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Site Ground Hosting, Reviews, Pros and Cons: 

SiteGround is the most popular web hosting company across the world. From the last couple of years, they are always in the news because of their outstanding features and support services. SiteGround is also an official hosting company. It is known as the most innovative and advanced technology hosting company in the world. 

SiteGround is the best in terms of website loading speed, customer support, and safety wall to protect your site from the hacker or intruders. 

Some of the most attractive SiteGround hosting features are:

  • Full SSD storage (3X improvement in your web-hosting performance)
  • Free SSL Certificate (to secure your site with HTTPS)
  • Support up to PHP 7.3
  • SuperCacher for extraordinary speed. Works with WordPress & Drupal 
  • WP-CLI enabled (Good for developers)
  • Staging for WordPress & Joomla Websites
  • Daily backups
  • Heavy expert technical and friendly customer support panel 

For the enterprises, major publications or growing sites, it also offers dedicated hosting and cloud hosting.

Why Should A Beginner or Power Users Choose SiteGround Web Hosting Service?

Flawless Performance with the Fascinating Up-Time (99.99%): 

Uptime reliability always enhances the user experience. SiteGorund guarantees you that your website would work around the clock. You would never miss out when your customers buy something.  

We are using SiteGround from last two years, and the uptime always lies in between 99.98-100%. 

Ultra-Fast Load-Time (<300ms):

Website load time is a critical factor in conversion. In every one-second delay of loading page time, you can yield a whopping 7% loss in conversions. Amazon CEO and the world’s richest person, Jeff Bezos says, we lose 10% of customer on the delay of every extra second as it frustrates the user and gives them pathetic experience on-site. 

But, SiteGround has an amazing server speed of less than 300ms which is simply awesome. So, you need not worry about your site’s load speed as your users will get an amazing experience. 

Incredible Support Staff (Technical and Subject Matter Experts 24/7) and Support Rating  (5/5):

One of the most preferred reasons for SiteGroud hosting is the support staff. They provide 24/7 support to their users where subject matter and technical experts will be assigned to you. They solve each of your queries and problems. 

The resolution of any type of errors will take place immediately. In the area of customer support service, SiteGround has its own incredible reputation which makes it unique with many of their competitors.

WordPress and Plugin Installation (One-Click Automatic Installation): 

You should not worry, even if you are not a technical expert but want to own a website. SiteGround hosting features offer you the one-click automatic installation of WordPress and plugin. Even for its maintenance, you need not hire permanent technical staff. 

Immediate Resolution of Errors:

If your site is down or having a brown page with 404 or any error code, SiteGroudn support start will immediately assist you and resolve your all errors. And I have a deep respect for their pro-active staffs and the way they act is very fascinating. Your website will always be alive and hustle free from any technical errors. 

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Free Email: 

You can create professional email addresses with your website domain for free. It allows you to create as many accounts as you can and access then by using the friendly webmail interface. You can also create autoresponder and more. 

Optimised Server for WordPress and enhanced C-Pannel (SuperCacher and SG Optimizer plugins Speedbooster): 

SiteGround offers Supercacher, a technology developed by its in-house team. The mechanism adds several layers of caching that makes load speed of any site or web pages very fast. 

When it comes to innovation and technology adaptation, SiteGround is far away from its competitors. It has server isolation technology which protects your other sites on the same server if any one of these gets hacked.

Unmetered Traffic, Bandwidth and Disk Space:

SiteGround has sufficient storage, side space, bandwidth and traffic handling capacity. The limit of traffic, bandwidth and storage vary as per your plan. 

Backup and Restore: 

SiteGound offer free automatic and manual backup and restore to protect your content. This feature is available in all their plans. 

Incredible Security (Hack and Malware Protection):

By default, SiteGround sets all your servers to use the latest PHP 7.3 with security fixes.

It runs Apache in a chrooted environment with suExec. Moreover, to block the suspected attackers and malicious bots, SiteGround has very sophisticated IDS/IPS systems that detect any type of intrusions or breach in your site. 

In their shared servers, SiteGround has also installed ModSecurity to protect site owners from common attacks. They also update it weekly. 

A few days back, on 11 August 2020, WordPress came with new version 5.5 “Eckstine”. To make users happier, SiteGround’s hosting provides a hustle-free automatic update for WordPress and its plugins. 

With the latest security patches, SiteGround keep updating the versions of all the software that is providing database services (FTP, SMTP, IMAP/POP3, HTTP, HTTPS). It consistently monitors the vulnerability in the applications. When the possibility occurs, it develops virtual patches in the form of Web application firewall rules.

Last but not least, SiteGround hosting services ensure that the data of the users is accessed only by trusted personal on request by following strict policies and we keep detailed records for such access.

Free CDN and SSL: 

SiteGround is partnered with cloudflare and provides a free content delivery network. The CDN speeds up the load time of your visitors from different geographical location in a tremendous way. 

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To hook the load time of your webpages, it catches its content, automatically minifies images and exploits RailGun. Apart from all these, the CND network blocks malicious traffic and reduces spam score of a site. The CDN network has its presence in 152+ countries which gives the great experience to your visitors, no matter what their geographical location is.

SiteGround hosting also provides SSL certificate to all its users for free that provides HTTPS status of the website. And it is a very important ranking factors of  SEO


Most of the companies offer a free domain to attract new customers, but SiteGround does not offer a free domain.  The price of a .com domain on SiteGround is $15.95.

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You do not need to transfer your domain to SiteGround. You can simply update the nameserver of your domain to point to your SiteGround hosting. The SiteGround nameserver details are in your cPanel.

Money-Back Guarantee:

If you have taken a shared hosting plan and not happy (which is extremely rare), then you can request for a refund. SiteGround provides 30 days 100% refund policy on all shared hosting plans. If you have taken SiteGround’s dedicated,  cloud or VPS hosting plans then they have  15-day 100% refund policy.

Note: If you are their existing customers and already using SiteGorund web hosting services from 1, 2 or 3 years then do not have refunds on renewal plans. In short, the refund policy is applicable only on new orders. 

SiteGround Web Hosting Service Pros: 

  • Excellent 24/7 customer support and live chat or ticket.
  • Free website backup & migration
  • Super affordable pricing
  • Supercacher in-house built technology
  • The latest technology with PHP 7.3 hosting
  • SSD Hosting
  • Free SSL Certificate and Content Development Network

Get Hosting from SiteGround at a 63% discounted price (Offer will Expire in 14 days)

SiteGround Web Hosting Service Cons: 

  • No Free Domain Name.
  • Nothing else any blogger, marketer or enterprise can find.

SiteGround Reviews: 

The reviews of SiteGround is excellent and holds strong positions in the mind of consumers. I am attaching the screenshots of SiteGround review, where you can decide on your own, either it is worth buying it or not. 

Let’s have a look at what industry leaders, marketing experts and CEOs say about SiteGround.

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Do I Recommend SiteGround for You? 

Undoubtedly the answer is Yes! We do recommend SiteGround hosting for all type of businesses. 

Siteground Pricing Plan at 63% off
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Their up-time is fanatics that you will never have downtime issues. The loading speed and innovative technologies make it the first preference of any website owner. Free Cloudflare CND account spread in more than 152 countries is another phenomenon thing about SiteGround. 

As a marketer and blogger, what I like the most about SiteGround hosting is- 

i) The unbreachable and robust security and, 

ii) An excellent customer support system with full of subject matter and technical experts. 

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