google AdSense and methods to increase Click-through-Rate (CTR)

Understanding of Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an advertising platform that allows advertisers to promote their products to the prospects on the publishers’ web pages. The best part is Publishers earn money from the amount paid by advertisers to Google. Google works as an intermediate between the two and where both parties get a win-win solution in their cases. 

Seems very interesting. Right?

Now let’s understand the Google Algorithm: How it happens!

See it’s very important to get deep insights into the basics so as to make out the best from Google AdSense, of course, to start with it, you need to activate Google AdSense Account.

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Earning depends on the Type of Google AdSense Bids:

  • CPC (Cost Per Click) bids
  • CPM (Cost per thousand miles) bids
  • Active view CPM
  • CPE (Cost Per Engagement) bids

We will understand Google AdSense by playing a character role:

So, characters here are: Google, Advertisers, and Publishers

Adsense-Algorithm: How AdSense Works
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Advertisers optimize on improving their ads with smart pricing and performance reports for best results and less cost. Publishers optimize on quality traffic, ad size, ad placements, and others for more revenue generation whereas Google is an intermediate to satisfy both Advertisers and Publishers and Of course, for its own revenue source.

Let’s consider two accounts of Publisher A and Publisher B, Both have the same niche in Content Marketing, both write content on Business Updates, Marketing Ideas, Tools, and Software listings. But their income report differs. [Considering they started their websites at the same month of the year] {Note**: We’ve plotted a story to explain you better}

AdSense Earning depends on the Type of Google AdSense Bids
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Both Publishers A and B have the same niches, but their earnings are different.


Let’s analyze!!

Publisher A has activated auto ads and left everything for Google. Publisher B took risks, tried A/B Testing, Explored Dashboard, utilized website spaces for ads, set off ad units on most responsive locations, blocked ads that were not working well for him, found the AdSense profitable niches for the website, analyzed competitors, and set the ads that their competitors are earning (using tools like Semrush), optimized more and more every day! And then, Publisher B left everything for Google. 


  • Quality Traffic matters (More the Page views, Ad impressions)- there’s an increase in RPM (Revenue per 1000 impressions)  
  • Ad size at the most responsive spaces matters 
  • Ad Placements and Location of the ad matters 
  • Correct Background Color of the ads matters
  • Google AdSense Keyword Research of the most profitable niches matters (the most important factor)
  • On-Page Optimization of your web pages matters
  • Optimization for mobile site matters
  • Setting up AdSense for Search boost your revenue ultimately
  • Block Category ads that you feel are unsuitable for your users (Properly research from your statistics first) 
  • Run experiments and then working on the winners positively impact on AdSense earnings

Lesson: Hard Work Pays off Great! Taking Risks and Learnings work simultaneously. 

Note**: Do not worry that Google will ban you if an experiment turns wrong. Just stay compliant with Google AdSense Guidelines and policies

Now, we will understand each activity performed by “Publisher B” One-by-One.

Essential Checklist before you optimize your site with Google AdSense

Ensure that your users have a positive experience on your website

  • Create a High-Quality site with original content
  • Focus on Users Goals by diving deep into your offerings and strength
  • Employ a clear architecture of the site to get users’ attention in terms of contrast, size, alignment, whitespace and grid.
  • Ensure that users know what actions are to be taken on your site by creating a meaningful Call to Action (Just Like- You first tell your audience during the Presentation what you are actually going to tell)
  • Optimize your website experience for different user situations in terms of speed, features, undo options
  • Turn your casual visitors into repeat visitors by showing them new content, related content, social media, email, and user engagement
adsense High Quality user experience
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Develop a multi-screen strategy

With a multiscreen-centric approach, it makes the users friendly with your site resulting in a larger audience, therefore leading to higher ad revenue in the long term. 

Be aware, Mobile accounts for approximately half of the web traffic worldwide. As per the report of Statista, In the third quarter of 2020, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 50.81 percent of global website traffic, consistently hovering around the 50 percent mark since the beginning of 2017. 

  • Make sure that your site is responsive on different screens (You can check and optimize site responsiveness by doing Google Mobile-Friendly Test) and you have optimized the Loading Speed of the Site (You can run a speed test from Google Pagespeed Insights).

  • TIP: You can use multi-screen building vendors like (Suggested by Google for WordPress users). They create a responsive/dynamic web and mobile design.
  • You can even create a separate mobile site different from your original desktop version
    Also, Refer to Google Documentation for The Mobile Guide

See, above mentioned checklist is not just important for Google AdSense, it is also essential as far as your search engine optimization (SEO) is concerned!

Optimization of Google AdSense Account- A Secret that Reveals to Improve Ad Revenue

I am sure, we all have faced the ugly ads on our site the first time Google AdSense is activated. Right? 

And still, there are numerous sites that have not optimized the ads so as to tweak the users to make them click (in a positive way).

The choice of AdSense formats can be overwhelming. Many people (like Publisher “A” let Google decide for them, preferring to stick with the default settings that AdSense provides.

From my own experience, I can tell you, for almost an year I settled for just a tenth of what I could have been making just because I didn’t bother to control the look and placement of my AdSense units.

So here, we will study such ad formats on different screens that have been proven to work fantastic and it has also proven great for us as well.  I’m going to explain the formatting rules and techniques that have sky-rocketed the CTRs on our top-grossing pages. All the methods explained in this article have also been applied to this site and all the updates that we will be doing that results positively will also be updated in this blog- JUST TO KEEP YOU UPDATED TOO! Let’s dive deep to understand the strategies on how to make money from Google AdSense:

Ad Appearance Optimization on MultiScreen (Desktop and Mobile)

Even small changes to the appearance of Google Ad units can have a dramatic effect on the click-through rate. The context in which the ads appear is important too. Google calls “content relevance” will affect the kind of ads you receive, and the value of the clicks on those ads.

The various ad formats, colors, fonts, background, borders, and locations on the Web page can make up thousands of different combinations. You can literally spend hours every day by experimenting with every possible combination. These appearance changes with your ads can be done for in-feed and in-article ads. You can match the look of your site and content pages by optimizing the appearance of ads that fit well with your pages and posts. 

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Open your AdSense Account > Go-to Ads > By Ad Unit > Select your Ad-Format > Enter the URL for Google Suggestions (Now, Google will automatically show the sample ad that looks similar to your page/content) Click on Next and now, Start playing with colors!

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Engage users on your site by optimizing Ad Sizes that performs best

Optimizations for Desktop:

Here are some top tips to help you optimize for the Mobile

65e5PNiUtIDFsVT99dHVdPpxsdQlfb w8gmCByiCO6iTPgkhqlQIqd1jTy34XbX EnFpYKnpvYFcmO9V8InW3BYLWjWCc LdrcmctBvveGBlBQJZo5mNrciTQyUA9jhF87qgaBl1 - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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  • Place a 728×90 leaderboard unit above and below the fold
  • Place a 300×250 and 336×280 rectangle units in sidebar or inside the content area without annoying users (This ad format supports both display and text ads)
  • Place a 300×600 large skyscraper unit in the sidebar as it tends to give more exposure for brands, meaning more CTR.
  • Responsive ads (Display ad) in the sidebar has also shown great results in my performance report.

 Optimizations for Mobile:

Here are some top tips to help you optimize for the Mobile:

  • Place a 320×100 ad unit above the fold
  • M9EZDUgzAjmLnENI6nyTMj 4DASxwFsqVKJOMDhajyseo5fgSOpkd xiIJSyFF17DHhUZwvDFQ2rANKoKqB0ze 03bENSSzsjDVX3NBxWJkX - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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  • Use the mobile-optimized 336×280 or 300×250 ad unit below the fold
7qOKBwUrLox0mPsSaVaK qe9zVSP6XW 5JzR jS6uuRLeKp9BV7jX4bK226F7bGhqUn6qOYz9j rUsfxAyKYHluM9IYEU2nsxcG1WsAakugn H8LPnLkjrc RDQEptCfYwab F2T - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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Decrease your mobile page load time

jg3LqGcQKNk6n1Y23RGeD5 4 VxhZGyULmX2magegDY6Vyv1b3eDZZYudwmEzHysZwwcQEL8i6fVhNxXyjLw6RunT95ZBQ - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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Source: Google

Implement Auto Ads to make Google work for you

Auto Ads by AdSense leverages machine learning to scan your web pages and show ads at the right locations. It takes the user’s search data, advertiser’s interests, and market knowledge to optimize and add new ad units.

You can Enable or Disable Auto Ads according to the performance of your pages. I personally don’t like Auto Ads on my pages as the ad sizes are not according to me, it might bring more revenue but it makes my pages filled with ads, especially on desktop. 

Note**: Either the Auto Ad is enabled or disabled, don’t forget to paste the code in the <head></head> tags of your site

Implement Auto Ads to make Google work for you
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Therefore, I have enabled auto ads just for anchor ads (shows at the top of the page) on mobile devices to improve my ad revenue and excluded homepage in Page exclusions. [User Experience also matters right!] 

Implement Auto Ads to make Google work for you
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Manage Ads Placement with Ad Management Plugin

You can use Ad Inserter, Advanced Ads, or Ads Pro Plugin to manage the Ad Placements. As Ad unit code has to be pasted in individual pages (manually) so it is very hard to maintain and difficult to manage. Therefore, you should use a plugin (I use Ad Inserter) to manage the ads from one page for the entire site. For the sidebars, you will need to place the code in WordPress Widget.

To make your website look clean with your ads you can use words like ADVERTISEMENT, CONTINUE READING, SPONSORED, etc, which too can be added in the ad inserter plugin. 

Manage Ads Placement with Ad Management Plugin
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Here you can see, I have pasted my AdSense code for different ad units in different blocks set differently for mobile and desktop. 

Some tips to manage ads are:

  • Manage ads for posts, pages, archives in different blocks so that you can manage or update easily.
  • To place ads after “N” Paragraphs, you can code – %N or if you want to start with any paragraph S, you can code- %N@S
  • Similarly, there are different settings (in the insertion section) to place ads between posts, comments, below the header, above the footer etc 

The best part with Ad Inserter is you can even see the exact placements from the frontend editor. 

Manage Ads Placement with Ad Management Plugin
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This plugin is free of cost and easy to manage. It is compatible with Elementor, you can even use ad inserter shortcode for different placements as well.

AdSense for Search- An Essential Website Monetization Method

How to make money from Google AdSense? AdSense for Search is an essential part of your website monetization.

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Think of it! What happens when you visit anyone’s website and can’t find what you want? You directly look for a search bar to refine the search. Right?

Similarly, other visitors do on your site as well. If you have a Search box, you can make money from ads while the users search for a keyword and click on ads on the results page. And because those ads will be targeted to the keywords they’ve entered, you can be sure that they’ll be relevant.

You can place two search fields on your website (although you’ll probably only need one). When users search using that search box, the ads are placed next to the results in the same way (you need to make customized settings according to you, All the options are available in AdSense for search- Search Engine) that they appear next to content on a website

Now, Google has created a separate ad unit named Search Engine.

ad units- AdSense for Search
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If you have enough content on your site, you can select “only sites I select”, you can also search and mention other 15-20 sites that you trust and respect. Else, you can also select the entire web (here the best part is, the results that are shown next to ads will be prioritized with your content related to the keyword followed by other sites).

The results that are visible on search results are like:

Search results on AFS
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It’s very attractive and simple product that complements AdSense for Content nicely. But that doesn’t mean it’s simple to optimize. In addition to defining the search box, you also need to choose where the search results appear, design the results page, position the logo, and most importantly, customize the search.

You can even encourage users to search by adding a simple note to the bottom of your pages (404 pages and others) saying something like: “Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try Google Search!”

I am sure this will definitely help you increase your adsense revenue plus, this will also bring back the visitors on your website (reducing the bounce rate)

AdSense Arbitrage: If you can crack it, you can make wonders:

How to make money from Google AdSense and skyrocket your Ad revenue by using AdSense Arbitrage?

AdSense arbitrage is a practice that publishers use to create a profit margin. It sounds like a foolproof way to increase your revenues. If it were to be that easy, everyone would be doing it or at least try to do it. Arbitrage is possible but it has never been easy and Google works hard to make it even harder.

According to Google’s actual policy, Google says “you can use third party service to generate traffic to your site” but it is your responsibility to buy quality traffic that is not hampering your website performance. Make sure that the traffic you buy is not a bot or fake traffic that results in invalid clicks, else your account is going to be permanently suspended/banned.

Here are some options to get arbitrage traffic. 

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With Arbitrage traffic, there is a problem involved too. 

The problem with arbitrage is that you can never get a 100% CTR i.e., not every X-cent click you buy is going to give you 2X – 5X cents back — and every impression that doesn’t result in an ad click is going to eat in your profits. So, if you can see that you’re getting a 16% CTR, buying advertisements on AdWords to send traffic to your AdSense ads could be a good deal, although you’d need lots of traffic to make the profit on each click meaningful.

It leaves it as a challenging practice but not an impossible one. The principle still applies: if you can find keywords that generate higher revenue on your website than you have to pay for them and you’re not losing the profits through a low CTR, then it might work for you. But those users have to convert as well as click and you’re going to have to work hard both to identify those keywords and track the figures to make sure you’re not losing money.

Reminder, do not forget to adhere to Google AdSense Policies.

Warning: It may sound appealing to buy traffic and send it to your site in hopes of big AdSense profits. This technique may or may not work for you. 

Blocking Controls- Remove the Useless or Less Paying Ads

Now, how to make money from Google AdSense by sorting the garbage?

Another useful way to control the ads you see on your site is to block the ads you don’t want. You can block the ads based on content and search.

Blocking Controls
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Google lets you enter up to 500 URLs that you can block certain ads from appearing on your site. You can enter a specific page if you’re prepared to show other pages from the same domain, or you can add the domain itself and stop anything from that site from showing on your site. Blocked ads are banned permanently (until you unblock) from your site within thirty minutes.

Not only this, this feature is very interesting. You can control the ads on your website as you have all the details of the Ads that are running on anyone’s screen from the “Ad Review Centre”

block controls
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Click on Most Impressions to see the ads that are most visible on the user’s screen, block the ads by clicking on the block button. For the ads that you are interested to show on your website, select the ads and click on the mark all as reviewed. So, the ads you select will be shown as a priority.

You can also optimize and block the ads to specified categories like Gambling & Betting, Sensational, Sexual and reproductive health, etc in the “All Sites under the Content Section”. Do not remove almost all the categories, that may end up losing your ad revenue.

Blocking Controls- Remove the Useless or Less Paying Ads
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Similarly, the ads you block from the above section will automatically be removed from your domain as well.

Blocking Controls- Remove the Useless or Less Paying Ads
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If required, you can block the advertiser URL from the “Search” section of Blocking Controls. This setting works on AdSense for Search.

Search blocking control
  • Save

Note**: Blocking ads can make an impact and affect Google AdSense earnings. You do not have to guess which categories you should block.  Google provides details about the percentages of ad impressions those categories contribute and the percentage of recent earnings so you’ll know how much they contribute. If you find that one or more of the categories are serving for a large percentage of your total impressions, but the revenue is low, then you might want to consider blocking them.

Run Experiments and Increase Ad Revenue from Google AdSense:

Running an experiment allows you to compare one of your ad settings against a variation of that setting to see which performs better. Experiments work by splitting your site’s traffic between the original ad setting and the variation so that their performance can be measured side by side.

  • Save

Running an Experiment helps you to make informed decisions about the ad placement that works best. Therefore, you create, monitor and choose the winner among your ad settings, thus exhibiting full control.

You can run experiments for Auto Ads and Blocking Controls

Run Experiments and Increase Ad Revenue from Google AdSense
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 A better option in Experimenting Blocking Controls might be Category Filtering, which lets publishers block entire categories of ads.

Google also keeps notifying about the experiment and opportunities to take action on them. Publishers are recommended to try these suggestions from Google to see an improved revenue number. 

Discover the most profitable niche of your content

Capture the right niche and find the highest paying AdSense keywords to make money from Google AdSense. Profitable niche multiplied by High CPC keywords is directly proportional to Income in Bank Accounts.

The better the ads match the content on your site, the more clicks you’ll receive. But some keywords pay more than others. If you can identify the highest-paying keywords in your niche, you can target your content to ensure that it’s delivering the most valuable ads.

Getting the right keywords on your site won’t just make your ads relevant then; it will also help you to make sure that the ads you get are the ones that pay the most money.

Google wants advertisers to choose their keywords carefully, with an eye on generating clicks and cash. It doesn’t want publishers to choose their topics with their eyes on the money. It wants publishers to write content that they find interesting and important.

You should be doing both. Choose a subject that interests you and create pages that target high-paying keywords. Pick topics that you can see have a potentially large amount of search traffic, little competition from other sites, and a relatively high click price.

Put all of that together with the correct math, and you’ll have pages that bring in visitors who click ads that pay decent amounts of money.

How To Select a Profitable Niche for AdSense? 

Here’s the 4-step mantra:

  1. Traffic: Ensure your blogs generate 1000+ visitors every day from search engines
  2. Trend: Understand trends in the market and then work on them. You can check trends from Google Trends (free) and Semrush (paid)
  3. CPC: Check the CPC of the topics. You can use Google Keyword Planner or Semrush
  4. Interest: Pick topic of your personal interest and publish High-Quality Original Content

Note*: Make sure you have written 20+ posts on the niche to rank the website higher on Google so the audience can find you.

There are two ways to discover the most profitable topics:

  1. Estimate an average cost per click in the niche with the CPC Map tool
  2. Check the CPC of a particular keyword in the Keyword Magic tool

SEMRush -All in one marketing tool is powered by the biggest keyword database in the world. You can just enter a seed keyword and it will give you tons of related search terms with CPC, search volume, and competition level for each of these terms.

Tip: The amount you earn doesn’t solely depend on the cost per click value in your niche. It also depends on how ads match your audience’s interests, where the ads are located on the page, etc. So pay attention to the content of your website, its look, and feel, and test different placements within a page to find the most efficient option.

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Follow the Figures: Understand your AdSense Statistics

This means Tracking your Visitors Responses.

If you don’t know what works (and what doesn’t work) in trying to increase your AdSense revenue, you’re shooting arrows in the dark! Analyzing your stats can reveal a great deal about your visitors and answer fundamental questions such as what they’re looking for and what makes them click. Once you’ve figured that out, you’re on your way to big AdSense bucks!

Experiment with different layouts and track the results.

Every time you make any sort of change to your ads, you must track the results.

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Google’s Performance Reports deliver a stack of different figures and data. The main columns show Page Views, Clicks, Page CTR, CPC, Page RPM, and Estimated Earnings.

  • Track Results With Channels (URL Channels and Custom Channels)
  • Track the two Most Important Figures: CTR and Revenues

CTR’s can vary tremendously, affected by a number of factors.

Site Content:

Some types of content simply win more clicks than others. Sites that discuss products tend to generate more clicks than sites that are about more general topics, probably because users are in more of a buying mode than users looking for something to read. 

Site Design:

We’ve already talked about how where you place your ads and how you place them will affect your CTR. But because the same design might have different results across different topics, you’ll still need to know the principles of testing and tracking to keep your revenues high.

Some publishers who place few links on a page have found that they receive higher CTRs.  

Traffic Type: CTRs tend to be higher for visitors who reach a site through a search engine than they are for regular visitors.  

Ad Relevance: If you’re not getting ads that are relevant to your content, you’re going to have a low CTR. 

Seasons: Even the time of year can affect your CTR. Expect higher clickthrough rates at weekends and in the run-up to Christmas — just when you need the money most!

There is another figure though, that’s even more important than CTR. Revenue!

If you aren’t making money, no other stats matter.

And as long as your earnings are rising, you’re doing fine.

Get Quality Traffic to your Website to Increase Ad Revenue

Quality traffic is the direct answer to the question, “how to make money from Google AdSense“. Overall Google AdSense Revenue has a direct impact on quality traffic. Here will be talking about the most effective and enjoyable ways of promoting a website.

Advertising (AdWords, Arbitrage)

Exactly the same principle applies to buying your traffic like AdWords/AdSense arbitrage from other sources too.

Whenever you run a pay-per-click advertising campaign to bring traffic to your site, the amount you pay for the traffic has to be less than the amount it earns for you, regardless of the source.

One of the advantages of following your AdSense stats is that you can estimate how much the clicks on your ads are worth. That can tell you how much you can afford to pay for clicks from other sites when you buy advertising, keeping your clickthrough rate in consideration. It might well pay to advertise, but before you buy make sure it pays a profit.

A backlink is a link back to your site from another site. Backlinks are valuable in two big ways. They drive traffic to your website from other sites when clicked, and search engines like Google use them to help determine search engine rankings.

When another website owner links back to your site, they are effectively endorsing your site and Google makes note of that in their search results.

The better quality of the sites that link back to your site, the more weight Google gives your site. Likewise, if the poor quality sites link to you Google may give you less weight.

Your goal should be to generate quality links on a consistent basis from sites in your general niche. Here are the link-building techniques that would help you generate quality backlinks.

Social Media

Create accounts on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. and set up your account profiles. Include links back to your site and start engaging with other users. When I say engaging, it means engaging in valuable discussions in your niche and letting users find your links naturally.

RSS Feeds 

Adding an RSS feed to your site is a good way to let some of your readers know that a new post has gone up and that they should stop by and take a look.

You need to make sure that your headlines are attractive and inviting. Many users don’t look past them, so if they don’t do the job, the post won’t be opened or read and the user won’t click on your site. Images can also help your feeds to stand out.

Offline Marketing

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they build an Internet business is to forget that there’s a world outside the Internet. Just because you make money out of traffic doesn’t mean you have to source all of that traffic online.

Of course, your email should include links to your most important sites in the signature but you should make sure that your URL is listed on all of your marketing material: your business cards, Yellow Pages ads, flyers, envelopes, and just about anything else you can think of. This material will be helpful while you attend the events, meetings, etc.

Promoting your blog

The best way to promote a blog is through interaction. Link to similar sites run by other bloggers, write articles that provoke discussion and win links back, post original content that people want to read, even if it’s not always the highest-earning and as people come to see your blog as an important contributor to your field, you’ll find that your audience starts to grow.

But promoting a blog is always going to be a gradual process that depends on the quality of your content as well as the degree to which you can engage other bloggers in your field.

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Public Relations And Publicity

Many of the methods that you use to bring people to your site may cost you money. Publicity can be free. It doesn’t have to be of course. You could pay a PR expert to publicize your site for you and place articles in the press on your behalf. Or you can simply create a good quality press release yourself, fax it out to the media and wait for reporters to call.

Sound difficult?

It really isn’t. A press release is just one page and will take between 20-40 minutes to write.

There are a number of rules you have to follow: you need a gripping headline; you have to include a quote, and you have to be available for the interview to name just three.

Most importantly, though, you have to have a story the press wants to run. Telling reporters that you’ve just launched a new site isn’t going to cut it. Telling them that your new site is going to set a new trend or change some people‘s lives just might.

Think about the effect that your piece of “news” will have on the public and you’ve got the beginnings of a great story.

And what do you get in return for doing that? Well, not only do you get the name of your business in the press, you also get the halo that comes with it. When you’re in the media, people assume that you’re an expert. You become the number one source for whatever your website offers.

And to underline that fact, you can even put a button on your homepage that says something like: “As Seen On CNN!”

Sound good?

Website promotion can be complex. At its simplest, it happens naturally when you produce good content, the type that gets other people talking. At its most difficult, it can involve promotions, conferences, offers, and targeting AdWords campaigns to bring in visitors that cost little but pay much.

That complexity, and its potential cost, is why many publishers look to search engine optimization, a source of free traffic, as their main way of bringing in visitors.

Conclusion on How to Make Money from Google AdSense:

AdSense can give you a huge amount of money. The secret of AdSense success isn’t complicated. The principle is very basic-

Serve interesting ads to the users in a way that makes them want to click. You do that with the layout. You do that by choosing the right size of ads and you do it by blending the ad into the page.

Choosing the right keywords is important too, and so is bringing traffic to your site at a low price before selling them on to advertisers for a higher one. 

Most important, though, is to keep a close eye on the results of everything you do so that you can see what works and what doesn’t.

In this article, I’ve told you everything you need to know on how to make money from Google AdSense and Increase CTR. Apply the techniques I’ve described; track the results, and you should see your incomes rise as quickly as mine did!

Here, I told you about the methods to monetize the Website using AdSense Optimization. We are creating a complete AdSense Encyclopedia for Step-by-Step Guide, where I will explain how exactly to optimize the ads with real-time screenshots. In the e-book, you will get the case studies, the experiments and their results, the step-by-step way how I increased my website traffic using organic and Arbitrage. Not only this, the e-book specifies all the settings we have done for different businesses with Blocking Ads, AdSense for Search, optimized search engine channels and URLs, and more!!

Looking forward to getting an update, once it’s launched?

Looking forward to getting an update, once it’s launched?

Enter your email address here, we will keep in mind to send you an email!!

Also, share the problems or any difficulty in setting up ads you are facing in Google AdSense in the comment box, I’ll reply asap and also will cover all your questions further in the e-book FAQ section.


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