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What is Semrush and How Can I Start Semrush Free Trial?


Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing platform started in 2008 to help businesses with all their marketing tasks. This online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform offer more than 40 tools in one place. Currently, more than 7 million brands and marketers are using Semrush to grow and run their businesses.  Now, Semrush is internationally reputed and the world’s #1 marketing software and tools. Be it a blogger, marketers, website/online business owners, brands, YouTubers, influencers, startups, or big enterprises, everyone is using Semrush. 

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    Why Do You Need Semrush? 

    You business fails due to

    • Lack of online visibility
    • Non-structured working process
    • Without sales and marketing automation
    • Without accomplishing SEO, PPC, and email marketing
    • Without link building, competitive analysis or paid advertising, or
    • Lack of social media marketing

    Moreover, if you want sustainability and scalability in your business then you should be ahead of your competitors. 

    Here, Semrush comes in! From keyword research to competitive analysis, link building, SEO, PPC, paid media advertising, SMM, or content marketing; Semrush helps you with everything you need in internet marketing. 

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    Get to Know Semrush

    If you’re just learning the basics about Semrush and haven’t visited its website yet, take a moment to familiarize yourself – we won’t go anywhere!

    What Semrush Offers for your Business/Site?

    40+ Tools and Reporting: 

    You can access more than 40 tools and reports to find the best possible solution for your every digital marketing challenge. 

    Keyword research and Keyword Gap Analysis: 

    You can discover billions of keywords that actually rank on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. With these keywords, you can bring huge quality traffic, and leads to your site that converts in a few clicks. 

    Conduct Website Audit: 

    With Semrush, you can conduct a complete site audit that includes the findings of technical issues, core web vitals, on-page SEO, keyword cannibalization issue, keyword and content gap analysis, and many other kinds of stuff such as PPC, SMM, and link building opportunities. 

    On-Page SEO: 

    You can do an on-page SEO audit of all your web pages and prepare a better strategy to improve ranking on SERPs. 

    Off-Page SEO: 

    Without off-page SEO, not even a single website can sustain in this competitive world. You can find unexploited opportunities with Semrush. You can identify high-quality sites and build powerful backlinks on tons of referring domains, This will strengthen the backlink profile and boost the domain authority of your site. Moreover, in a few clicks, you can also identify toxic or broken and fix issues. 

    Technical SEO:

    Technical SEO is an integral part of SEO 2021. Be it a page load speed, core web vitals, any broken links or 404 errors, the architecture of your site and web pages,  rich snippets, structured data, indexing and no-indexing of pages, HTTP status codes, open graph tags, or any other, without considering all these factors you can not grow or run your website on the web.

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    Local SEO/International SEO:

    Semrush helps you to optimize your site for both local and global searches to get you more customers. 

    Competitive SEO, Content, and PPC Analysis: 

    Semrush helps your site in setting benchmarks and outperform your competitors. You can steal link-building opportunities, keywords, and content ideas, analyze their ad copies and other KPIs.

    Keyword Rank Tracking and Reporting: 

    With Semrush you can set and customize keywords for any targeted locations. 

    Social Media Management: 

    Semrush is a highly effective and efficient tool for social media posting and analysis. 

    Content Marketing and Optimization: 

    Semrush offers an all-in-one content marketing toolkit that not only gives you the keyword and content ideas but also recommends optimizing your content that is loved by both search engine bots and users.

    Manage Whole Content Workflow including Content Creation and Distribution: 

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    You can create, save and publish articles that rank better on Google and drive tons of traffic. resonate with your audience. You can also analyse content performance and identify the improvement areas. 

    Paid Advertising and PPC: 

    Semrush will not make you happy with its power pack SEO tools but it is equally fantastic in analyzing paid keywords and ad copy from your competitor’s PPC ads. With Semrush you can build your perfect paid search campaign. 

    PR Monitoring: 

    With Semrush, you can track your Competitors’ online mentions and social media presence. This helps to build your brand reputation across the web and social media channels.

    Website Monetization: 

    Semrush has highly powerful monetizing tools for Google AdSense publishers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, online news portals and other publishing agencies. 

    How to Activate Semrush 14-Day Free Trial (Pro) to Grow Your Site? 

    Here’s a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to get Semrush 14-Day Free Trial in order to boost your SEO & SEM campaigns in next 14 days for free (absolutely worth $119.95).

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    Step 1: Click this Exclusive Semrush link to grab your 14-Day Semrush account for free (worth $119.95). You will be landing to the Landing Page with Special Offer just for you. (this offer is not publically available on Semrush’s site)

    Semrush Special Offer for 14-day Free Trial
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    Click on the button to grab this special offer and to continue for a quick process.

    Now, it will ask you to create your Semrush account. There are two  ways, you can either simply login with your Google account or you can use your email and password manually (you will have to verify your  email with a code in the second option)

    create an account on Semrush
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    Step 2: Once your account creation is done. Now, you’ll be redirected to the page with the coupon applied automatically. 

    Now, you can see that you are getting Semrush Account worth $119.95 for $0.00 (Free) in “Today’s charge”. So, you can enter your billing information and billing address risk-free 🙂

    semrush steps for 14-day trial for free
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    Step 3: Now that, you have entered your details, Just Click on “Place the Order” and it will provide you an instant access to Semrush Pro account for next 14-days (without charging you even a single penny).

    place Semrush Free Trial order
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     You are now ready to use full features of Semrush Pro for the next 14 days. In case you are not satisfied with Semrush, then you can cancel your free subscription any time simply from the dashboard or by sending an email to [email protected].

    So what are you waiting for?

    Grab the Semrush 14-Day free account Now!

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    Are You Ready to Give Semrush a Go?

    Semrush is the All-In-One SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing Tool. Try it Free today and grow your business in terms of organic ranking, traffic and quality leads.

    FAQs About Semrush Free Trial Activation

    Yes! Semrush can help you to bring automation in your overall internet marketing and sales. With perfect keywords and content ideas you can not only rank on the first page and drive huge traffic, but also generate high quality leads that convert in a few clicks. With Semrush you manage your entire workflow of your site from keyword research, to SEO to PPC, SMM and content marketing. 
    Anyone related to digital marketing such as start-ups, big enterprises, bloggers, SEO freelancers, content marketers, SEO agencies, online publishers, marketing and advertising companies can use Semrush. 

    Semrush Free Trial provides you a Free access to try Semrush for a limited period of time to test and check if your marketing requirements are fulfilled by it or not. We have an affiliate partnership with Semrush. So we provide you an exclusive 14-Day free trial (which is not available publicly).

    Simply, Click here and register your account by entering your email id and password. Your 14-Day free Coupon code will be applied automatically, enter your billing details, and Place Order. 

    Yes, Semrush doesnot demand for a Credit Card. You can simply get an access for a Free Trial with either of the cards (For Indians, just make sure your card allows international transactions - Semrush verifies its option in background)

    Yes, you can cancel your account any time by simply cancelling subscription from the Semrush Dashboard or by sending an email to [email protected].

    There are two methods to cancel the subscription.

    Method 1: From Semrush Dashboard

    1. Hover on your Profile icon at the top right corner and select the "Subscription Info" option from the Drop Down bar
    2. Click on Payments and select subscription: "Active" link. 
    3. Just tick on "Cancel your subscription" option and enter the reason of cancellation (anything)
    4. And hence, your Semrush Account Subscription is cancelled.

    Method 2: Simply send an email to [email protected] (from your Account you have registered Semrush) to cancel your subscription. The team will automatically cancel your Semrush account.

    Yes, you can cancel your Semrush account even after payment But remember, you have to cancel your account within 2 days of your purchase otherwise you won’t get a refund.

    Pro Plan will cost you $119.95 per month whereas Guru Plan costs $229.95 per month, and for Business plan, you have to pay $449.95 per month.

    It depends which type of subscription you are looking for.

    Semrush only offers a 7-day free trial to its users. But my marketing and advertising agency- "TheBlueOceansGroup" has a partnership with Semrush. Hence, we give an exclusive offer for you to start a 14-day Semrush free trial.

    Final Thoughts

    So, after reading this blog on Semrush free trial, you must have understood the amazing features of Semrush. It has changed the future of many website owners, bloggers and online businesses. 

    Hence, I would strongly recommend you all to atleast give a try to Semrush to bring online visibility, increase ranking, traffic, leads and then conversions. 

    Anyways, you are not going to lose anything as it is completely free for 14 days. Hence use this exclusive Semrush free trial offer for next 14 days and collect as many keywords, and content ideas, find link building opportunities, and do competitive analysis. Apart from it, you should also run website audits and check website health issues in order to fix it. 

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    Click here to get instant access in Semrush for free 

    If you have questions or queries about Semrush free trial or how to use it, just let me know in the comment box. Moreover, if you know anyone who is working on any project and you think this 14-day Semrush trial can help, share this blog with him.

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