Link Building Software: 9 Best Backlink SEO Tools in 2023

Link Building Software: 9 Best Backlink SEO Tools/2021 Study
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Link-building SEO is not the only factor determining your website’s ranking on search engines, but it is one of the most essential and critical of Google’s Ranking Factors.  And you can not accomplish link-building tasks without appropriate link-building software.

Suppose you want to rank higher on Google, drive high-quality referral traffic, and beat your competitors. In that case, your website should have a presence on lots of high-quality and relevant referring domains.  


To make your link-building SEO strategy effective and scale the entire process, you need to have some excellent backlink SEO tools. 

i) Backlink Research 

ii) Prospecting and Outreach

iii) Reporting 

I will share the nine best link-building software and backlink SEO tools that can skyrocket your link-building process, website ranking, and traffic. These are the best backlinks SEO tools that many world-class link-building SEO experts and I use for public relations. 

The list contains link building software and backlink SEO tools to help you with backlinks, PR, and social media shares.

Semrush has the largest database of keywords, link indexes, bloggers, and influencers. Millions of marketers, agencies, and businesses, including me, use Semrush to accomplish all marketing tasks. Semrush is highly reputed and the best for all SEO and content marketing tasks such as;

Organic and Paid Keyword Research

On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Technical SEO

Local SEO

Global/International SEO

Mobile SEO, and 

Content Marketing

But we are here to focus on Semrush link-building tools for SEO.

Pricing of Semrush link-building software and backlink SEO tools starts from $99.95/month for Pro to $374.95/month [Billed Anually] for Big enterprises. 

The backlink audit process is very simple and efficient with the Semrush tool. You not only can find the backlinks by stealing your competitor’s data, but you can also analyze the backlink gap with the “Semrush’s backlink gap tool” and outreach them from the tool itself.

Step-1) Write the domain name of your competitor’s in the backlink gap tool

Semrush link building software for backlink gap analysis
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Step-2) You get the details about the referring domains, matches, authority score of the domains, traffic, etc. (You can also apply filters as per your requirement). Click on Start Outreach.  (You can also export the information from the export button)

Semrush link building software for backlink
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Step-3) You can even remove the referring domains, you are not interested in outreach due to any reason. 

Semrush link building software- automatic email outreach to the prospects
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Step-4) Select your project and click on send prospects. You can now select any outreach template or can write of your own. Semrush mostly provides the email data automatically from the prospects site, so your time to find the email id also saves. 


Yes, it seems to me as well.

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We create backlinks for our clients and us through this technique, and we can see a great number increasing. 

You can also analyze yours/competitor’s overall backlink report based on anchors, referring domains.

Like Semrush SEO software, Ahrefs is also a compelling link-building software. If you want to invest only in one marketing tool for all SEO marketing activities, then Ahrefs is recommended by almost all marketing experts.

Ahrefs has the world’s most extensive backlink index that provides an immense opportunity to build and scale your backlink process. 

The backlink creation steps are straightforward, and just in a few clicks, you can find the link-building opportunities. 

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Step-I) In Ahrefs, go to the Site Explorer tool and enter your competitor’s domain

Ahrefs Site Explorer Link Building Software
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Step-II) It leads to you on the Site’s overall dashboard, now you can click on Backlinks to get details about all the links created.

Ahrefs Link Building Software, and backlink SEO tools
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Step-III) You can filter Do-Follow links, referring domains, new links to find the websites you can target to create a link.

Ahrefs Link Building Software- link gap analysis, domain authority, and referring domains
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In Ahrefs SEO software, the “Link Intersect” tool is one of the most favorite features that tell you which websites link to your competitors but not you. 

And if your competitors’ sites are linked there, then why not you? 

This condition is not always feasible, as they might have some good relationships with them. But yes, if you identify those websites and outreach to them, then there is a high probability of getting links from those sites.

Other SEO marketing task that you can perform with Ahrefs SEO software and tools are; 

Ahrefs SEO and Link Building Software and Tools Pricing: $99-$999 per month.

PitchBox link-building software is specially designed for PR, influencer outreach, and link building. It is easy to use, efficient, and time-saving link-building tool for SEO. 

Pitchbox Link Building Software, and backlink SEO tools
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Pitchbox is often used by medium or big media companies, PR agencies, marketing, and advertising agencies. 

Even I like using Pitchbox. It helps my marketing and advertising agency, The Blue Oceans Group, by finding high-quality prospects and contact information. With an efficient workflow my team, and I can start email outreach.

To make email marketing super effective, you can create personalized fields in a few seconds. You can set up complete automation in email sequence from email dissemination to follow-ups. 

In Pitchbox marketing software, you can access many pre-built campaigns for influencers and bloggers. You enter keywords, and it gives you a complete list of blog articles. 

Other advanced prebuild marketing tools in Pitchbox link-building software are advanced search, product reviews, Hot Off The Press, competitor backlinks, and more.

Pricing: $195-$395 per month. 

When it comes to the best link-building software and tools, no one can ignore Majestic SEO. Majestic SEO has one of the largest link index databases. It is a super affordable and easy-to-use link-building tool for SEO.  

Majestic SEO Link Building Software, and backlink SEO tools
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In a few clicks, Majestic SEO provides your competitors’ data such as external backlinks, referring domains,  referring IPs, referring subnets, backlink history, backlink breakdown, and anchor text. With in-depth detail, you can develop a better link-building strategy to earn similar or high-quality backlinks. 

Pricing: Majestic SEO link-building software pricing starts from $50/month. 

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Moz is considered the world’s 3rd best SEO marketing and links building software and tools after Semrush and Ahrefs, as they have a massive link index and keyword database than Moz. 

Moz Explorer Link Building Software, and SEO tools
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Moz is one of the best link building tools for SEO due to the following reasons;

Reason #1: With Moz link building software, you can research backlinks and know which sites link to you and your competitors.

Reason #2: You can find link-building opportunities for creating high-quality backlinks and marking a better strategy. 

Reason #3: You can also discover lost links and harmful backlinks. It allows you to disavow them to improve rankings and the site’s health.

You can perform all the activities mentioned above in Moz Link Explorer. In Moz link building software, this tool shows you the domain authority, web page authority, page link metrics, and the number of acquired backlinks. 

BuzzStream is a powerful link-building software and tool that save tons of time and resources. With BuzzStream, you can make the whole link-building outreach and the research process more straightforward. 

BuzzStream Link Building Software, and backlink SEO tools
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Be it bloggers, startups, SMEs, medium, or giant enterprises, BuzzStream is for everyone. 

With BuzzStream link-building software and tools, you can automate researching prospects, collecting email and contact details, streamline the outreach process, track response rate, and data analysis. 

BuzzStream helps you with campaign management, outreach templates, and finding contact information to outreach bloggers and influencers for building and scaling backlinks. 

It is one of the super affordable and cheapest link-building tools for SEO. 

BuzzStream pricing starts from $24/month. 

BuzzSumo is another fantastic link-building software and tool for bloggers and influencers’ outreach. As it has a massive database, so BuzzSumo scans billions of articles and social posts. 

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BuzzSumo Link Building Software- SEO marketing tools for Influencer Outreach and Link Building
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With a single click, you can run a search to discover content ideas quickly, uncover platform insights, identify passionate influencers, and more.

You only need to enter your search topic, term, or URL, and it shows the list of blog posts, names, and authors’ social profiles. BuzzSumo is a great link-building tool for SEO for building lists of blogs, influencers, and authors. 

BuzzSumo has the best filtering options for content research, authors/influencers lists, identifying sharers/backlinks, and reports based on “most shared” content. With BuzzSumo link-building software, you can acquire many natural links. 

BuzzSumo pricing starts from $99/month.

GroupHigh Link Building Software and Tools- Find Influencers and Bloggers
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GroupHigh is the world’s largest blog search engine to search for more than 15 million active blogs. It is a bit expensive link building software and tools for SEO but an ultimate link building software to find;

i) Bloggers and social media influencers, 

ii) Research and review websites, and 

iii) Measure content and the results of influencer marketing and blogger outreach

GroupHigh allows you to quickly find any bloggers’ and influencers’ contact information related to your niche and industry. You can perform blog post research and build targeting outreach lists.

With GroupHigh, you can find a content topic, reach, social influence, location, and MozRank of any blog post. 

After collecting the relevant data, you can plan, identify, pitch, outreach, and promote your content. 

Apart from link building, GroupHigh is also the best influencer marketing and PR tool. 

Serpstat is another popular and super affordable SEO marketing and links-building software.  You can perform link-building activities with Serpstat. 

Serpstat Link Building Software- Backlink SEO tool for Growth Hacking
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It gives you the anchors list along with referring domains and pages. You can monitor your competitors’ backlink strategies and then replicate the same.  With Serpstat, you can analyze how your competitors work with links, pinpoint the times of change in backlinks number. Serpstat “Trust Rank” and Serpstat “Page Rank” tools will show you what domains will serve as a quality backlinks source. 

With Serpstat’s backlink analysis tool, you can collect the details about referring domains, backlink history, new & lost backlinks, anchors, and maps of linking domains.

Serpstat SEO marketing tool is famous for;

  • Clean and Great User Interface
  • World-Class SEO Audit Tool
  • Daily Rank Tracking
  • Solid PPC Analysis
  • Fast and Helpful Customer Support

Brands invest in many resources to get backlinks as it is one of the most crucial ranking factors. You should not put many resources for building links, as these mentions link-building tools for SEO can automate the whole process of creating high-quality backlinks. 

I hope after reviewing these 9 link building tools for SEO, you can come with a better SEO link-building strategy and scale the backlinks process. 

If you have any experience with one or more link-building tools for SEO, I would like to know your experience. 

If I missed any backlinks SEO tools, and want me to add to this blog post, leave it in a comment box. 

What is SEO link building in 2023? Is it still relevant? 

How do you make a building link in 2023? What is the best link-building strategy?

Read the blog post on how to build backlinks in 2023. Also, know the best link building strategies like Testimonial link building, guest posting, resource page link building, steel competitors link, broken link building, and more.

How do I find a link-building site?

To find relevant sites, use Semrush Quality Backlinks link explorer or Ahrefs’ Link Intersect tool. Here, you only need to paste the website URLs or web pages of your competitors to see which sites link to all of them. 
That is all!
You can generate all the link-building opportunities in a few clicks. 

What are better SEO marketing tools among Semrush, Ahrefs, and Serpstat for overall SEO performance in 2023? 

How much does link-building software cost? What is the price of these backlink SEO tools?

Ans: The cost varies from $12 to $200 every month, depending on the link-building software you choose. If you are an agency and working with clients, you need to invest in compact backlink SEO tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, and PitchBox. 
Most bloggers and website owners prefer Semrush software to accomplish all content marketing and SEO tasks only at $99.95/month

Get 14 Free Trial for Semrush Pro

How many people do I need in the link building and backlink scaling process?

If you are using the right SEO tool like Semrush, Ahrefs, or PitchBox, then it brings automation almost in the whole link-building process. So, only one man is enough to link building work. 

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