Web Push Notifications: How to Increase your Conversion Rate

Web Push Notifications: Increase your Conversion Rate
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Web Push Notifications: Enhance Online Conversions 

Web push notifications are the opt-ins for the new generation of online marketers. The technology is already evolving and helping us in every way to boost the growth of the business. On the one hand, traditional marketing employs tools such as word-of-mouth recommendations, posters, and pamphlets; similarly, you need tools to boost your online marketing strategies.

The major aim of online marketing is to boost your online presence, promote your business, collect leads, and finally turn them into conversions. Many companies are already using marketing automation software tools to reduce the manual tasks such as collecting leads, integrating data, sending and scheduling messages to the customers. One such tool is Web Push Notification.


 Read this blog to know more about web push notifications and how to enhance your business’s conversion rates through this tool.

What Are Web Push Notifications?

Web push notifications are the bite-sized messages you can send to users through desktop web and mobile web. Notifications are delivered to the users on desktop or mobile screens regardless of whether they are online or not. Even if the users have not opened your site, they will receive the notifications. 

what are Web push notifications
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Web push notifications help you engage offline users without having their contact information. But the users have to first opt-in for the notifications to receive them.

Almost all browsers support the web push notifications such as chrome, firefox, safari, opera, and edge on the desktop. If we talk about android devices, chrome, firefox, and opera browsers support web push notifications.

Note: IOS does not yet support web push notifications.

How do Users’ Experience with Web Push Notifications?

Most marketers, publishers, and bloggers use web push notifications to make the users aware of the latest news, updates, and reminders. They are convenient customer engagement tools.

Read below  to know how users’ experience push notifications on mobile and desktop :

On desktop, the users receive these notifications on their browsers, next to the taskbar. The opt-in experience varies from mobile to desktop, and it also varies according to the operating system.

For example – The web push notifications are delivered to the notification centre on the top right of your screen on OS X. In contrast, these notifications are delivered to the action centre at the bottom right of the page on Windows & Linux.

  As stated above, the support of web push notifications is limited to android devices. There are various browsers such as chrome, firefox, opera, and Samsung internet browser, supporting web push notifications API. Mobile push notifications get more click-through rates. Users receive these notifications directly in the notification tray.

Why do Marketers Use Web Push Notifications?

There are various reasons for which marketers use web push notifications. 

  • Marketers, publishers and other businesses use web push notifications to engage customers and retain them.
  • Web push notifications are easy to employ as compared to SMS and Email, which requires collecting information of the users.
  • Users do not have to download or install the app to subscribe or opt-in for these services. They can subscribe to the notifications by simply accepting the permission prompt, i.e. to click on the ALLOW button.

Now that we know the reasons why web push notifications are the trendsetters in the marketing industry. Let us know the elements of web push notifications:

  • Icon: Web push notifications can reflect your brand image positively; therefore, if you want people to recognize you every time you engage them with the relevant push notifications. Add icons to the notifications.
  • Title: The title of the web push notification shall always be catchy and attractive. In other words, it must reflect your agenda or the jist of your marketing strategy. It is similar to the subject line in the email.
  • Website URL: It is the website domain that has sent the notification.
  • Description: Explain the title of the notification in the description. While giving a catchy headline to the notification, explain the details in the description that prompts the subscribers to click on them.
  • Image: Pick out the images that describe your message perfectly and allow the users to click on them instantly without even reading the description. A large image would certainly work wonders.
  • CTA button: It is one of the most prominent push notifications that nudges the users to take action on the notifications. The marketer’s main aim is to get more click-through rates to attain conversion rates.

How do Web Push Notifications Work?

First of all, you need to enable the web push notifications on your website; soon after the enabling, the website visitors will begin watching the subscription prompt. Once the visitors subscribe to the web push notifications, you can push out notifications to the audience. 

There are three necessary components you need to deliver the push notifications on the users’ device:

Push notification service:

Whether it is chrome, safari, and firefox, they have their notification delivery services. Chrome uses GCM and FCM. Safari uses Apple notification services, and firefox uses MDN servers.

Registration as service worker:

The developer will have to register the service worker on the browser. It applies only to chrome and firefox. 

Subscription ID:

His subscription id identifies every user who subscribes to your push notifications. When users opt-in for the push notifications, their ID is generated.

Note: You can add the SDK (the software development kit) to the web app for analytics.

What are the Major Benefits of Web Push Notifications?

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Web push notifications can add value to your e-commerce business and see why they are an essential ingredient in your marketing strategy :

Enhance opt-in rates:

Browser-push notifications do not require any customer-related information. The users only have to follow a single-click process to subscribe to the push notifications. It is why push notifications have a higher opt-in rate than any other marketing medium such as Email and SMS.

In other words, the opt-out rates in web push notifications are significantly less. Your website visitors who feel hesitation while giving their details can opt for push notifications. They do not have to provide their details while opting for push notifications.

Delivery in real-time:

You can schedule the push notifications for a specific period. They help in creating instant connections and communication with the subscribers. Push notifications enable you to reach the users in real-time. Therefore, if you want to enhance sales, you can engage users with flash sale offers, and discount offers through web push notifications.

Greater engagement value:

If we talk about Email and SMS campaigns engaging users, push notifications to engage users better and in a much shorter time. Users only have to tap on the URL given in the push notification to browse through the website and take action. On the other hand, email and SMS campaigns are too lengthy for the users to read the entire content, and then it is up to them if they want to click on the desired URL.

A traffic booster:

You only have to create engaging content for the push notifications, which prompt them to click on the notifications. If it catches the attention of the users, you can receive an upsurge in the website traffic. You can create a FOMO offer (fear of missing out on offers) to enhance sales and traffic through the web push notifications. It can lead to a significant increase in conversion rates.

Convert visitors into subscribers:

Push notifications can work in many ways. Whether it is to enhance the subscribers or grow your customer base, they are easy to implement. Unlike SMS, they are quick to grab the attention of the visitors. Once the visitors subscribe to your push notifications, it is a signal that they like you as a brand and, therefore, they do not want to miss any updates.

Enhance the conversion rates:

Suppose the subscriber wants to purchase a specific product and it is not in stock or available at a higher price. You can ask them to subscribe for the alerts to be aware of the availability of the product and the flash sales offers. It will enhance the conversion rates. The alerts help them instantly take action as soon they receive the price drop alerts or price availability alerts.

No requirement of mobile apps:

You do not require an app to fetch out to the subscribers. Even if you are thinking of developing an app, it requires investment and maybe there are possibilities that the subscribers could one day uninstall the app. You can therefore communicate with the audience with app push notifications instead of building an app altogether.

Now that we are aware of the benefits of web push notifications, it is necessary to know one of the significant benefits of push notifications which is also the key analytic in evaluating the business growth, i.e. Conversion rates.

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Let us know how to increase the conversion rates for your e-commerce business.

What do Your Users Want from Web Push Notifications?

Before you create push notification campaigns to enhance the conversion rates, it is necessary to know what kind of messages fetch the users’ attention and how often do you engage them with the notifications.

As per the statistics and survey on push notifications, it was revealed that people like to receive personalized push notifications. You can practice personalization on various factors such as location or specific interest of the buyer or a special deal.

Read the following insights to know more about the users demand from push notifications :

Users who subscribe to the push notifications get maximum benefits from the apps. As per a report of 2020, users who enabled the push notifications launched an app more than 15 times per month on an average compared to the users who did not subscribe to the push notifications.

On the other hand, it was evident from the same survey that users like to receive the relevant notifications. They can disable the notifications if they receive more than 2 to 5 messages in a week. If you raise the frequency above it, the users will not use them at all.

The above insights prove that users like to receive personalized push notifications only and the frequency also matters.

How to Enhance Conversion Rates for Push notifications?

As discussed above, web push notifications are the opt-in methods many marketers are using to promote the best of the offers and engage customers. But if you are not using the push notifications correctly, you can miss out on many subscribers and reduce opt-in rates.

Therefore it is essential to know the important steps to enhance the conversion rates :

Set out the goals :

Before you set out campaigns to send out to the audience, set the goals you want to achieve from them. There are various push notification campaigns that you can create as per your goals, such as cart abandonment campaigns, drip campaigns, price drop alerts campaigns, etc. 

Once you determine your goal, you can create concise and clear push notification campaigns that prompt immediate action.

Use catchy phrases and words in your campaigns to attract the users’ attention so that you get higher conversion rates.

Understand the behavior of the users :

Tracking your users’ behaviour is so elemental before you create and send push notifications to the users. They will eventually block the push notifications. Therefore it is quite essential to know your users and their preferences. You can take a look at the analytics and segment the subscribers based on their choices and preferences. Create segments based on these factors and then target the segmented users.

Create concise messages :

Push notifications have a specific character limit; therefore, you must remember how to create them without any havoc. Your messages must reflect your agenda and shall fulfill your purpose. Create provocative messages which prompt the users to take action on it immediately.

Send personalized messages :

Know the intentions of the users and create the strategies that help you turn users into conversions. Add personalization to the messages after segmenting the users and create personalized messages as per their interests, behaviour and attributes. Connect more with the users to serve them as per their needs. It will boost website traffic. Retarget the users to pull them back to your website. Suppose a user left the site without purchasing the product. You can bring the user back with the help of special offers.

The right timing for the campaigns :

The right timing for the campaigns when you have web push notification feature
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Your customers usually get put off if you have not sent them the campaigns at the right time. What is the purpose of sending users the push notifications at the wrong time if they will not respond to them? Therefore, you must consider the right timing to engage with the customers. The right timing is the key to success, and it will enhance your conversion rates by 25%. You can schedule the notifications for a specific time and day through frequency capping and autoresponders.

Note: You can also schedule the push notifications as per the time zone of the customers. If your subscribers are across the globe, you must pick up the appropriate time to engage with them.

Analyze the performance of the campaigns :

You can improve your push campaigns by analyzing real-time insights. Introspect the performance of the campaigns. A/B test your push campaigns to get the right version in front of the audiences, and consequently, you can engage the users based on their preferences. It will help you get better results and conversion rates.

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Re-engage the cart abandoners :

There are many cases where users abandon the carts, web push notifications serve bets in such purposes to retarget the customers. Remind the users with re-engagement campaigns to take action on the abandoned carts. Automate the messages when users leave the site or leave the checkout process to take action immediately.

Create urgency in offers:

Create urgency in offers while aiming to increase web push notifications
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As stated above, the push notifications have a lower character limit which is more than 120 characters. Create a message to create urgency and fear of missing out in the minds of the readers. Use words such as offers and deals today, which could help you catch more click-through rates.

 Automate the campaigns :

Configure recurring campaigns and automate them to add value to the customers’ life. Send them messages at regular intervals to let them know they are the center of attention. Collect the subscribers’ details and send the customers greetings, birthday, and anniversary wishes to keep them engaged.

Give them options : 

Give the options to your subscribers to choose between different categories of content that appeal to them the most. A user can choose between discounts and offers or company news. It will help you sort out the messages which you can send to specific customers.

What are the Use Cases to Boost Conversion Rates Using Push?

Drive marketing using web push notifications :

Cater according to the users’ interest, if the users receive the notification which is tailor-made for them, it will evoke interest in them. You can target users as per their behaviour and their actions so that they can immediately respond. You can target the customers as per their gender. For example- If your customers (male) show interest in purchasing T-shirts, you can send the notification only to the specific category.

Occasion based triggers :

Summers are around the corner, and there would be no better option than push notifications to inspire users to buy the new summer collection. You can offer them complementary products that can help them get a makeover. Apart from the seasonal offers, festivals are also a great time to convert visitors into conversions. Offer them great discounts and exciting offers.

Indulge your loyal customers :

Welcoming new customers might be a challenge but retaining customers is another task to work on as a marketer. Give your customer a delightful experience they can cherish by giving them special offers. Encourage them to purchase your favorite products and strengthen the relationship with the customers.

Conclusion on Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are great tools to boost conversion rates even when your customers are not online. Analyze the conversion rate reports over a while and renew your strategies to fulfil your target.

This is a guest post by Tanmayi Arora, the content writer at NotifyVisitors. She is not only a creative writer but also well versed with Marketing Automation Software. She makes sure that you are left with no doubts when it comes to web push notifications.

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