How I Increased 227% Traffic Using Semrush SWA and SEO Content Template

How I Increased 227% Traffic Using Semrush SWA and Content Template
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Create meaningful and effective content that drives quality organic traffic to your website. Learn how I Increased 227% More Traffic in Just 14 Days using Semrush SEO Writing Assistant and SEO Content Template. Also, develop a winning SEO content strategy, step-by-step.

Content. Ranking. Traffic. Revenue.

Google doesn’t accept bribes to rank you higher, what works here is Proper Content Strategy. The more useful the content you have on your site, the more likely you are to get higher ranking and thus, increase your traffic and revenue. 

What does an army leader do? Does he directly go to the field and start fighting with the opponents? No right? 

Military Officers first study their opponents adversary, track their patterns and then, plot their course. They look for weaknesses and opportunities, and then by using that information, they devise a strategic plan of attack to increase the likelihood of a victory.

And, creating a SEO Content isn’t any different. You also need to frame your strategy to win a battle.

You can’t expect results on search engines if you’re simply creating content on a subject of “YOUR CHOICE” and just performing keyword stuffing.

You also need to work on the model (PLAN. AIM. SHOOT).

First plan what you want to create for your audience, then aim i.e.. search for the right keywords for them to find you easily and finally shoot i.e.. create content by using those keywords to achieve your goal. Meanwhile, look for weaknesses and opportunities to grab an advantage to devise a content strategy plan to get higher ranking. 


But the major problem is, most of the content writers make mistakes in the right SEO content strategy

A study in 2021 found that 89% of businesses rely on organic search as their most powerful distribution channel.

Also, a report by HubSpot says, businesses that publish blog posts regularly get 350% more traffic in comparison to those that don’t publish content on a regular basis.

Regularly publish blog posts get 350% more traffic
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Infact, Google reveals that content is SUPER important part of succeeding with SEO, i.e.. “Yes it’s content that are keeping your webpages at the top of the SERPs“, “More content generally means higher rankings!“. Specifically, they confirmed that “content” is one of Google’s top 3 ranking factors.

So to help you all out, I’m sharing my step-by-step SEO writing trick that “How I’ve Improved My Content Strategy to Boost 227% Organic Traffic in Just 14 Days” using Semrush Content Writing Tool.

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Ways I’ve Improved my Content Strategy and SEO Writing in Past 2 Weeks

Remember the Lifecycle of Content Marketing: Research → Plan → Create and Optimize → Distribute → Analyze

Content Marketing Lifecycle - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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And thus, I follow this content creation process:

SEO and Content writing works side by side
    Add a header to begin generating the table of contents

    Ranking on the first page of SERP is difficult and time-consuming if you do it ALONE. So as to ease the SEO content writing process, you need to invest in the best content writing tools for SEO. 

    Earlier, I used to just use the Semrush keyword research tool and create content of my own. But this time, I tried the Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit where I explored Semrush SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant Tool. 

    I’d be glad to share that it has saved most of my time that I used to take to research for my content writing and apart from this, the tool gave me recommendations on how to get ahead of the sites that are already ranking on my target keywords. 

    And I could not see this growth before, that I’ve seen in my traffic now by implementing the suggestions provided by the tool. 

    Here’s a screenshot about the growth of 227% Traffic on one of my websites

    Increase in 227% Organic Traffic in 14 days using Semrush SEO writing assistant and SEO Content Template
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    I will be guiding you all with my content writing process in depth, step by step and show you how to exactly use these online content writing tools.

    Game-changing SEO Content Strategy that works

    Writing SEO blog posts is not a joke. There are lot of rules, tricks and content writing strategies you have to put in place if you want your blogpost to beat others to the top spot in Google. Let’s understand how I’ve improved on the 9 steps of my content creation process (mentioned above) to grow organic traffic by 227% in just 14 days. 

    1. Find keyword and Create content Title (H1 tag) and slug

    Keywords are the heart and soul of SEO Content. Without proper keyword research, the page seems like an invisible content, no matter how beautiful it’s written and how long it took to create a high quality blog post but it will never be visible on search engines. 

    Here is the step by step guide on how to do keyword research:

    RULE 1: Think about the major topic you want to write for your audience
    RULE 2: Select the keyword from the above topic that your audience want to read

    In simple words, below is the image to understand that, 70% of search traffic comes from long-tail keywords (as per The Search Demand Curve). These long tail keywords are highly specific 4-6 word phrases. The top 10,000 keywords make up less than 30% of overall search traffic. So you should search for long tail keywords that your audience wants to read particularly. 

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    Long tail keywords
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    Come up with the long tail words or phrases that you think your customers might use to search online for products and services. But the words in your head might not be the words in your visitors’ heads. SEO tools can help you find the words your potential customers really want. (I use Semrush SEO Tool for Content Writing and I love it)

    Now, keeping the above 2 rules in mind, let’s login to the Semrush Tool. (If you have not created your account yet, you can login with this link, it gives you Free 7-Day Semrush Guru Trial)

    - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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    Guide to Expert Workflow about SEO Keyword Research Strategy:

    To create a content plan, a great place to start is to look at the competition. Understanding which keywords your competitors are focusing on give you the clues on the areas where you may lack content or missing out on potential customers. Ofcourse, most of the research on the keywords must already be done by the competitors since they have already made a content on it.

    • So, I use Semrush “Keyword Gap Tool” to check the keywords your competitors must be ranking that is generating them traffic (that you might be missing)

    Even if you don’t have an exact idea of who to compare yourself to, the tool even takes care of that for you. Once you enter your site, the tool actually suggests competitors (even competitors of your competitors) here to compare your site to.

    Enter your website, enter your competitors domain (if you know) and click compare.

    Keyword Gap Semrush - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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    The tool will give you insights about keyword overlap with your competitors and provides a list of top opportunities for your site to create content. 

    You can also filter the results to check all the untapped/ missing keywords from your site and also check the keywords of your competitors that are at the top 10 position.

    Keyword Gap - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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    • Once your primary research is done, We’ll useKeyword Magic Tool” under the Keyword Research section and enter your keyword(s) to get insights on the Trend, Volume, Traffic, CPC, Competition or related keywords to get better ideas. (Repeat this step if you’ve more keyword ideas)

      You can add your selected keywords to the keyword manager or can maintain your own excel for more analysis (I use my own excel)
    KEYWORD MAGIC TOOL SEMRUSH - %title%- The Blue Oceans Group
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    • Once, you’ve brainstormed and filtered keywords from the tool, OpenTopic Research Tool” under the Content Marketing Dashboard and enter your topic name to get ideas to write winning content
    Topic Research Tool
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    Now, the tool gives you insights related to what people are searching related to your topic based on different topic segments.

    Semrush Topic Research Tool
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    Now, you get topic insights into 4 segments: Cards, Explorer, Overview, Mind map to get information for Top Headlines, Questions related to the topic, Topics trending on social media, Long Tail Keywords insights.

    Topic Research types
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    Within this, you get different options for your topic research ease. You get an option to get more ideas on a particular Topic, you can schedule a topic in your content calendar for future, you can create an SEO Template directly for the topic, and can mark topics as favourites. 

    Section for topic research