Semrush vs Similarweb 2021: Comparison of 2 Best SEO Tool

The Best SEO Softwares face-off: Semrush Vs Similarweb, how do these two amazing SEO tools compare? Which is better? Who is the SEO Tools champion? Which tool to choose for your marketing needs? 

Statistics show that there are close to 7.9 billion people in the world currently, out of which about 59.5% of the global population makes use of the internet. The figure for using the internet will continue to increase to 90% by 2030.


Analysis of Internet users increase by 2030
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With the growing number of internet users, entrepreneurs (from every industry) are moving their entire business on the internet. 

But, each company has thousands of its competitors. In order to monitor the competitor’s strategy, you need a reliable and powerful tool to get detailed insights for you to get over them. Not only this, you need an automated and assistance tool to check your website data to improve the scope further and increase the targeted traffic. 

So, to kick-start your online marketing journey, SEMRUSH and SIMILARWEB are the two amazing platforms you can consider, but to get the answer of “Which one is the best SEO Tool for your marketing requirements?”, here is a detailed article on Semrush vs Similarweb 2021: Comparison of 2 Best SEO Tools

In this article, you'll learn:
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    Quick Introduction of Semrush and Similarweb


    Semrush is the #1 Online Marketing Toolkit. You can research millions of keywords, audit any site’s SEO, analyze any domain’s backlinks, spy on your competitors, get topic ideas with Content Templates, social media calendar-posting management, content templates, advertisement strategy analysis, and much more. 

    With all-in-one features in Semrush- SEO, Advertising, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Market Research, Competition Analysis, Reporting, and more. And, a giant database of 20+B keywords, 40+T backlinks, 45 SEO tools & reports, Semrush is the first preference and a Go-To Tool for bloggers, SEO freelancers, content marketers, content publishers, link builders, marketing, and advertising agencies to make their campaign strategy successful. Not only this, Semrush is the best SEO and SEM Tool Winner 2020 in the US, UK, and EU Search Awards and is trusted by over 6 Million Users.

    Semrush Features, tools and area of interest
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    Get 14-Day free access to Semrush now (exclusively for you) and grow your site’s ranking, traffic, domain authority, leads, and sales. 


    Similarweb is a tool that estimates the total amount of traffic different websites get. It allows you to see competitors’ top traffic sources, broken down into categories, including referring sites, social traffic, and top search keywords and Similarweb expands your insights into other areas like app metrics, conversion insights, and segment analysis to uplevel your broader competitive strategy.

    Similarweb Features and Plans
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    You need to purchase Similarweb for every feature you require. 

    Our Recommendations: Semrush

    Best of Marketing Tools: Semrush vs Similarweb

    We Love Semrush For: We Love Similarweb For:
    Groundbreaking site auditing and traffic analysis features Easy to use, beautiful interface
    Specialization in mining long-tail keywords & and boasts the largest database of SEO keywords anywhere in the world Comprehensive data analysis capabilities for in-depth domain and competitive SEO tracking and reporting
    Built-in brand monitoring with real-time rank and competitor tracking Allows exporting data into PDF’s in the free version. (png & excel for pro versions)
    Global CPC distribution chart and analytics Powerful keyword research tool for both organic and PPC
    Live track for trending keywords Mobile app industry analysis
    970 250 - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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    300 250 - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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    Here are my Top Reasons to Choose Semrush over Similarweb:

    To make it easy for you to choose the best SEO Tool for your business, below mentioned are the top 5 reasons that make Semrush a no.1 choice for me and most of the marketers.

    #Reason 1: All-in-One Platform with 50+ tools for all key marketing channels. 

    Semrush focuses on 1 industry i.e. Digital Marketing and Similarweb focuses on 5 Different Industries, that is why the similar web is lacking some important tools in the digital marketing sector which are very necessary to grow your content online.

    Semrush is a complete digital marketing tool offering 50+ tools to be able to perform different tasks like SEO, Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Market Research Competitors Research and other important tasks.

    Click here to get detailed insights on Semrush Tools.

    Semrush Tools and Features
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    You get to know everything you need to optimize your website and timely actionable tips from Semrush on your email to grow your business to the next level.

    Whereas, Similarweb is limited to only website traffic analysis. It is not even a marketing platform, it’s just an SEO tool for website analysis that you might not understand what to do unless you are a marketing expert.

    Similarweb Package and Features
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    #Reason 2: Advanced SEO Features

    Semrush has advanced SEO features that help you to stay one step ahead of your competitors with all-in-one SEO Solutions. Semrush has kept a special focus on creating sub-tools for most required functionalities like Keyword Magic Tool, Content Template, Writing Assistance. In a single package, you will get Keyword research, Backlink Analysis, Technical Analysis, Content Analysis, SEO Audit, Social Media Calendar, PPC Strategy, PR to send emails, and many more.

    Similarweb only provides you with basic web data insights and there’re no in-depth dedicated tools for keyword research, link building, SEO audit, and Social media.

    #Reason 3: More accurate and current data. Largest keyword database

    The accuracy of your business intelligence tool fundamentally depends on how and where it collects data. With accurate data, you can analyze and work on your marketing strategy to get better results.

    Accurate Data = Better Results.

    Semrush has its own algorithms to get data from various sources:

    • Collect Google results from partnerships- till date, Semrush has visibility on top 100 sites on approximately 20 billion keywords in 142 different countries.

    • Partnership with services that have user data (they are of course anonymized). These data represent approximately 2 billion events per day, which are collected, analyzed, and used by Semrush as a sample to statistically deduce the behavior of all Internet users.

    • Public data communicated via the APIs of the various services. (For example, Semrush collects social data such as likes, retweets, hashtags used, the number of comments received by a publication, etc)

    • A Semrush crawler analyzes approximately 17 billion links per day to feed the base of known backlinks (it currently has more than 40,000 billion backlinks).

    Whereas, The data of Similarweb comes from two sources (it’s own data):

    • Similarweb’s crawler conducts its own exploration of the web.

    • Similarweb users who have installed one of their solutions (including their Google Chrome extension).

    #Reason 4: Transparent and affordable pricing

    No matter, if you own a small, medium, or large business/corporation, Semrush has transparent pricing for everyone, you can see everything related to their plans listed on their pricing page. Semrush offers three plans starting from $119.95 per month.

    Semrush Pricing
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    On the contrary, Similarweb’s pricing is not listed on their pricing page. You’ll have to talk to their sales team and share your requirements if you want to purchase their subscription. Additionally, you have to pay separately for additional regional databases and mobile traffic data on Similarweb.

    Similarweb Pricing
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    Note**: Similarweb features are only meant for businesses and enterprises. Individuals (especially small marketers) cannot even afford it!

    #Reason 5: Semrush is a Super Choice of most of the Marketers

    Reliability is what matters a lot if you are going to invest your hard-earned money into a tool or anything. 

    Screenshot 2021 06 15 at 11.46.00 AM - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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    Semrush is chosen and trusted by the world‘s top-most marketing gurus and leading companies (like Amazon, Apple, Tesla, IBM, Walmart, and some others). Apart from all these, Semrush has won 14 international awards as the best SEO software suite that shows how reliable this tool is.

    From the reasons shared above, you can see that Semrush is going to give you more value for money. So, you can consider choosing Semrush over Similarweb or any other tool!

    Pros and Cons: Semrush vs Similarweb

    Below mentioned are the pros and cons of the two best SEO Tools: Semrush and Similarweb. This will make it easier for you to know the best functionalities you will get from a particular tool to achieve your business goal.

    Pros of Semrush

    Pros of Similarweb

    Cons of Semrush

    Cons of Similarweb

    Semrush vs Similarweb: Head-on-Head Comparison 2021

    Here’s a detailed Comparison between Semrush vs Similarweb, adopting a modus operandi, the real differences come down to their popularity, key features and unique quirks. 

    Let’s get started with the “virtual battle” between Semrush and Similarweb:

    battle between Rank Math and Yoast SEO
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    #1 Semrush vs Similarweb: Popularity

    Let’s start this Semrush vs Similarweb comparison with the popularity of these two Best SEO Tools.

    Google Trends

    To check the popularity, I am using Google Trends and the results are as per my expectations.

    Semrush vs Similarweb: Comparison vased on Popularity on Google Trends
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    According to Google trends, Popularity for Semrush is escalating.

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    As per the current Google Trends status, Semrush is trending more consistently since its launch. No competitor has been able to beat in Marketing Tool till now.

    Poll Results from Social Media

    To check the popularity on social media, we have researched the poll from LinkedIn, and found that 211 people have participated in the vote, out of which 87% have chosen Semrush as a better tool for SEO and Traffic Analytics.

    Semrush vs Similarweb: Poll on Social Media
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    Here are the comments from marketers and bloggers on the reason why they select Semrush over Similarweb.

    Semrush vs Similarweb discussion on Linkedin
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    Semrush vs Similarweb discussion on Linkedin
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    Semrush vs Similarweb discussion on Linkedin
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    Winner- Semrush

    On both, Google Trends and LinkedIn, Semrush is more popular based on their business requirements. So, Semrush is a clear winner on the basis of Popularity.

    #2 Semrush vs Similarweb: Keyword Research Analysis

    Keyword Research is the pillar of SEO, a heart and soul for your website traffic to grow. So, let’s understand how both these Tools, Semrush and Similarweb works on the features based upon Keyword research.

    Semrush Keyword Research features:-

    Semrush is a No.1 tool designed to help you find the top keywords your competitors are ranking for. It gives you in-depth insights on most searched keywords for you to leverage your business on the basis of the audience searches.

    All it takes is: simply enter the site URL and Semrush will deliver results for all of these words with an estimation on how much traffic they’re generating.

    You can choose between the types of analyzing keywords in Semrush, namely:

    • Competitor Keyword Research
    • PPC Keyword Tool
    • Keyword Magic Tool

    We often want to know what our competitor’s are up-to, so we can analyze our competitor’s keywords by Competitor Keyword Research strategy by using Keyword Gap Tool.

    With Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool, you can get 1000+ variations for your keywords and you can see the top organic keywords of any website that they are ranking for.

    Semrush also unlocks your competitor’s keyword strategy on PPC advertisements. You get the keywords that they are running ads on.

    For example, let’s search Semrush in the Keyword Magic Tool.

    Keyword Magic Tool at Semrush
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    Here, we can see that all the organic keywords that Semrush is ranking for along with insights in Volume, Trend, CPC, SERP features and keyword Difficulty%.

    Moreover, you can use more than 10+ filters to further refine your research process.

    You can set the Minimum & Maximum values while researching your target keywords for:

    • Search Volume
    • Keyword Difficulty
    • Cost Per Click
    • Include & Exclude Keywords
    • SERP Analysis & Features,
    • No. of Words, etc.

    Additionally, Keyword Gap Analysis is used to keep track of your competitor’s (upto 5) strategy and is a great feature to figure out the keywords that your competitors are ranking for.

    Semrush’s yearly trend graph is an excellent reminder and it has the ability to show you both paid and organic data at once (done automatically by default), even more so!

    Now, let’s proceed to Similarweb’s Keyword Research Features.

    Similarweb Keyword Research Process

    With Similarweb, you can perform competitor’s keyword analysis and also find their top ranking keywords.

    You can enter multiple site URLs to see their rankings for your targeted search terms and with this, you’ll get the traffic information as well as the positions of each site on a SERP.

    They also have few filters in the dashboard so that you can display only relevant data (as per your requirement).

    For general keyword research, there are two options to choose from  i.e..

    • You can either enter a list of keywords that you want to analyze
    • You can also make use of the Keyword Generator Tool which is quite similar to Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool.

    Similarweb’s Keyword Generator Tool provides you with ways to find the right keyword for your content.

    All you need to do is enter an idea or topic and it’ll show related keywords, as well as phrases matched from other sites, which can give people some great ideas about what they should be doing next.

    Organic Search in Similarweb
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    The only 2 downside I see to this app is that, there aren’t any filters like a broad match, questions, word frequency filters, etc., so sometimes when someone has an entire sentence typed, it’ll turn up something completely unrelated instead.

    But while Semrush does have a keyword difficulty score that helps you easily weed out high competitive keywords to shortlist when batch processing,

    Similarweb doesn’t..

    Instead, it just has the standard metrics like search volume and CPC which are helpful but do not really give much insight into whether or not your competition will be easy for such an endeavour.

    Quick Brief of Keyword Research Features:


    • Keyword Research Tools
    • Keyword Tracking
    • Multiple Keyword Filtering Options
    • Keyword Rank Tracking
    • Keyword Difficulty Scores
    • Organic Or Paid Yearly Trend Analysis Graph
    • Keyword Research Tools
    • Keyword Tracking
    • No Multiple Keyword Filtering Options
    • No Keyword Rank Tracking
    • No Keyword Difficulty Scores
    • No Organic Or Paid Yearly Trend Analysis Graph

    Winner- Semrush

    Semrush clearly beats Similarweb in terms of the Keyword Research Process. Also, it comes with all sorts of helpful tools like Keyword Magic Tool, PPC Keyword research and also Keyword Gap Tool for making your keyword research process easier.

    #3 Semrush vs Similarweb: Popular Pages Traffic analysis

    Screenshot 2021 06 29 at 10.34.51 PM - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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    On the contrary, Semrush Traffic Analytics provides you in-depth traffic report a site is generating. The Top Pages report gives you a list of your or competitor site’s most visited pages.

    You can filter topic pages on the basis of unique page views, unique visitors and even see traffic sources of that page (Direct, referral, search).

    Traffic Journey through Semrush
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    Not only this, Semrush Traffic Analytics (.trends tool) dive deep into the traffic journey of the website. You can compare and unlock the most traffic sources of your competitor’s (upto 5), to get leverage and marketing strategy for your growth. 

    You can note down the competitor’s referring sites, social networks and search engine sources from where they generate traffic. 

    Traffic Journey through Semrush
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    Having this awesome feature in Semrush helps me drive a ton of traffic to my blog.

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    The Popular Pages section was one of few good features on SimilarWeb because it enabled people to see what pages were popular at the moment and decide which ones they wanted to visit next.

    Now that this feature is unavailable, there’s no way for people to know how many people have viewed a certain page or if they liked it enough to keep coming back again.

    The recent closure of their Popular Pages function has left us with few options in determining which links are getting the most traffic right now without having them all listed individually instead.

    It also makes checking out new sites complicated as we can’t easily view any trends among different websites from just looking at our homepage anymore.

    Quick Brief of Popular Pages Traffic Analysis Features:


    • Features include Popular Pages Traffic Analysis


    • No Popular Pages Traffic Analysis

    Winner- Semrush

    The lack of this feature in Similarweb disables from optimizing the site to gain maximum conversion rates, as we won’t be able to decide which pages are receiving what amount of traffic. But having this feature in Semrush clearly lets you find out what’s working & what’s not working at all on the site.

    #4 Semrush vs Similarweb: Competitor Traffic Analysis

    Semrush Competitor Traffic Analysis:

    There are many ways to measure the size and scope of your audience, but Semrush Traffic Analytics is by far one of my favourites.

    By inputting a website URL into their analytics tool, you can find out how much overlap is between that site’s visitors with any other site (even yours).

    Also, this helps us to visually see how much traffic your competitors are getting & where do you stand in front of them.

    You can also see the required areas of improvement, tips to tackle them and also, the data about market audience can be found in Market Explorer.

    Market Explorer feature helps you to discover gender, age demographics as well as any interests that may be relevant to your industry.

    Traffic Analytics
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    It also allows you to find similar websites so that if there are some sites with better rankings than yours, it’s easy enough!

    Similarweb Competitor Traffic Analysis

    Similarweb allows people who are eager to size up the competition some insight into just how your website stacks up against theirs by providing valuable information, such as page views per visit, bounce rate, time spent on site, or visits in total.

    If you want an accurate measure of all those different stats with one quick click, then this is exactly what you need.

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    This will give you everything from their popularity index right down to which sites are winning when it comes to conversion rates.

    With Similarweb, you can analyze audience demographics like age, gender and interests all in one tool.

    This allows you to see, which category of gender, age, interests, etc. are visiting your competitors.

    It also features Geo-location data to help identify the best target markets for your site or app!

    Quick Brief of Competitor Traffic Analysis:


    • Demographics Data Like Gender, Age, Interests Of People Visiting Your Competitor Sites
    • Audience Insights Tool


    • Demographics Data Like Gender, Age, Interests Of People Visiting Your Competitor Sites
    • Nothing Like Audience Insights Tool

    Winner- Semrush

    Semrush provides sufficient Demographics data for your competitors in their Market Explorer Tool. Though Similarweb provides detailed demographics, but they are nowhere near to Market Explorer Tool.

    #5 Semrush vs Similarweb: Global and Regional Data

    Semrush Global and Regional Data

    Semrush Traffic Analytics is the most comprehensive insights and analytics tool available to internet marketers.

    It provides access to databases of over 190+ countries with filters by region, so you can see traffic stats from any country in one spot & that too within a single subscription.

    No need to pay extra to acquire a database of any other country.

    Similarweb Global & Regional Data

    Similarweb’s data is also really insightful– it can tell you how many people are visiting a site or viewing an ad, for example.

    And they have lots of different countries’ databases to choose from!

    The only con is that you also have to purchase each country’s database separately apart from your subscription.

    Also, each country’s database is priced differently.

    Quick Brief of Features related to Global and Regional Data:


    • Databases For 190+ Different Countries
    • No Need To Purchase Each Country’s Database Separately


    • Different Databases For Different Countries
    • Need To Purchase Each Country’s Database Separately

    Winner- Semrush

    Semrush provides you with databases of more than 190+ countries & that too in a fixed & single subscription. Whereas, Similarweb forces you to buy the database of each country you want to target for.

    #6 Semrush vs Similarweb: Industry and Category Analysis

    Semrush Industry & Category Analysis

    The Semrush Market Explorer is a great place to start if you’re looking for some industry analysis.

    You can find a list of relevant websites with the help of this tool.

    You enter a site domain that you want to understand the market and you will be able to see domains belonging to other sites that share the same goals as yours!

    Semrush Industry analysis
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    These domains are supposedly driven by the tool’s algorithms and belong to players that share an industry.

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    In addition to that, Semrush has recently introduced a new feature in Market Explorer that evaluates market players’ growth rate along with their current audience size.

    Semrush Industry analysis
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    This visualization is easy to make sense of and it has a multitude of uses.

    Be it for New Market Research or Competitive Benchmarking, this tool provides you with everything.

    SimilarWeb Industry & Category Analysis

    In Similarweb, you can check category performance and benchmark yourself against a variety of metrics to see where your company stands.

    Traffic share is always an insightful statistic that allows for quick analysis of how well-positioned the business may be in relation to its competitors.

    But it’s a little disappointing that Similarweb doesn’t assess single players’ pace of growth.

    Industry competitor research in Similarweb
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    But their visualizations & their way of presenting data look more appealing & make it easy to absorb information.

    Quick Brief of Industry and Category Analysis:


    • Provides You To Benchmark & Assess Your Site’s Performance Metrics
    • Methods To Assess Single Players’ Pace Of Growth
    • Above Average Visual Appeal But Still Easy To Absorb & Understand Data


    • Provides You To Benchmark & Assess Your Site’s Performance Metrics
    • No Method To Assess Single Players’ Pace Of Growth
    • Great Visual Appeal That Makes Data Absorbption More Easy & Fast

    Winner- Draw

    It’s hard to compare Semrush and Similarweb on this point because they both have a different approach to Industry/Category Analysis, & both seem more appealing.

    #7 Semrush vs Similarweb: Traffic Source Analysis

    Both the analytics tools provide information on the different types of traffic that impacts your website.

    The four main categories are: direct, organic search, referral and social media.

    Semrush Traffic Source Analysis

    Semrush Traffic Analytics can help you gain insights about how a website is generating traffic from all different channels.

    You can basically see what sources have led traffic to your pages so that you know where to focus your advertising dollars.

    Semrush Traffic Sources
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    Besides this, you get to benefit from the general Semrush subscription and view a company’s advertising campaigns, keyword strategy, and content across different media.

    Similarweb Traffic Sources Analysis

    The Similarweb study provides a more detailed analysis of traffic sources, but at the basic level.

    Industry competitor research in Similarweb
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    But it gains its point by being able to offer data for a more additional channel that Semrush doesn’t provide: emails.

    Quick Brief of Features on Traffic Source Analysis

    • Advanced Traffic Sources Analysis
    • Doesn’t Provides Traffic Analysis Through E-mails
    • Basic Traffic Sources Analysis
    • Provides Traffic Analysis Through E-mails

    Winner- Similarweb

    Similarweb wins this round against Semrush as it provides 1 more additional traffic source ie. Emails, whereas Semrush doesn’t.

    #8 Semrush vs Similarweb: API Access

    You can take advantage of API Access from both tools.

    Semrush API Access

    You can get API access to Semrush Traffic Analytics data without having to buy the interface subscription, which is great for those who only need this information in their custom reports or want to integrate it with other products.

    Also, data is arranged in a more user-friendly way than SimilarWeb, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

    API Access in Semrush
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    Also, you just need one query with Semrush and you’ll be on top of it, unlike Similarweb that requires three queries in order for a user to receive back their main statistics.

    Similarweb API Access

    The thing that sets Similarweb apart from the rest is its user-friendly UI.

    You can clearly see how many API units you have spent and how many you have left, so it’s easy to keep up with your usage without any trouble at all.

    API Access in Similarweb
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    With Similarweb API, you can get more data about websites.

    It’s even possible to use it for looking up similar sites or adult websites!

    Quick Brief of Features on Traffic Source Analysis

    • More User-Friendly API Data Arrangement
    • API Access Included In Subscription
    • Requires Only 1 Query To Fetch Main Statistics
    • Less User-Friendly API Data Arrangement
    • API Access At An Additional Price
    • Requires 3 Queries To Fetch Main Statistics

    Winner- Semrush

    Semrush has a better UI for their API data arrangement, which makes their user easy to navigate their dashboard as compared to Similarweb, which is a little less user friendly. Moreover, you don’t need to pay an additional cost for gaining access to API from Semrush unlike SimilarWeb.

    #9 Semrush vs Similarweb: Data Accuracy

    Let me be fully transparent with you:

    No tool in the market is ultra-accurate when it comes to reporting traffic numbers.

    Semrush vs Similarweb Data Accuracy

    Both the tools are using clickstream data collection, projection and estimation, the discrepancy is inevitable.

    If you start analyzing your own domain with either Semrush Traffic Analytics or Similarweb and then comparing stats with your Google Analytics, you will see the difference in the numbers.

    Semrush also shows the Estimated accuracy with all reports that show how accurate presented data is, if the Estimated accuracy is high then the presented data is highly accurate.

    To check the tools’ accuracy, OWOX BI conducted their independent research. They compared data from Google Analytics accounts of 787 anonymized websites with more than 100,000 visitors per month, observed by OWOX BI, with the stats that Semrush Traffic Analytics and SimilarWeb showed.

    According to OWOX, Similarweb data accuracy didn’t correlate with website traffic volumes, while Semrush Traffic Analytics showed a clear tendency to be more accurate for large domains.

    Owox data Research
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    So, Owox did a data accuracy comparison between Semrush and Similarweb, and they test the data in three different traffic levels. The Sample Data is presented by 787 websites of 10 different Industries.

    • 100k – 500k: (Semrush: 53% & Similarweb 47%)
    • 500k – 1M: (Semrush: 48% & Similarweb 52%)
    • 1M+ (Semrush: 57% & Similarweb 43%)

    And they found that Semrush provides more accurate data than Similarweb in the 100k – 500k range and 1M+ traffic range. And Similarweb shows slightly more accurate data in the 500k – 1M traffic range.

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    Mind this thing: Your primary purpose of buying any SEO tool out there isn’t tracking your own website performance.

    It’s about tracking your competition strategies & actions.

    You can obviously track your activities as well, but your primary motive should always be to keep an eye on your competitors first.

    So, choosing an SEO tool which gives you more accurate results for your competitors, should be your top-most priority.

    Quick Brief Data Accuracy on Semrush and Similarweb

    • Better Data Accuracy For Both Small & Large Sites
    • Better Data Accuracy Only For Large Sites

    Winner- Semrush

    You can see both mobile & desktop traffic at once without changing your view with Semrush unlike Similarweb.

    #10 Semrush vs Similarweb: Pricing and Support

    Semrush Plans & Pricing

    Semrush’s Plans & Pricing are fully transparent.

    You can also look & compare all their plans side-by-side.

    They clearly mention their basic package details, information about additional add-ons.

    Semrush Pricing
    • Save

    For an additional price, you can have access to all of the features in Semrush Traffic Analytics.

    This includes regional databases and historical analytics for $200/month.

    Also, you can compare all their plans & decide for yourself, even you can get a plan of your choice.

    Moreover, you can save upto 16% on annual subscription if you pay one time.

    Here’s Guide on How to take Semrush 14-Day Free Trial

    Similarweb Plans & Pricing

    Purchasing Similarweb can be a daunting task as each country database must be purchased separately and many features also need to be paid for individually.

    For example; top pages, mobile data, etc. are not free- you have to purchase them separately from the main plan.

    Also, it’s really hard to know what the price of a product is because it changes all the time.

    Similarweb Pricing
    • Save

    Even their most basic packages are expensive, but there’s no way for you to find out how much they cost before you buy them.

    You’ll have to explain them your requirements & then they’ll send you a quote.

    Quick Brief Data Accuracy on Semrush and Similarweb


    • Semrush Plan comparison with all the prices and features described
    • Fully Clear & Transparent Information About All Plans & Add-Ons


    • Email & Phone Support
    • Community Support
    • HUGE Knowledge Base With Blogs & Videos


    •  No Clear & Fixed Information About Plans & Pricing


    • E-mail & Phone Support
    • No Community Support
    • HUGE Knowledge Base With Blogs & Videos

    Winner- Semrush

    All in all, Semrush provides you with fully clear & transparent pricing whereas Similarweb doesn’t. Moreover, the no. of features you get with Semrush is a lot better than Similarweb. Additionally, Semrush isn’t just an analytics tool, but it also provides you with all facilities you need to win in the digital world. Thus, Semrush Wins this round against Similarweb

    FAQs on Semrush vs Similarweb SEO Tools

    Similarweb shows slightly more accurate data in the 500k – 1M traffic range. Similarweb’s accuracy rate is high for bigger websites but it fails to analyze or collect data of smaller sites accurately. Semrush shows more accurate data than Similarweb.

    To be precise, Similarweb only features related to website traffic while Semrush provides you with all-in-one features for all your marketing requirements. Features in Semrush include keyword research, rank tracking, SEO Management tools, Advertising Management, Alerts/Notifications, Analytics/ROI Tracking, Applications Management, social media management etc.
    Try Semrush FREE For 14 Days

    In my opinion, Semrush is way better than Similarweb. Similarweb is more inclined towards website traffic insights.  But Semrush has a multitude of formats and features for all the SEO and Marketing Requirements.
    Try Semrush FREE For 14 Days

    The data in Similarweb collected is based on a diverse set of digital signals that are made up from statistically representative datasets through their own sources. These sets preserve variety across countries, industries, user groups and devices to ensure their customers receive the best possible experience. When They are done with the data collection, their team of experts analyzes all this information to make sure it is as accurate and precise as possible. They do that by running a sophisticated algorithm on your details for cleansing purposes, matching them up depending on what you need in return (such as demographics), processing any necessary tasks before combining everything into one concise answer.

    You can try Semrush 14-day free trial to check any website traffic for free and with Similarweb, you can get a free plan with a limited search.

    Final Words:

    In this article, we’ve compared Semrush and Similarweb in detail.

    Though, by looking at the article, it’s clear that Semrush offers a greater price to feature ratio as compared to Similarweb.

    Moreover, after Semrush’s $40 Million funding by investors, we can definitely see much greater improvements in the near future.

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    Finally, if you have any queries or suggestions on Semrush vs Similarweb comparison, then feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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